Improving English subtitles AFTER they have been created


Indeed, as long as the final sub is not over two whole lines.


New examples of Korean word order

From Saimdang:
sub 1 Among these bamboo, mountain and water, portrait, birds and animals, or flowers and greenery
sub 2 you must draw two of them and submit it within the time limit.

From Goblin:
(previous sub: A grim reaper’s kiss will make you remember your past life. )
In your past life, I am scared as to who I was.

Please forgive me. Dying an honorable death… only now I am able to take heed.

I was loved, but for the sin of not loving anyone… forgive me.

(Sunny saying goodbye to her brother the Goblin, telling him to take care of his girl)
Our Part-Timer, please make her happy, Orabeoni.

(Sunny saying goodbye to Grim Reaper, whom she decided never to see again in this lifetime):
“News… I won’t let it come to you”.

From "Unfamiliar Family"

(Context: A father, asked about his dream by his children while eating)
Like now, with my eldest and second daughters and son, having meals together often like this, that’s my dream.

sub 1: The marriage graduation,
sub 2: since I’m the one who suddenly brought it up first and hurt you and the kids.
sub 3: It’s right that I leave the house.

sub 1: The money our daughter earned exhaustingly,
sub 2: I wanted to pay her back.

From "The Miracle We Met"

To be honest, women whose husband’s have insurance policies, even their funeral wailing sounds different, they say.

Mother, whether I should tell you this or not, I thought it over many times.

I, right now… your husband… So, the owner of this body, I want to kill him and end everything this entire situation.

Because of your husband’s wrongdoing, I was on my way to try and fix it and got into an accident.

But, it says here that my Ji Su, on a daily basis, to Kang Ho, shoots him death looks. What does this mean?

But to have caused such bruising, this is something that cannot happen.

sub 1: From your husband’s car after the accident
sub 2: he’s the man who tried to take the loan documents.

So in my husband’s body your husband’s soul is inside it?

sub 1: Your sister-in-law…
sub 2: the existence of the mistress in Bongseon-dong…
sub 3: I think she knows.

at the crime scene, this necktie pin which seems to belong to you was discovered.

In Hyeon Cheol’s body, that woman’s husband is inside there.

So… inside of Hyeon Cheol’s body, there is another Hyeon Cheol inside there!

sub 1: Perhaps that person, hoping that you would talk to him first,
sub 2: He was probably waiting for that.

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And here’s another example of Korean word order, from “Personal Taste” (not all the sentences are problematic, but I’m including all the monologue for you to understand the context):

The other time, in front of Chang Ryul, saying that you were gay. I remember your face. You felt sympathy for me? Now, All that time, although it may be hard, what happened, I’ll try to forget. Lying like that for me. I don’t want to lose a friend like that.