Introduce yourself :)


Good luck with your project! “Fighting!”


Hello Everyone!

My Charming Maiden. Okay that is my pseudo name in every site I joined to because I like being mysterious in internet and shiz. Of course, if you asked me my real name, I would tell you, even if we just talked once. I’m a Filipino living in Philippines. I joined because I want to practice my English(as you can see, I sucked). I joined here 3 days ago.

I’m currently hooked with historical and psychological dramas. My love for Romantic-Comedy is slowly waning and I’m now addicted with some boring shiz. Oh, I like Family dramas.

I hope I could met a lot of wonderful people in here :smile:

Oh yeah, although I’m a newbie, I already submitted a form to be a Channel Manager for some Filipino movies. I wish they would approved it because I noticed there is only a few Filipino stuff in here. I hope you would like whatever I put out.


Hi! My name is Lyndsey. My ethnicity is Filipino, but I’ve been born and raised in Hawaii. I have much adoration for Taiwanese and Korean drama. I learned some Japanese in high school, but I seem to have forgotten most of it. I’m kind of sad that the only language that I can speak and read fluently is english, so I am working on trying to learn something else. Anyways, nice to meet you people!


Bonjour à tous,
Je suis Unai Donovan, Je suis un webmaster, le site est Le but de mon travail c’est de vous trouver un logement lors de votre visite en France, surtout dans le département de Landes.
Bonne continuation à tous! :wink:


I’m Indonesian too :slight_smile:


i am pakistani


My name is Joo, half Korean Half Swiss, I’m soon to be 18 y.o. I was born in switzerland until I was 10, then I moved to Korea for my dad’s job. I’m studying art and languages and right I know 5 languages fluently which are Korean, English, French, German and Chinese. I’m going to learn swedish and Japanese this year at school.
I like every kind of dramas except the historical ones. These days I watch a lot of different dramas because I’m working on a lot of dramas at the same time.
My first subbing experience was when summer began with Glorious Day. Actually no, it wasn’t my first experience, the first one was for My Love From the Stars, I did’nt know we had to be a designated subber to sub so I started subbing, until the mod stopped me ahah.
Well anyways, nice to meet y’all !


Hello, my name is Bella and i’m from Sweden. My friend made me listen to kpop in january 2013 and since then i’ve loved everything, the music, the clothes, the style, the people, the movies and series. My favorite dramas are coffee prince, the heirs and you’re beautiful, it’s just something special with those :smiley:
I hope we will get along and become friends, i’m not really good at korean but I’m trying to learn my own way to understand more about the culture. :smiley:


Hello! =D My name is Daniella I’m 23 years old and I live in Mexico is funny that a lot of people tell me that I’m too old to watch dramas,but I don’t care xD and my addiction that once started with anime brought me here xD I like to meet new people so I can get to know about their culture and language =). I really hope I can travel around the world someday and finally eat the food that looks so delicious in the dramas!! =P
Feel free to send me a message to say Hi!


Trust me! There are people a lot older than you who are drama addicts! Whoever said you are too old to watch drama is obviously too young to know what’s really going on! :wink:


Daniella, you’re still young, believe me :smile:
I’m married with 3 kids and I’m still watching Korean and Taiwanese dramas during my free time (not that I have lots of free time lately. LOL) :wink:


You’re right!! when I tried to make my friends to watch dramas, they were like ¬¬ “what is that? you’re too old for this”… They can’t understand me!! xD (even I’m a psychologist!!) hahaha… So thank you very much for your reply! Is really great to meet people that like and speaks well of my hobbies =D


Really? =) I hope when I get married and have kids I can do the same =D or maybe I can marry someone who also likes to watch dramas xD hahaha Nice to meet you!


Heyo all im may, from kuwait and im 15 yrs old, turning 16 on 24th of september :smile:


I agree totally too!!!

Same situation with me as well. Three children, work, household. (I don’t sleep much, so I can watch dramas …not a big price to pay)

Oh, and the most important!!! I’m 31 years old, but I’m still plenty young !!! :laughing:


Hello there, Mariko. Hello everyone!

My name is Sara and I am a senior high-schooler from Southern Europe. Asian dramas are my passion :smile: I love the Viki community so I finally made up my mind to contribute to it by subbing and interacting with people. Lately, I’ve been watching Love Myself Or You but I am missing out on the last three episodes cause they are not subbed. Therefore, I started Highschool King, but that one is also unsubbed. It is truly sad to cut off a show when it gets interesting, so I want to help with the subbing (and I hope to make new friends here). :smiley:


Hello there,

My name is Deqa ( which is Somali name; means Goodness ^^). I’m originally from Somalia but born in Emirates. I speak 3 languages fluently; Somali, Arabic & English. I’m currently live in Dublin, Ireland but I’m moving to UK for Education purposes.

I was introduced to Kdrama by my sister . Our !st drama was " Sad Love Story" but them we kinda fall apart from this world. However I was back to it when a friend of mine shared on FB a drama she was watching via Viki . I searched about the drama and it looked appealing to me so I start watching. The drama was “Shinning inheritance”. Ever since I fell deep into this world and I became totally hooked by it.

My ultimate biase is Lee Min Hoo and my ultimate dream is to meet him one day :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hi everyone!

My name is Lisandra, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Portugal.

To me, Viki is a piece of heaven because I am discovering so many people that share my love of learning other languages and other cultures, and wanting to learn more about them.

I’m a videographer, and I have this dream of starting a youtube channel with someone from the other side of the world and making a pact to learn each other’s language/culture, and sharing our experiences with the world.

Maybe I’ll find someone here on Viki who’ll want to embark on that adventure with me. So far, I am loving this place!

There’s something enchanting about asian culture. Maybe how different it is from western culture. But I am full on interested in immersing myself in it! I’ve only brushed the surface of KPop, but I’ve been watching Kdrama for a while. Some of my favorites so far have been ‘Master’s Sun’, ‘Marriage, not dating’ and my absolute favorite, ‘Fated to Love You’!

So, nice to meet all of you! As we say in portuguese, prazer em conhecer-vos!"



My name is Michelle. I’m American but I’ve been living in Canada for quite a while now. I love K-Pop and K-Drama and some J-Drama too. I am trying to learn Korean. I can read it and write it, but don’t always understand what it is I’m reading (phonetically) I have always been fascinated by languages. I listen to a podcast called “the World in Words” which is all about languages and origins and little nuances of different languages. I would like to travel too, but finances prevent it for now.

My favorite dramas have been Mischievous Kiss (I’ve watched all 3 versions!), You’re Beautiful, Marriage Not Dating, Cunning Single Lady, Fated to Love You (watched both versions) and now I’m loving My Secret Hotel and What Happens to My Family. I’m a sucker for a happy ending and get stressed out when things don’t point to what I consider a positive resolution. Oh yeah, I loved It’s Ok, That’s Love and especially loved the music in it!

I’m a dance teacher and I specialize in Musical Theatre. (also tap and jazz). I am making my kids learn Dream High this year and we will do one chorus in Korean as a nod to it’s origin!

I’m really happy to be part of Viki.


Know I don’t feel alone in my addiction to dramas xD Nice to meet you! Is really good to meet people that even with “grown up-responsabilities”( work, children etc) continue with their hobbies of watching dramas =)