Introduce yourself :)



Nice to meet you, too! I agree with you! Here a lot of people, as you said that even with “grown up-responsabilities”( work, children etc) continue with their hobbies of watching dramas. I think this super.
We all dramaholic :slight_smile:

If someone really wants to make time for something, she/he will find. One of my favorite sayings: where is the will, there is way too!


hello i am Jana and i am from germany so excuse me for my bad english >.< and i am very interested to learn something about the korean kultur and i want learn korean :smile:


Hey guys ,
I’m Jihane from Morocco , i’m an architecture student , and it’s been almost 6 years now since i’ve started watching K-dramas , now i’m officially hooked :smiley: my fav drama so far is the master’s sun starring so ji sub ! it’s AMAZING !
Nice to meet y’aaall :smile:


Hi everyone,
you can just call me Bina…since most people do :smile: Iam an electrical engineer from Germany and totally in love with all kinds of dramas (korean, taiwanese, japanese etc.) The first K-drama I’ve watched was “Full House” (well it must be years ago :smiley: ) thats when it all began…MY ADDDICCCTTION :blush:
(but i do believe that my first drama actually was a jdorama called “Liar Game”).
Anyway…since I’m so in Love with dramas these days I’ve made a YT-Channel called MangaAndDramalicious :
Here I will upload reviews and other stuff about dramas and mangas. If you also love dramas and mangas and if you like to discuss and comment on them, than please do me the honor of visiting my channel.
I hope you guys enjoy it!


Hi everyone, Deena here. This is my first post on the discussion boards. I’m from the UK (of Indian descent) and am a fully pledged working woman ! I started to watch K-dramas a year ago. Was on holiday in Singapore, and started to watch the awesome Big (Totally hooked on Gong Yoo !) and have never looked back !! Have watched a number of shows in between (Heirs, School 2013, My Love From The Stars, and many more …) Currently watching Masters Sun. I’ve even started to learn Korean through an app ! Viewing in the UK is a bit limited, but trying to work my way through the “must see for beginners” shows (Can’t wait to watch Park Hae Jin’s Bad Guys when it becomes available). Any recommendations would be great ! :smile:


So… I’m new to this part of the website but I’ve actually been here on viki for two years.
I’m brazilian and I speak english, portuguese, french and a little bit of spanish and italian too. I am currently learning korean, so I also know a little too. That is why I watch a lot of korean dramas! It’s sort of a hobby of mine. I watch at least one episode a week. But, when I have time, an entire drama per day. I looooove making new friends, specially friends that like dramas as much as I do!! I also like to learn about new things of different cultures. It’s nice to meet you all! Hope we can get along well! xD


I’m Mª Ángeles or Mari… I’m from Spain but I was born in China!
I speak Spanish and I’m learning English, so I would like to sub in this comunity, but i dont find a team is open…
Can someone help me with this problem?
I love dramas and i would like to travel to Korea, China or Japan… I cant choose among those…

Im going to be on VIki for a long time… I hope^^


Give her time :slight_smile:


hi im O’Shea im African American I live in Georgia im 16 and looking to learn about the Korean and japenese culture and one day move to one of these places Im told im funny ilove to make others laugh and play video games and read :smile:


Hi, I’m Shelia from the United States. I’ve been watching dramas for a while now and I love Viki, and I’m happy about the discussion blog. So where are the older adults here on Viki? I know I’m not the only.  :smile:


Hiii yes there are a few of us that are Officially a day older than yesterday here!! :stuck_out_tongue: I somehow managed to even talk my hubby into watching some dramas with me :wink:


Annyeonhaseyo Melliebean, that’s good to know, even though I’m very young at heart and can socialize with anyone, I still like to converse with those in my age range or close to it. You really are persuasive if you got your husband to watch dramas :grinning: , not really a male thing per se. I just got done watching episodes 13 and 14 of “Heart to Heart,” and I love this drama! Of course, there are so many good ones to watch, they’re really addictive if I must say. :smile:


Hello, I’m Nancy from Greece though I live in Germany. I’m new at this so please take care of me! I’m enjoying really much watching korean dramas and recently i started watching taiwanese dramas cause of Aaron Yan! Nice to meet you all :smile:


I adore and that is putting it midly Aaron Yan I actually just finished watching Love Buffet with him over the weekend it’s an older one made in 2010 but he is sooooooo cuteeee

look forward to seeing you in the discussions!! :smile:


Aw you do too? Hes such a great actor! I watched all 4 dramas with him that are here ( The clue collector, Love Buffet, Just you and Fall in love with me) and i cant wait for ‘Alice in wonder City’ to be available soon… I recommend you to see ‘‘Fall in love with me’’ if you havent already! Hes so great there! Have fun and take care :smile:


Hey Guys ^^ My name is Berfin and I am 15 years old now :smiley: I live in Germany, am from Turkey, but actually I am kurdish ( yeah little difficult to understand :grin: : I am one of the Kurds who are from Turkey (as you know we have no land xD)) So I can speak Turkish, Kurdish and German since I was a little kid xD And English, Latin ( I know it’s a dead language, but you could use it to communicate with someone :smile:) and for almost a year I am leraning Spanish.
About me…Hmm…I am optimistic ‘I think’ and I like almost everything, but one thing nobody/nothing can top is EATING I love eating, it’s just so satisfying and it makes happy and :heart_eyes:

I am just like:

Whatever xD What did I want to say? Ah yes

How I was introduced into K-Dramas? Simple Question xD --> K-Pop xDD
Yeah I am a big Shawol, and I am a Big Minho Fan so I ‘stalked’ him and bumped into To the beautiful you So I watched it, and it was awesome, so I watched some more and joined lastly viki :blush:

P.s.: You can name me how you want xD But many say Bery, so I prefer to be named Bery, but as I said if you want you can also say Berf, Berfi, Bebe etc. to me ^^

Have a nice day/night :smiley: :relaxed: :smile:



my name is Mai and I’m from Germany :blush:.
I am a subber on and it’s really funny. I’m totally in love
with korean dramas, even in Kpop! I don’t have any favorite dramas,
'cause every drama that I watched were amazing!! Before I joined the
team, I watched korean dramas without an end xD. But then when they
were slow, I became impatient and wanted to help them, so that nobody have
to wait. So it became funny. End of the story :wink:.

You guys are great! :smiley:

with greets, Mai (Smellow)


Hello everyone! I’m Antoaneta, but you can call me Toni. I’m form Bulgaria and I moved in USA just 2 months ago. I am living with my fiance and his family and right now but I have troubles finding a college. I am fascinated by languages and right now I’m on my way of learning Korean and Japanese. Other than my native (Bulgarian) and my second(English) I also speak some French. I like playing the guitar, drawing and I danced Bulgarian traditional dances for 10 years. I started at Viki as a fan of K dramas but right now I’m a segmenter and a subtitler and I love it.


I’m Silvia, I’m hungarian-american, and I live in New England(northern us). I speak English and Hungarian, and I’m learning Mandarin and French. I really want to learn Korean and Japanese in the future. ^.^ I’ve been on and off this website for maybe a year or two, but I’ve recently been getting into Chinese dramas, mostly for the purpose of improving my auditory communication skills, and I’m starting to contribute here too. ^.^
I love some K-pop girl groups, and I’ve watched several K-Dramas on here. I’m a sucker for happy romance. ^.^ I’m currently watching Boss and Me/ Shan Shan Comes to Eat. ^.^~


Hi everyone. I am Gl. I am Turkish subber in viki I have an english exam after 4 mounths…Subbing drama might help to remember new words meaning. However it is not enough. ı think best way to memorise them is using them in a sentence and creating a paraghrap. So ı am looking for volunteer person or people with good english to check my mistakes. If you are interested pls contact me. thanks :slight_smile: