Introduce yourself :)


I am Tracy Lee, I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia in the states. I got hooked on Kdrama’s due to someone else watching Wolf Boy and then I watched Playful Kiss and Rooftop Prince and now I am a total addict. My favorite so far is Secret Garden… I still tear up just thinking about how bittersweet the ending was. On accident I watched Bunny Drop so now I am gonna because a Jdrama fan too. Thank You to whoever for Viki. Netflix only has so many Kdramas. Viki has opened me up to so many more.

I also think it’s incredible how many countries are represented here and a common love for Kdramas and Kpop is the cause. I am absolutely obsessed with Korean Culture and history and enjoy learning everything I can about it.


I’m Eunice and I am a long time member. I love viki because you can interact with other fans. I haven’t been on in a while because I’ve been busy trying to create my own K-drama. I’ve been so inspired by Korean dramas that I decided to produce my own American version called “Fan Base”. I hope to share more details about the project in the future with this community. I’ve introduce K-drama to a lot of people over the years and plan to move to South Korea in a couple of years.


Yay! Another Virginian!


how to watch


Hi, i’m schanize, from The sovereign country of southeast asia, Philippines. I consecrated most of my time watching korean dramas, movies or even updates to my idols! And I’m so glad there’s this website wherein you can find anything that you want to have an access on. Hope you all guys enjoy :slight_smile:


hi! neighbour land!


Hi :slight_smile: I’m JeNn_nOt a.k.a Jennifer :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a med student and I like watching dramas and movies.(JPN/KR/TW/CHN/THAI/TGL)
I’m half Japanese and Filipina. I speak Eng Japanese and Tagalog fluently.
I grew in Philippines →Japan →Palau → Japan. I’ve been moving back and forth.
anyways, feel free to add me on twitter @JeNn_nOt if you have any questions regarding subbing or segging :smiley:

Again, nice to meet everyone


Hello ^^
At first I would like to apologize for my very bad english :frowning:
My Name is Tedde or Frederic and I am from Germany ^^
I am a student and 17 years old ( but I am turning 18 next month :smiley:)
I am impressed how much interesting people gather here at viki ^^
But I am standing here and have nothing interesting to tell about me xD
I am new at viki and my first Kdrama was Angel Eyes ( I love the role of yoon soo wan’s father ^^)
And right now I am watching the series Personal taste and up to now I really like this show too :slight_smile:
If you have any questions or want to know more about just write me a message ^^
I hope in this tiny message of me here are not so much mistakes xD

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland ^^


Hi everyone, here is my late introduction!

My name is Nadine and i’m from Greece. I speak greek, english and french and of course the essential korean words and phrases (thank you kdramas) :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m a drama addict, but i have a special love for korean dramas and korean culture.
I’m studying biology and i’m a wannabe doctor.
My favourite dramas are I hear your voice, 49 days and Boys Over Flowers (first drama i ever saw, so it has a special place in my heart).
I love translating and segmenting, although these days college responsibilities keep scolding me and yelling at me whenever they catch me watching a drama or translating. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank god summer is here.
I love viki, and the people that are making viki what it is. Keep up the good work everyone, you’re the best.


haha me too


Sup, everyone, my name is Mike, I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and i go by Soul Hyorinmaru, i actually discovered Viki, while trying to look for more anime, or anything that was japanese related. I came across K dramas while watching certain movies on netflix, and then my first K drama end up being Heartstrings. I got addicted and could not stop watching (typical), but i honestly start to realize that the only reason i watch k dramas, cause i kept falling for the story, i guess you can call me an hopeless romantic, its kind of difficult trying to keep that faith/hope knowing that their is some sort of love out there. I have a huge imagination and big heart, so don’t judge me :stuck_out_tongue: lol but other than that i finally join this website, after lurking for awhile just because i didn’t want to be left out in discussions and this community seems very fun to be part of, otherwise than thankyou for accepting me :smiley:



Let me introduce myself. My name is Eunice and I am a storyteller. I’ve decided to create a webseries featuring a AMBW relationship in late summer 2014. The lead INSU KANG is a celebrity who is suing his fans after coming to the realization that being famous is not what it’s cracked up to be. In a frantic attempt to win back his girlfriend AUDREY, an African America stylist and regain his privacy; he declares war on his fans.

Please support this project so that we can see more Asian Men and Black Women on TV, FILM and the WEB. This is just the beginning. I am hoping this project would encourage others to also stand for diversity in the media. I am running an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of getting enough funds to create this project.

Just follow the link below and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message. Have a great day.


Hi Wafaahs,
Great to know that you are from Lebanon, I heard about this country on the news, never tought i will know someone from there. I think Viki is awesome.


Hello my “midwest” neighbor… or do they consider WI. I ended up here by accident too though I’d already gotten ‘addicted’ to kdramas by the time I found viki. I’m from the very boring place called Ohio… Welcome!


I am looking for someone to finish translating a program called, Murder She Wrote. Would you be interested in translating English to Tagalog? Check it out:



sure :slight_smile: How many episodes are there?


hi im shontelle im sorta new on here and i am a kdrama fan obviously i am from Barbados my native language is English i also like kpop and jrock and anime and manga too lol they all tie together at some point my pastimes are cooking which i do well and baking cakes and pastries i also work in a cute ladies clothing boutique also im considered weird by most everyone who knows me because kpop and kdramas and me basically liking anything that’s in a different language other than English doesn’t seem to make much sense to anyone


midwest neighbor is fine haha, yeah the addiction for k dramas is real, i can’t go to sleep if i don’t watch 1 episode of a particular drama…bit much huh lol…ahh yeah i never been to ohio, and wisconsin is also boring, not much to do or interact with.


Hi everyone
My name is nisa.
I’m from Indonesia. If anyone would need help for subtitling english to Indonesia, feel free to contact me.
Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi Nisa, salam kenal!