Introduce yourself :)


Hello :smile:
I’m Diana (scarabeus). A volunteer from Poland. I’m an English-Polish subtitler. Not such a long time ago, I didn’t even knew that drama exist. Thanks to my friend, I started being quite intrested in korean, japanese stuff, like dramas.
To be frank, I joined this community, to tick episodes I watched. Then I just wanted to see how is it to make a subtitle, and then I just made more of them. And now I’m subtitling “Fabulous Boys”, waiting for “Producer” and QC for “Ex-Girlfriend Club”.
My favourite drama’s “Kill Me, Heal Me”. :purple_heart:
I got into the swing of it :wink:


Hi guys!! My name is Joanie, I live in Texas, and I’ve been a member here for a few years. Decided to drop by the discussion area for the first time. :smile: I like to drama hop a lot…I can’t pay attention to one drama unless it really catches my eye. The last drama that I just binge watched was Healer. It was pretty great :smiley:


I loved HEALER!!! I hope you watched ‘‘THE GIRL THAT CAN SEE SMELLS’’ it was great too and different. i like dramas that don’t revolve only around romance but it has some kind of ACTION INVOLVED. ‘‘KILL ME, HEAL ME’’ was a BLAST! for me. ‘‘WHO ARE YOU’’ (SAW IT WAY BACK) was awesome too.’‘Two Weeks’’ was great too it makes you jump and want to run (from exciting parts). i am very picky on the videos I watch because some endings are so ridiculous like NICE MAN. One thing i learned once you know who directed/wrote the film you can tell whether the ending is good or a junk There is a female writer/director that kills all! or one of her main character’s. I don’t bother with her dramas TOO PAINFUL and ugly endings. I hate such negative vibes in dramas too depressing. lol


Omg my favourite drama is also Kill me, Heal me! You should check out Secret if you haven’t. The leading roles of Kill me, Heal me are also the leading roles in that drama. It is a bit darker though :smile:


Thanks! I just watched first 3 episodes of that drama “Secret”. That’s funny, that they both play together leading roles in two dramas. And that Ji Sung tho… :wink:


Thaahahah yeah, you would think that these two are actually dating in real life because of their chemisty. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I saw that in Kill me, Hill me, but for now in that beggining of the Secret drama, I can’t see that :stuck_out_tongue:


I stopped watching it for a couple of weeks because it was so emotional.


Really? Well, that’s a good acting. Or, maybe there was a real chemistry, how do we know? :wink:


Hi :smile_cat:

My name is Zineb, I’m 18 & I’m from France~ I view dramas from 10 years old… I have debuted with J-Dramas, dans since 2010 I’m totally in K-Dramas (And K-Pop) :smiley:

My favourite dramas ? Haha… I don’t know, I can’t choose ONE :person_frowning: But my favourites of the year are Healer, Hyde, Jekyll & I, Kill Me Heal Me, Mask & Hello Monster~

I debut translation (English to french) with Assembly, for instant is cool, the Mod is lovable~

I happy to join you :heart:


Hello, I’m Ella.

I’m an English-Tagalog (vice versa) subtitler, segmenter, moderator and other -ers here in viki that you can think of.
Addicted to K-dramas, I actually don’t know how I got to this state, I mean (being a k-pop fan).
I remember starting from watching animes (mostly rom-coms) and then moving on to Japanese drama ( because I ran out of anime) and then on to Korean dramas (because I ran out of J-drama to watch to my liking).

Based on my experience, the most difficult thing for me being a k-pop fan at first was to distinguish who’s who (it was so difficult to remember their names and differentiate their faces, I thought all Korean looked the same (seriously). I don’t know what the problem was with me LMAO. Was I the only one?

The only boy group that actually really got me into kpop was EXO. I love EXO… WOO!! Hello my fellow Exostans, SUHO is mine! <3 <3 <3 Can I have Kai also? HAHA <3 <3 Who’s your biases?


Hello, here it is Katrina!
I’m 18 years old and I watch dramas since 2013 :blush:
I’m Italian and I live in Rome, so I would like to help the community with translating sub from english to Italian. But I have some problems cause I cant fully understand what I have to do to help!
I have signed in the Ninja Academy, but in the meantime I would like to sub anyway, anything that need a help from me. I really dont know where to write to ask help (the FAQ side didnt help me with the things I would like to know, I’m sorry) and I hope that with writing here I wont be any trouble
I would be really greatful if someone can help me <3

In the meantime I would like to tell you something about me. I study in a artistic college, but in these late years I started to think that my path is learning languages. I really like english but I would like to learn perfectly Korean, Chinese, Japanese and also German and Russian.
I’m an addicted to dramas, almost only Korean Dramas. I really like the historical and romantic one, especially if they are dramatic ahah

Thank you for having read all this ^^ I hope I will be fine here with you all,


Hi i am Betul from Turkey. It is nice to see many people as me . Im glad to be a member in this community. I am just obsessed with kdramas.


No I stopped watching before they even interacted with eachother. It was so emotional because the girl was so unlucky ( and also a bit stupid for taking the blame…) .


My name is Rita.
I live in the USA, from the State of Florida.
I only know English, but since I stumbled onto “The Great Queen Seondeok” on a service called Netflix, I’ve been hooked on Korean Dramas.
Now, at 55, I am trying to learn the Korean language. On other services, the translations have been questionable in quality, so I decided to learn the language and listen to the dramas in their original language. I feel the Korean Drama experience would be more authentic, that way.
I haven’t learned a lot, yet…but I realize that it will take years to understand the language well.
I am married and work in the television industry.
I’m also a science fiction fanatic, so I am really enjoying “The Scholar Who Walks the Night.”


Hi Rita,
Try this youtube for learning Korean, if you haven’t already.


Yeah, I already watched all episodes and I understand what you were talking about. There was too much crying for me, it was kinda boring. Those emotions…


Thaahahahah I know right, but anyway… . If they’ll do another tv show or maybe film together and you know about it, tell me! :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem, you tell me too, then. :slight_smile:


thank you, ajumma2.
i remember seeing this quite some time ago, but forgot to save the channel.
i truly appreciate this.