Introduce yourself :)


I wish I could be one!


Em… Hola mi nombre es Alejandra soy nueva en la comunidad de viki


Bien venida Alejandra!


irmar same here:slight_smile: but thats ok too, I can enjoy other kids and thats fine with me


Hahahaha I’ve always been considered an old soul so I guess I’ll fit right in :relieved:


I am not sure if you have read it clearly, but Viki pass only affect the video by having no ads and has HD screening. It also unlocks all the videos that were Viki exclusive (meaning that the content is only available on Viki). It does not affect how fast the video are being uploaded (if it’s on air, then it will update the day of the air date) or when the movies will be uploaded. That is the fine small print of having a Viki pass.


I have 3 adorable grandchildren and can tell you the love for them is twice as big as loving your children. It’s a blessing and they bring so much joy to the life of us, grandparents.

One day you will know what I’m talking about and remember this too. It seems to me it was just yesterday I was a teenager. Time flies…:slight_smile:


What part in Florida? My daughter lives in Clermont.


Hi everybody ! My mane is Manon and i live in France. I’m 19 years old and i’m fluent in French and English. It’s not much but i’m learning Korean and i have notions of Spanish as well. I used to live for US tvshows and one day i discovered Asian Drama and i just fell in love with them. They’re so different from what i used to watch and it’s a pretty good thing. I’ve seen a few jdramas and cdramas but my favorites are kdramas; i find them really cute and entertaining. Anyways, it’s nice to meet you all!


Totally agree! 10 years ago felt like only yesterday OMG…


Hi… This is Nikki … I’m from India. I looked into a lot of links for korean subtitles of korean dramas but a few work here. even I found only few drams on, many dramas are not supported in this region… can you please suggest me a good link for korean subtitles, especially for korean dramas???


Hi Everyone,

I live in Canada and enjoy watching all the drama’s here on viki. I am using these shows to help me learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese. :smiley: I am happy that I can pick up on most of the words that are here. I still sometimes need the google translator just to properly pronounce the words.

I do realize that every country has a certain dialect so the words used vary in difference. I am happy to watch these shows. I am also available for English correction of most subtitlings. If needed that is. :smiley: Shoot me a message and say hello anytime. :smiley:


Hello Mariko

Nice to meet you and everyone else. My name is Lorina Samoan/German residing in New Zealand. Absolutely loving the K-Drama/J-Dramas. I only just found out about Viki, thanks to my daughter who is also a huge fan. I haven’t laughed/cried so much in a long time. I guess you can say I’m a binge watcher!, so addictive! I am really hoping to visit Japan and Korea at some stage in the future.


That comment made me laugh.


HI am from Canada
I want to sign up for viki pass but im worried about a few things

  1. what payment gateway does viki use since they dont offer pay pal as a option knowing the gateway annd its security reputation is important
    2 is the payment processed through USA or Singapore bank
    and 2 is it usable by users from canada
    thanks in advance for help


Hmm. You should take that kind of question to the staff in Help Center.
First of all take a look at the available info here:
And if the answer to what you’re asking is not there, then make a ticket from here:


Hi there nice to meet you i tried but have ni really revived a good response


They don’t respond immediately, it will take some days.


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Hi everyone I’m just someone who love Kdrama & Cdrama & Lakorn also variety show.
I’m very glad I found this website to get my eng sub.
Anyone I Would Be grateful If you could help me out bring lakorn back to viki, which in this post i explained everything & details.