Introduce yourself :)


Master Sun, i´ve seen it just too much times lol


hi, my name is Anton. I’m a landscape and a real estate Australian photographer based in Sydney.
You are welcome to have a look :slight_smile:


Salut ! Je m’appelle Mathilde. J’ai 23 ans et je suis Française. :blush:
Je regarde des dramas depuis au moins 3 ans et je ne m’en lasse pas ! Le premier drama que j’ai regardé, c’était “Devil Beside You” avec Mike He et Rainie Yang. :heart_eyes: Et l’acteur qui m’a rendu amoureuse des dramas, c’est Aaron Yan :heart_eyes:
J’aime aussi traduire certains dramas en français. Je suis contente de pouvoir aider à faire des traductions.
Bref, je suis très contente de pouvoir regarder, et traduire des dramas.


Hi I am new to the forums here. My first Kdrama was Cinderella Man. My favorite Kdramas are Angel Eyes, Goblin, My Love From Another Star, Golden Rainbow, Fated To Love You (I prefer the original Taiwanese version though), I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio (Currently Watching), Lie to Me, Marriage Not Dating, 90 Days Time To Love You, That Winter The Wind Blows, Autumn In My Heart, and probably a lot of other shows I’m forgetting to mention :slight_smile:

I also love Kpop/Jpop music, a few of my favorite bands include EXO, Monsta-X, BTS, Day6, NCT 127, Lay, 2AM/2PM, Girls Generation, BlackPink, WonderGirls, Henry, Taeyang, Amber Liu, Jay Park, And a lot of other artists I’m forgetting.

I’m into a lot of other geeky hobbies too, such as anime, cosplay, doll collecting, video games, visual novels, otome games, board games, etc.

I would love to find more friends to discuss Kdrama with online - and I’m also trying to start a Kdrama meetup in real life for anyone near Pittsburgh, PA - our first meeting is this weekend :slight_smile:


I am also in the US, and my daughter and I LOVE Kdrama, and some Taiwan Dramas. I agree, US telly/movies LACK decency and decent plots, relying on foul language, potty humor and nudity, whereas Kdramas require talent. LOVE my Kdramas.


Hola! Un gusto!
Soy Liz, tengo 20 años y vivo en Paraguay, soy nueva y espero poder conocer más sobre esta hermosa familia y de esa forma contribuir para más series asiáticas!!


Hi, My name is Tammy and I am from The United States. I have really become a fan of K dramas and now in the process of watching “W” and The Guardian. Nice to meet you all.


Nice to meet you, Tammy. I see you’ve chosen two very good dramas (although most of us were unhappy with the second half of W). When you’re finished, if you have liked those, maybe you will also like “Pinocchio” (same actor as W), which was my very first and remains one of my favorites.


Hi everybody!! My name is Cristina I’m italien but currently I live in Greece. Love to be here!


Oh, me too! Where are you? In Athens?


No I’m in Syros and you?
I didn’t think to find greek kdrama fans!


In Athens, unfortunately. There are quite a few Greek k-drama fans here, including the long-time moderator and Channel Manager mahoula, and excellent volunteers like Glykeria and christina_ who are sometimes active here on Discussions. And many more. Not as many as we have in Italy, but quite a few nevertheless. In my Korean language class most people started learning Korean because of k-dramas or k-pop.


Are you studying korean language in greece ? I don’t think to find any school in syros.
During this week there is the ‘Korea Week Roma 2019’ and Unfortulately I’ll be in Rome the next week! What a pity, it would have be a very good experience.
Is there in Athens something similar?


No, I think your only option for learning Korean is online lessons with Skype. But they’re not going to be cheap. You should think of 20-25 euros per hour.
In Athens there was a k-pop concert a couple of years ago, but I didn’t go because I don’t like k-pop, it sounds like Eurovision music. I only like songs from drama soundtracks as well as some independent songs by Korean solo singers like K.Will In Soo In, Ailee, Ali, Jung Dongha, Lee Soo (from M.C. the Max), and my darling Lee Yeok (from Norazo) who now calls himself E Hyuk (probably so that English people will pronounce his name better). Listen to him in She Is Gone.


Fine! I’m listening drama soundtracks too…mr Sunshine, Descendent of sun, Goblin, Doctor John <3 <3


Haha, I think I laughed a bit too hard when I read this :rofl:


My name is Lujain, maybe it’s hard for you to pronounce it bc it’s an Arabic name (: I’m half Persian and half Kuwaiti, I lived in so many beautiful countries, btw I can’t speak Persian bc all of my family speaks Kuwaiti accent Lol (:

And I’m a funny person I like to talk, laugh with everyone
so feel free to talk to me :blush:


omg me 2 :joy: :joy:


Hi everyone, I’m Helena, and I’ve been on Viki for around a year. I help subtitle from English to Spanish. I saw a Lebanese volunteer earlier in this thread, which is pretty cool since I am part Lebanese, Armenian, and Ukrainian. I was even born in Beirut. I currently live in Southern California, about an hour and a half away from LA. I got addicted to Kdramas because a friend posted a video on Snapchat of a clip from Are You Human, Too? and I asked her about it. From then on, I have been addicted :smiley:

As for a learning app, I use Duolingo. I use it as a vocabulary building tool for Mandarin. I took a semester of Mandarin and I have been using Duolingo so as to not lose the basics of the language until I take more Mandarin classes.


@cris_capponi_416 Hello Cristina welcome to our community from another Greek fan as irmar already mentioned.
For your korean lessons, you can also try exchanging language learning. There are websites you can register and find people willing to help you learn the language of your choice and instead of a fee, you can help them learn either Greek, Italian or any other language you know good enough to teach.
Moreover, on facebook, we have a very thriving Greek Korean drama lovers group with more than 58.000 members. If you search for it you can find us there.
Additionally, there are Korean weeks like the one you mentioned in Rome, in Greece as well. You just need to search for it. Both in Athens and Thessaloniki, we have these opportunities. Usually, Eytychia (the creator of the facebook group) informs us about these so you just need to like and follow it in order not to miss them.
Finally, just in case, you know good enough English besides Greek, and have a little bit of interest of helping in translating I would be happy to guide you through the process of volunteering here and have you part of our subtitlers team.