Introduce yourself :)


She didn’t say she knows how to write in Greek. She’s an Italian living in a Greek island, so … maybe yes, maybe no. Let’s find out!


Thank you for your informations, maybe you could write me the name of facebook group.
Is it ‘Korean lovers’?
I’m learning now to write greek language so I don’t think to be able to translate…I’m sorry.


@cris_capponi_416 Don’t worry that’s why I said ‘’ just in case’’. And the group is


**Hi, I’m Scarlatta, and I’m from Italy.
I’m a pastry chef, and my hobbies are watching dramas, reading mystery books and traveling.
I started watching the K, China and Japanese-dramas last year. But at the middle school I started watching anime and reading manga.
My favorite dramas are “While You Were Sleeping”,“When a Snail Falls in Love”, and “Love Me, if You Dare”
Nice to meet you. :kissing_heart::grinning: **


So it’s been 5 years since the day i introduced myself. OH MA GAWD. Let me introduce myself again :stuck_out_tongue:
My name is Nadine and i’m from Greece (some things stay the same of course ) I’m a mild drama addict now, but i still have a passion for kdramas over others. I had my bachelor in biology and i’m currently studying medicine ( look mum, i made it :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I dont have the time nor the energy for spending many hours here on viki, plus the page isn’t the same anymore with all the restrictions and limitations. But this community will always have a special place in my heart, it was my company in difficult and sometimes lonely days.
Stay healthy and happy everyone!


@Nadine_ks Congratulations my dear Nadine
You made my day with your great news.


Thank you my sweet Mahi! All the best to you too


Hello, my name is Balqees I’m from Mauritania and I love learning about new cultures and learn new languages ,and we can’t forget about my favorite thing which is k-drama. and one of my favorite and first shows I watch is coffee prince :smile:


Hello, Mariko! I’m Tsulaa from Northern Virginia in the U.S. I’ve been around for a while, but took a long break so my most recent contributions (as limited as they are) must be from around four years ago. I only speak English so I’m not sure how good of a fit I might be within the community, but I’m willing to try should the opportunity ever arise.
Although I tend to lean toward Kdrama, I’ve found wonderful movies & shows in just about every region & genre available at Viki. I’ve been at this a while, & it’s just too difficult to choose a favorite. However, I have rated a few at 10 :star:'s such as The King and the Clown & My Brilliant Life. I wanted to link more like “The Servant,” “Good Doctor,” etc., but Viki only allows two!
To Mariko & anybody else reading this, I hope to see you around! Feel free to ask for assistance in regards to English, & don’t be shy about turning me on to shows you’ve really enjoyed.
Take care,


Hello everyone :slight_smile: I’m Laurine, from France, new member ! :smile:
I’m a student in languages (english/chinese/portuguese) and I want to be a french teacher for foreigners ! :smiley:
But I’m also interested in translation, real passion for me !!

Nice to meet you all !
Kisses !


Welcome, Laurine!
I hope you’ll enjoy being among us.


Hi, my name is Ashley. I have been watching Dramas for years now. It’s my passion to watch dramas that are good or bad these days and comment on them based on what i think. I feel that after watching so many dramas im quite good at spotting the difference between a good and a bad drama. I’m actually from quite a few countries along with the rest of my family. I was born in England. My dad is Korean-American and my mum is Indian. My brothers were born in the Philippines. But yeah. I’m really into Taiwanese dramas and chinese dramas, and even though there is not a lot on viki, I love Thai dramas. I wish there were more here. Right now I am in the middle of watching HIStory 3 - Make our days count and the drama “instead of tipsy, why not get drunk”. Sorry for the really long reply by the way. I hope you enjoy my little story about me


That’s most likely because it might have seemed like an ad. That’s all.
Anyway, welcome. :smiley:


Oi me chamo geisi e sou nova no fórum, sou brasileira tentandoa aprender inglês e coreano, porém ainda nao sei de nada rs


Hi everyone, I’m Melliza, and I’m from Indonesia :smiley:
I like watching drama series. I also like to do subtitling dramas.

Nice to meet you :smile:


Hii Everyone,

I am Ashanti and I’m am Cook island ( Polynesia), I live in Victoria, Australia. I love watching Korean drama and romance, its so cute. Well anyway nice to meet you all.

Have A Good Day >3


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m Blacky from Germany and I love asian TV series. :slight_smile:
I’m interested in all kinds of series: Drama, romance, mind games / psychological, crime series… You name it. :wink:
Nice to meet you, guys. ^^

Greetings from Germany.


Hello to you all. My name is Letícia, but I prefer to be called Lety. I’m from Brazil, and I have 19 years old. Besides watching k-dramas, I love to learn new languages, to draw when I have time and to write some of my own stories.
I also love to translate, of course, it makes me feel a little better to know that my knowledge will help people access something they’ll understand.
I’m watching so many dramas right now, but I can say I’m closer to end “Encounter” after some time away.


Hallo Zusammen :slight_smile:
mein Name ist Gaby und komme aus Deutschland, eigentlich bin ich schon seit ein paar Monaten auf Viki unterwegs, aber leider nicht so sehr technisch begabt und sprachlich leider auch nicht :frowning: umso glücklicher bin ich doch, das es euch alle hier gibt, und überhaupt jemand diese Idee hatte, so was großartiges wie Viki entstehen zu lassen :smile:

bis dann :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Hallo Gaby,

solch Worte tun unserer Subberseele echt gut. Vielen Dank für dein Lob.