Introduce yourself :)


hi! my name is sakura! i’m half japanese, part persian & turkish and i was born in kyoto, japan but i currently reside in england! i enjoy kpop & my ults are got7, stray kids, ateez & twice! in 2019, i saw got7 in london and in 2020 i’m seeing ateez w/ hi-touch tickets, i’m so excited :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
my first k-drama was he is psychometric! i only got into dramas in 2019 (it’s new years eve, so i’m hesitant to use this year lol), but the drama that got me into asian dramas was SOTUS, a thai bl drama!
i’m fluent in both english & japanese and i’m interested in learning korean, french, thai, and mandarin chinese!


Hi my name is Tay and i’m from the united states


Hello Tay, and welcome to Viki! I hope you have a nice time here.


Oiê, queridos, meu nome é Tisiane, meu apelido é Tisy, sou brasileira e completamente apaixonada por dorama. No ano passado eu ainda nao conhecia a Viki, sou esportista e sofri uma lesão infelizmente fiquei em casa por um bom tempo… neste momento conheci a Rakuten Viki. Sou de origem Alemã e adoro um bom dialogo e novas amizades. Atualmente estou assistindo Três Vidas, Três Mundos: O Livro de Cabeceira. Estou amando… percebi que faltam algumas legendas para o português neste drama, aí então surgiu a vontade de ajudar nas legendas. Podem contar comigo galerinha. Forte abraço.
Mariko, obrigada por criar este debate.


My name is Yana and I’m a k-drama/k-pop fan. I’ve loved K-POP since 2018. I have recently started loving K-Dramas ever since I watched ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and became a fan in 2020. I’m currently trying to be part of contributing!


Hi Everyone,

My Name is Sandra I am from California. I recently discovered Viki and I am enjoying all the dramas. I have been k-drama fan for years. I am happy and excited to start contributing and be part of an amazing community.


Hi there!

I’m Jo, residing in the UK but originally from Malaysia. I love Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas but took a very long break from watching dramas as life got busy for me. I’m glad to be back and hope that I’ll be able to contribute in the near future.


i want to watch drama METRO GARDEN 2 but unabel to find it on viki
please upload this drama


Oii, meu é Aline, entrei agora na comunidade Viki. Sou brasileira e moro no Brasil, atualmente estou estudando coreano, espero um dia ser capaz de legendar uma drama :heart_eyes:. No momento meu drama predileto é o Go Go Squid!!


Hi Mariko,
I am Valerie. I live in Nebraska and got hooked on K-drama years before it was popular in the U.S. I am working on becoming a subber here on Viki. I have studied film and TV drama all my life, but the creativity I have witnessed from a vast majority of countries outside the U.S. leaves me wishing Americans would think more outside the box; as it were. Wouldn’t it be outstanding if there was one place on Earth where all the film makers (production people) could gather and create the best work possible? Like Hollywood in heaven I guess. German and Japanese sounds like you might have had a very interesting childhood. Ever thought about writing about it? It’s a thought. Would you explain to me what J-drama is? I see it talked about, but I’m not sure I know what it is. The show that drew me in to Asian cinema was Autumn Concerto. Have you seen it?


Hi Valerie. I agree that it would be quite wonderful to have filmmakers from around the world collaborate, it would be quite interesting to see the products as there is so much out there! J-dramas are Japanese dramas :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!
My name is Madi and I’m from Pennsylvania. I discovered my first C-drama in the beginning of 2019 and have been hooked ever since. I was quite amazed once I opened that door. There is so much out there that I didn’t know about! I have since expanded my interests and now listen to k-pop and c-pop regularly. As far as shows, I was directed to Viki as per recommendation from a classmate. It is rare that I go a day without watching something. Currently, I am watching “When We Were Young” (Mainland China) and also “The Secret Life of My Secretary” (k-drama). Follow some of my collections to know more!
Happy watching!


Hi there,
I am ujjwal. I love korean movies although I am from India. Train to busan, Parasite and snowpiercer are my favorite.
I write blogs. want to read one.
here it is


Hello, everybody. My name is oasismiss. I am Chinese. I can speak English. Dogs are my favorite animals, and I keep a douniu dog in my house, and his name is Huajuan. I like watching movies such as thrilling movies and suspicious movies. If you are interested in me, just contact me. I am now running a website named Damokqrides, selling amusement park facilities.


Hello everyone, I am new to this viki editing industry.
I introduce myself my name is Yumeko I am from Chile, these last moments I have been studying a lot of various languages, hopefully viki can elevate my knowledge to other languages.


Hello, I am Ayse!
I live in Austria but my parents are from Turkey.
I love Korean Dramas and I was also learning korean for a while.
My favorite Kdramas are: “Healer”, “Kill me heal me” and “Strong woman Do Bong Soon”.
I am very knew to this Diskussion channel so I’m looking forward to meet new and nice people here!! :smiley:


I have been here a bit but have not had time to immerse myself into Viki until recently.

My name is Anna and I am pretty new to the Viki family. I am half Guatemalan, half Chinese. I currently live in Santa Monica, CA I like K-Drama and C-Drama.


Hi. I am from Brazil. The first step is to learn Korean Alphabet. Try “write it” to learn the alphabet and how to write each letter. You will find this app on Play Store and other good ones that will help you a lot when you became familiarized with the korean alphabet. I like “talk to me in Korean” a lot but it is for more advanced students, they have a youtube channel too and a lot of free materials.


Hola, soy colombiana me encantan los dramas soy en nueva en viki y explorando la plataforma. y espero ampliar mi cantidad de amigos :smiley::smiley::sonrojo:


Bienvenida seas y espero hagas muy buenos amigos aquí.