Introduce yourself :)


Gracias igual espero tener una buena amistad, puedo preguntar de donde eres


Hi! My name is Sandra, I’m Peruvian born and raised in Canada so I speak French, English and Spanish. I just got done watching Goblin for the first time and I’m heartbroken that I have no more episodes of it to watch! Part of the show was filmed here and it was really cool to see the characters walking down streets where I’ve walked a few times :blush:

Some of my favorite dramas are Secret Garden, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Memories of Alhambra but my favorite ever is definitely Goblin!

I just joined the community and I’m hoping I can help out but also meet new people here :smile:


Soy de Puerto Rico ‘‘La Isla del Encanto.’’


Hello, Everyone
My name is Sheila and I translate English to Spanish. I’m currently learning how to speak Mandarin and Portuguese. I am Mexican-American and I live in the eastern time of the USA. I’m currently rewatching my favorite c-drama “The Brightest Star in the Sky”


Hi there how are you ?


Hi I wanted to meet new friends on here
Follow me I follow you


Hi, welcome to Viki! There are already a few topics where you can meet new friends :slight_smile:
Check these out: Introduce yourself :)


hello Im Valeria Sofia, Im latina Im Honduran I know 2 languages;spanish and english I love all the chinese,korean,and japanese drama I started to watch K-drama since 7 months ago and yes Im a baby in this but I love to see it Im the only one of my friends and family that I love and I see K-drama no one understand me why I watch this kind of drama but I dont care I will always gonna be part of viki and I always gonna continue watching K-drama I WANT FRIENDS TO TALK ABOUT so if you want someone to talk IM HERE FOR YOU, I LOVE THIS DRAMAS and I love viki I love itt.


I am Mary live in Raleigh,NC USA


Hi, i’m Mirae, i’m 20 and i’m south Korean :smiley:
I moved to the U.K for my studies.
Nice to meet you all,
I’m hooked on the K-drama Sweet revenge,(also known as Revenge note 1)


Hiiii! My name is Minnie Park (박미니). I’m 3/4 South Korean and 1/4 Thai. I am born and raised in California, USA. I am 12 years old. I speak fluent English. Even though i am Korean, i can’t speak Korean, I have a hard time learning it because to me, all the words sound and look the same lol, but I am trying to learn slowly :slight_smile: I am a big fan of kpop and i like kdramas as well. My ult. fav kpop group is BTS, and i also love BLACKPINK. The kpop idol who i look up to most is BLACKPINK’s Lisa, because she inspires me to be a better dancer. I enjoy dancing, singing, and rapping. My fav kdramas are, :purple_heart: 1) ‘Hwarang: the poet warrior youth’. I can’t even describe how much i love this show. :purple_heart: 2) ‘W’ . The storyline of this drama was unbelievably good. I love it. :purple_heart: 3) ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’. This show is also amazing. :purple_heart: 4) ‘Whats wrong with Secretary Kim?’ :purple_heart: 5) ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. I LOVE​:purple_heart: the reality show ‘I-LAND’ because I love kpop, and I am so excited to see who debuts! 사랑해! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


The Brightest Star in the Sky is AMAZING! I just finished it, love it so much. Although I did way too much crying over Yu Zirui. Way too much.


I am watching that one now


Olá Mariko, sou a Maria, moro em Curitiba, Brasil
Amo assistir a drama, e espero que no futuro eu posso aprender coreano ^-^


Hi I am going under my nickname CheekyCube.
I am a newbie and still reluctant using my real name in the forum, please understand.
Started watching Viki end 2019/early 2020.
Found out this Viki Community and Volunteering thingies recently…like last month literally!
I am an Australian but fluent in two languages; English and Indonesian.
I am learning Korean at the moment in a snail progress.

I like watching reality shows like “i-Land” and my absolute idol is K / Kei (a contestant from Japan).
I was devastated to find that he did not debut but I do hope he will this year as a solo artist.
My other obsession is Rain / Bi (Jung Ji-hoon) so I have been watching almost all of his movies (including Speed Racer, Ninja Assassin), TV series (Full house, Diamond Lover, Sketch, etc.), and reality shows (The Unit Reboot, Men in Missions, and of course, i-Land).

That’s a bit about me.
Looking forward to have a good story to tell, just like you and your inspirational stories :slight_smile:

Stay safe and healthy everyone!



I’m Fernanda. I’m half Brazilian half Japanese and I live in Brazil.
I’m a teacher and I obsessed with K dramas and Japanese movies.
I just start to translate here on Viki and I’m getting to know the community here!!



What a wonderful timing since they’re finally adding Japanese dramas here at RViki. I worked as English/Spanish subber for several Japanese documentaries and dramas. I love Japanese documentaries since they are a feast to the eyes as we see sceneries from Japan’s beautiful countryside and their customs are so intriguing like the way a ‘‘demon’’ comes down from the mountains to greet the children and scold them if they are bad (it makes the children obedient and terrified) They also pray for good harvest and plenty money for the house in the coming year.

I’m currently watching [Your home Is My Business] and I like it a lot so far. Which Japanese dramas are you translating?


I’m looking for a drama to translate…
I just sent a lot of messages for moderators!!

I liked Your Home is my business!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good Luck, and I hope they get in touch with you real soon. I just started that one (YHIMB) and I like the gutsy lady, her spunkiness and good sense of sales in the real estate business.


Hello all, Anthony here. I am a 54 year guy from the American South. As some would say I am as country as a brown egg :). I came across my first drama about a year ago and have been hooked since. The stories although in some cases repetitive , are expressed freshly without being heavy handed on anything ( sex or violence ) which American TV has just taken to far and forgot the story. In a time of COVID , you want to see something to take you away for a few hours. Only issue I got with K-Dramas is getting hungry at all the food layouts they have in them :slight_smile: I have my own group on Facebook to discuss dramas from a 35+ view , ie …a group that does not have teenage girls posting 10,000 pictures of Lee Min Ho , and modern K-Pop, as it is a flashback to the days in which I could dance.