Introduce yourself :)


The Chinese Drama Addict is here from Youtube! What’s Up everyone! If you don’t know I am African American women from City of Chicago I do hilarious but raw reviews on many of the dramas I see here on Viki! Big shout out to the lovely people who transcribe these dramas for the lovers of these dramas you guys are AWESOME!!!


@anthonyparker80_342 @patricia_sandifer_93 welcome to the community!!! are you also volunteers?? Hope you have fun here, see you around!


Can’t volunteer, just learned today that what I hear as ‘fighting’ is ‘hwai-ting’ :slight_smile:


They use both ‘Fighting’ and ‘Hwaiting’
The dictionary accepts both:


see, I just came across another one,
I like meeting people, be they young or old,
like doing genealogy,
read & study the bible,
do like cats & dogs,
enjoy various dramas,
like puzzles,
mysteries& scifi, note an Atlantis buff here,
I am a widow have 3 chldren , ages 57,53, 40.
I will be 74 on Nov 4 this year


Hello, my name is Ana and I just joined the Viki community today well I mean I’ve been watching k dramas for a year now on Viki but so far I’ve loved the shows I have seen :slight_smile: I am Mexican and live in New Mexico. I hope i get to meet lots of awesome people here and make new friends :grinning: Also hope you guys are staying safe out there!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community! :relaxed: :grin: Which kdrama are you currently watching?


thanks :relaxed: and I am currently watching Kill It :slight_smile:


Hola soy Sofia Baez encantada, estoy emocionada de participar en esta comunidad, me gustan todo tipo de Drama, Por cierto soy de Paraguay :sonriendo_cara_con_tres_corazones:


Hola, mi nombre es Roar. Un gusto. Lamentablemente solo hablo español, pero entiendo un poco de ingles. Espero tengan un lindo día.


¡Oye, bienvenido a la comunidad! Hablo solo un poco de español lo siento si parece mal :sweat_smile::grin:


From Finland, my name is Kennet and I’m probably the only guy around from the looks of it… :S :smiley:


Tervetuloa! :slight_smile:
And no, we do have a few guys here, for example @ninjas_with_onions and @adrianmorales.


God I found many people around here.
I introduce myself I am Anonima23, born in Ecuador, I learned English, Japanese and Chinese, I hope to help subtitle some series since I love very much ヾ(≧▽≦*)o


Tattis tattis! at least there’s some then :smiley:


Welcome Kennet, yes, we’re probably heavily out numbered but it doesn’t matter, it’s a super friendly community full of amazing people, have fun! I certainly am.


Nope. 54 year old guy here


You forgot me ! :slight_smile:


Sorry. :wink: :slight_smile:


Still not the numbers to form an army, fill a table at a Korean barbecue restaurant perhaps, but not an army. :rofl: