Introduce yourself :)


What would you need an army for? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just finished a couple of C-dramas and the Emperor’s army sprung to mind for a large grouping of bodies. A stadium full of fans didn’t spring to mind as I’ve not seen one of those in the past 9 months!


You could start a band with the other guys and then us girls could become your fans! :rofl:


What a good idea! And we can call you fans our “A.R.M.Y” oh…wait.


Anyone know any good shows to watch? I’m like trying to watch something new :sob: :sweat_smile:


oh no you don’t :joy: be glad there aren’t too many young girls here, we would never hear of you ever again :joy::joy:


What are your fave genres? Need at least a little of your preferences to properly suggest :blush:


Ooo okay :slight_smile: and well I do like to watch a bit of drama, thriller, and action. :slightly_smiling_face:


No, that name is already taken. Pick another one! :joy:

But you first need a name for your band.
What about “The Onion Choppers”? :stuck_out_tongue:

And who is going to be the lead singer? :rofl:


How about this one?


Ooooo this one looks nice I think I will give it a try :slight_smile: Thank you!


‘Onion Choppers’ makes me think of a group of guys sitting around a table singing acapella while chopping vegetables :joy:
It also be the name of a band who sings sad sad ballads


I’m still not over this AMAZING thriller/suspense so 10/10 recommend:

Lee Joon GI is amazing at the genre so this one too:

Political thriller(don’t expect anything frm the romance its kinda stupid):

One more Ji Chang Wook:

Psychological thriller:

More of a miltary drama/action:

tell me if you like any!! :grin:


Thank you so much! I could now have some shows to binge-watch after work :smiley::grin:


Duudddee this show just started to get interesting and it’s only episode 1 like omg lmaoo.:joy:


Oh dear this plot is some SERIOUS stuff!! Just curious, how does it end? :sweat_smile:

Hope you enjoy them!


I’ll whisper it in your ear once I finish the show. :wink:

A reviewer said that she felt satisfied by the ending, though …


oh dear, I forgot we’re still hiding in @frustratedwriter 's house! :flushed:
whispering: tell me when you’re done!


Whispering: We’re not done here until we found ALL the cookies and other treats @frustratedwriter is hiding here!


I’m horrible as a musician, I can be the mascot :smiley: