Introduce yourself :)


all of them were very good!

you"kids are so funny!" hehehehe,
so I don’t see anything out of place, cookies look ok, uh oh theres one that has a bite out of it! which one of you did it??









my imagination ran away with me just now, so I introduced myself, I am from Atlantis, a place of mystery, myth or fable, is it real? the frustrated writer wants to know!!


Y’all have a great day and be safe this lady “of the sea” wants to know and hear from you! hehehehehehe

wanna know something funny? she can’t really swim well!


Good. Then there can be merchandise with your picture on it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would you think it was us? :open_mouth:
It was clearly your own dog! :dog2:


hello my name is rose i am from india.i love kdramas and have watched quite a few.can someone suggest a nice one for today?


Did you see Alice? :slight_smile:


is that a name of drama? can you tell what it is about?


Hi everyone. I have been a member of Viki since 2013. I am Thai/Lao born in the U.S. I wanted to engage with the community, so here I am introducing myself. I do not know what else to say XD. God bless.


I replied to your message. :slight_smile:


How are things in the Pegasus galaxy, are the Wraith doing ok and when did you leave San Fransisco? x)


2 episodes so far, I liked it


the Pegasus galaxy is still there of course, the wraith i haven’t contacted them in some time. I left sanfrancisco 1906, oh that means I am immortal??


cause my dog doesnt like these cookies!!,

daniy, its about AI’s


That’s what every dog wants their owner to think! :rofl:


I bet i will.:grin:


My style of K-Pop dancing in most places would be called epilepsy :slight_smile:


Try Radiant …different sort of story


It might become a new trend! :wink:
Imagine all those Korean guys, practicing how to dance like you! :joy:


That was definitely not us. We’ve watched enough kdramas to know how to clean up behind us :smiling_imp:
@mirjam_465 WHERE is the Halloween candy?!!