Introduce yourself :)


Oooo okay omg thank you so much!! we are actually watching The K2. You think that has enough action for him? :sob::sweat_smile: And lol well hope your gf will watch one with you she’s missing out but like you said, it’s okay :slight_smile:


Thats a good one the second K-Drama I watched was Warrior Baek Dong Soo so Ji Chang-wook has always been one of my favorites excellent choice


If he likes that your going to have to show him Healer of course


OMG i should show him Healer ! Hell yeah lets just hope he likes it lol…


tell us whether he liked it, okay?!! :grin:


yeah I’d like to know too! if he likes action, Descendents of the sun??


Omg he actually liked it…:sweat_smile::joy: im still unsure though.


heyy there. I am newbie


Hey there! How are you guys doing and how was your start of the week? :blush:


I’m Tory and I’m a K-Drama addict. lol
I live in Las Vegas, for now. I have 4 sons and a pretty neat husband. I’m a minimalist and I train in Jiu Jitsu. My favorite drama is probably Tale of the Nine Tailed followed closely by Goblin and Go Go Squid. I’ve been quiet in the world for a couple years while I focused on my family but I’m finally ready to talk to other fangirls/fanboys of Dramas and Monsta X.


Hey Salz,
we are trying to put together a group of us who can translate from English to Farsi (Persian). Would you be interested?


These are all great. I loved: Kill Me, Heal Me. I Remember You(Seo In Guk), and add these two chinese ones: Love Me If you Dare and When a Snail Falls in Love.

These were pretty well written stories and the acting was so good!


Descendants of the Sun was not an action. It was great, but I would categorize it as romance more than action.


i think it had almost equal amounts of both though romance was definitely more…:thinking:


Hello I am coldfire. I am from India. I have seen many kdramas basicall done PhD in them! Anyway hope to meet a lot of people!


Owh! Hello there!
It’s a pleasure meeting you coldfire! :grin:


Heya there, this is Deveraux Morgan. Love Chinese and K dramas :heart:


Hi everyone im Izzy :slight_smile: im from FL and i love watching Chinese and K dramas :heart: im addicted to them lol my fave drama is hwarang and Tale of the Nine Tailed .


Hello I’m Una.:blush:
I speak English and Serbian fluently and for the past two years I’ve been studying Korean.I became a fan of k-drama 3 years ago when I was introduced to it by my friend…and I’m really thankfull for that.


hi everyone! i’m bea :relaxed: i’m from california and i like watching primarily romance k dramas. nice to meet u all <3