Introduce yourself :)


I think it’s my turn :blush:

So hi everyone ! First of all sorry for any mistakes I can do I don’t want to use some translator because I really want to improve my written English.

So I am Haccritics I am a student at university ! I love K-drama for a long time now… I am French I was bord in French and I speak French, English, Spanish and I want to learn Korean and also sign language. I can say I am an addict of K-drama :rofl: ! I love all types like comedy, romance, action, surnatural, historical…
Any French people here ?

My top 5 would be : Uncontrollably found, Crash landing on you, Move to heaven, My name, Navillera. (Bonus: Doom at your service)

Thanks everyone. Hoping to meet new people! I would be happy to talk with you in message

What languages do you speak/are learning?

Bonsoir, mon nom est Jo pour les amis et je crois que depuis le temps on l’est devenus car on partage la même passion pour Viki et les dramas. Je suis italienne mais je vis en France depuis 12 ans et du coup voilà pourquoi je vous écris en Français. Ma passion pour les dramas surtout coréens date déjà de 5 ans et je n’arrêterais jamais de remercier les équipes des traducteurs qui nous font bénéficier à plein de ces séries. C’est grâces à ces dramas que j’ai pu me distraire quand j’avais envie de sortir de ma réalité et donc d’une certaine façon ces séries et les acteurs qui les interprètent sont ma bouée de sauvetage. Courage aussi aux autres. Un gros câlin. Votre ange gardien.


Bonjour, moi c’est Jo diminutif de Joséphine. Je viens de lire ton message et moi aussi j’ai appris pas mal de mots coréens. Dommage que j’ai personne dans mon entourage pour en apprendre de plus. J’adore aussi leur culture et le respecte pour les ainées. J’espère pouvoir te relire, à bientôt


Hi all!

My name is Marije and I’ve been around on Viki for a long time (although I changed accounts at some point). I started watching kdramas around the time that boys over flowers and you’re beautiful were popular and after that continued watching a few kdramas each year. I’ve also seen some other asian dramas over time that I enjoyed as well and I hope that I’ll be able to enjoy a lot more series in the future. It’s nice to meet everyone!


Hey Everybody!

My name is Rachael, I go by Ray or Rach, I’ve been using Viki on and off for a while. Just for viewing a plethora of awesome shows! But now I’ve decided to join the community of Asian Entertainment enthusiasts! I grew up watching old Chinese movies with my dad, stayed up late to watch the hand drawn animes (got in a lot of scolded several times never stopped me though). :laughing:

I look forward to making some friends through here so I can chat, hum and haw, and maybe even girly squeal about what’s happening in a series we’re watching.

Thank you for opening up this community. Nice to meet you, and look forward to getting to know some of you!


Hello! I’m from Chicago and I work at worktime company!