Introduce yourself :)


Thanks for informing me !


Hi Yuzu! I’m a Chinese living in US. You can call me Ricardo or Xiangkun, whichever is easier to you :slight_smile: I come here since I’m finally tired of Netflix and a friend told me there’re a lot of Asian drama. I’m 24 and also majored in CS so I guess we may have something in common. And as a friend my first stupid question is how can I change my profile photo lol


Hi everyone! As I just introduced above, I’m Ricardo/Xiangkun(Because I also don’t know how to change my name in Viki lol)! I’m brand new here and please full me with your recommendation!


Please see this link, the instructions were used to successfully change users profile pictures.

Here is another link with instructions :blush:


Got it, thanks!


Hi Xiangkun !!
I also got tired of Netflix…
you can go to profille -> Edit profile -> Choose File
hope we get along hehe


Wow this post is from 2013. It is now November 2021.

Hello everyone. My name is Claire. I am Australian-born Chinese. I want to improve my Chinese, so I watch Mandarin dramas. Unfortunately, the ‘learn mode’ isn’t widely available, but many thanks to the subtitle translators. I’m pretty good with pinyin so I use pleco to learn a new phrase.


Hello Claire, welcome to the community !!
Good luck improving your Chinese :))


Do you want to study together? I’m learning Mandarin too :smiley:


Hi, does anyone want to learn arabic or improve it w me
even tho its my native language im not the best at it :((
if you are interested reply to me please.


Hello everyone.
My name is Henriette (I also go by Ferretmania). I was born in 1969 and I’m from Denmark.
I am fluent in English and of course, my native language Danish and I plan on learning Korean and eventually Spanish.
I started watching Asian dramas/movies when my youngest daughter first introduced them to me and haven’t stopped since. As for my favorite genre, I don’t have one, if the synopsis sounds interesting I will watch the drama/movie.



Thank you!


Hello. How are you?


I am fine thank you.

How are you?


Hi, I am Ink… weird name I know! I have been using viki for quite such a long time but I realized only recently that this community existed and I am excited to meet you all :slight_smile: Hope I find some nice friends to discuss the dramas I am watching and what not. currently I am hooked to K dramas, I think I have learnt quite a bit of korean from it. Anyways yeah that is all.


hello and welcome. happy new year.


My name is Daniel from Switzerland. I’m a huge fan of KDramas, BL Series from Thailand and Japanese movies. It’s such a pleasure to have Viki to watch all those amazing movies.
Here are my to 10 so far:
Bangkok Love Stories 2 - Crash Landing on You - Descendants of the Sun - Healer - Vincenzo - Memories of the Alhambra - Until We Meet Again - Vagabond - Life Love On The Line - Healer
I hope to make new friends with the same passion for KDramas and all Asian Movies.


all of you welcome


Hi everyone I’m Merari nice to meet you all!!! I’m from Dominican Republic, I live 6 years in Costa Rica and now I live that U.S.A. I speak Spanish, English and I’m learning French and Korean. I like K dramas since I was a kid so watch them temen me my life before become adult :rofl::rofl: well I’m not that old I still in my 20 but now is not easy. First drama was BOF. I started on viki in the pandemic and since then I like it.