Introduce yourself :)



my name is viannah
20 years young lol
if someone posts up the movie crow zero part one and two
i would seriously LOVE YOU lol just kidding but you would be so awesome
oh and walang kapalit, sa piling mo lol yeah anywhoots
my favorite thing to watch on here would be Filipino Movies
i duno theres like something about it i just cant get enough.
im from New Zealand its the best country ever lol just saying
im samoan/tokelauan and i love listening to music yay lol xx


Yay found another kiwi! Where about are you? I live in Auckland.


hey hana, I´m from Germany too :slight_smile: if you want to, you can write me a private message :slight_smile:


hello, I´m Lydia and I´m from Germany.
I speak German, French and English and I´ve just started to use viki (since 2 months) and I just found the viki discussions. At the moment I´m watching My Love From The Star, but I just love k-dramas at all. One of my favourite dramas were secret garden, faith, the greatest love, master´s sun, …
Thanks to all the subbers and segmenters here, you´re doing such a great job!


hello, Mariko, hello everyone it’s always great to meet new people from different countries, am Nour from Egypt, recently started to watch my first korean series ever " Playful Kiss" i loved how honest it is: story, characters, it’s all very genuine… depending on acting more than techniques… i enjoyed it so much, also loved the different views, traditions AND I AM SO READY TO MEET SOME ASIANS NOW :smiley:


Let me know if you want any recommendations for dramas I’ve been watch for almost a decade now!!! :smiley: There are SEVERAL MUST see ones!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


yes yes yes, HIT ME
what about anime, do you like anime ?


LOL I’m wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy behind on the new anime but yeah I think I’ve seen more anime than drama if you can believe it!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sent you a PM with a few to get you started!! :smiley:


Hiii everyone!

My name is Mina!
I just wanna say how amazing everybody is!
we are all different, we have different nationalitis but still looke how everybody makes a great work of their own!
i wish all of you a lot of happiness and funny moments!
Viki thank you for those amazing videos!


Hello everyone! I’m Inès, 16 y, a french girl who love k-dramas since 2012 and I found viki by chance because I was always looking for a website where i can watch drama in a good quality and with subtitles ^o^ I’m so glad of being here with all of you <3


Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you!!
I am a man from Argentina. My complete name is Axel Alvarez Frati. I am 37 years old and I look still young. I am pharmacist but not working in pharmacies, but I worked in hospitals, now in industry, I became recently also a provider of filters for water, and I am waiting for a work in public health system that perhaps soon (some months) I would be able to begin. I have both nationalities: Argentinian and Italian, because I have Italian blood too and Argentina allows having more than one nationality. Italian blood is too appasionate for some people, like Koreans can be also many times.
I try to be a better traditional catholic man, I try to follow Bishop Marcele Lefebvre who only follows catholic traditional mandatory teachings and not modernism. I also try to follow Saint John of the Cross’ teachings, and progress to the way of his “Mount of perfection” doctrine. I’m not sure if my vocation is marriage or religious life “half-eremitical”. I am proudly virgin. I would like (specially) female pennpals friends who like korean dramas, accept my religious ideas, as well as my love for Korean sauna (as something fraternal, male-bonding, not looking for consenting any homosexual thing). Perhaps a meeting in a public and safe place too (in real life).
My facebook is: Please, before asking me to be contacts, we have to be pennpals friends during some time.
My skype is: axafrati My email: Tell me who you are (and from where we know each other) before adding me. Thanks.


My name is Layo Raif, born and raised in Nigeria but i live in concord ca. i work part time as a nurse at an hospital in san francisco ca. i am a third year student at san francisco state university majoring in liberal studies with a minor in English. i also own my own catering company and looking forward to opening my own restaurant soon. i became a Korean drama addict in the year 2006 after watching Dae Jang Geum (jewel in the palace) i discovered viki then named viikii and fell in love with the community right away even when there were no timed comments (yes!! no timed comments) but we’d create a thread on the drama we are watching and others comment and post picture (fun times). i have had two previous accounts and on my third one, hopefully i can keep this one for a while as i keep losing contacts and contribution credit with every account. enough ranting, i did a school project on the community life here on viki and how much i have learned just watching dramas (i spoke a few Korean phrases and sentences i have learned and my teachers and class mates were blown away!). also one time i visited this Korean charcoal bbq place in Berkeley said the food was delicious and thanked the waitress in Korean (i instantly became her idol!!!, she was in awe), all this was possible with 8 years of watching Korean dramas. Thank you viki for feeding our drama addiction and thanks to all fellow contributors (its not easy).
nice to meet you all


Hi guys. I’m enjoying subtitling but realised I hadn’t introduced myself! I watch dramas from all over but love Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean ones the most. I’ve subtitled mainly Chinese-English but have been learning Japanese and Korean. Look forward to all the future projects.


Hi everyone i’m Scarlet, and i live in Chile in South America, it’s always great to meet new people :slight_smile:
I love Korean dramas and Japanese anime :slight_smile: and right now i’m really hooked on the drama Inspiring Generation, it’s really good!
Well that’s all, have a nice day!!


Tragedy of W is one of my favorite J doramas :slight_smile:


Hi, Steph!
How’s SF? I’m also from California :smile:

I’m learning Japanese at the moment. Interesting language. :slight_smile:


My name is Moza. Omani Girl Studying in Germany. I can speak and write Arabic, English and German. I love JD, KD and TD. i love Viki so much but unfortunately have the Dramas are not available here T_T


Hello, hello!! I am 16 year old Kdrama fan, my sister introduced them to me last summer. I live in the US and I speak English, Spanish (almost fluently) and Chinese (getting there). I would love to get to know some more Kdrama fans!! I am a sophomore in high school so I really have to manage time between homework and kdramas, lol. I really want to learn how to speak Korean ^^


hi my name is molka i’m from tunisia a small country in the north of africa and i’m a huge fan of kim hyun joong since i watched playfull kiss and i also love korean traditions and mostly everything about that country and i will be happy if imet korean friends