Is it real or a drama thing


Interestingly, I’m currently watching a drama in which the FL is one of those strong women who are not necessarily physically strong but who are incredibly mentally strong. She has decided on a path for herself and will not let herself be deterred from that path even when there is someone actively trying to pull her down. No matter how many times she gets knocked down, she resolutely gets back up and keeps going. She may cry herself to sleep for a night or two and question why this person is out to get her, but she never lets it stop her from pursuing her dream. That’s the kind of ‘strong’ I like to see.

But then we have her best friend. She is portrayed as that fiesty, spirited female. She is paired with the ML’s best friend as sort of a secondary ‘couple’. He is a super sweet, innocent, just-wants-to-help-everyone kind of guy, but she is constantly, endlessly attacking him physically for NOOOOOO reason. She chases him with broom sticks, slaps him upside the head ALL the time, and even literally pokes at his injuries after he gets beat up by someone. She’s kind of ‘mad at the world’ for how her best friend is being treated, and she takes it all out on him (and others at times, too). It’s infuriating. She’s cute and no-nonsense, but no-nonsense should not include physically abusive.


ughhh I don’t know whether writers think this is funny :roll_eyes: It ISN’T! These characters just come off as immature, silly people I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with


What drama? I like the mental/emotionally strong women, although the addition of the abusive friend might send it to the on hold or dumped list, unless it’s one I’ve already watched, but your description of the women doesn’t sound familiar.


It’s called ‘Gank Your Heart’ (isn’t that a terrible title, or is it just me?) It’s on iQiyi. I mentioned it here.
Important points: Wang YiBo is the ML; it’s set in the e-sports world; and I should mention that the sweet boy the girl is always attacking has a temper himself and he ‘gets in the face’ of people but always toward people who deserve it. He gets into one actual physical altercation.


I must like a STRONG Woman character who still stands up for herself even amidst my BAD BOY Leads I love so much.

Kill Me Heal Me, Mr Queen, Lawless Lawyer, Hello Again, Your Honor, King Eternal Monarch, My Love from Stars, Her Private Life, DOOM, Another Miss Oh Hae, Tale Nokdu, Mysterious Love, I Am Not A Robot, Oh My Venus, Pet in Dali Temple, Secret Garden, High Society…extra extra…Seems like if I look at my list a lot of these WOMAN stand up for themselves even amidst falling for the overbearing ML sometimes! I like that! I like that they can still be themselves and my bad boy stoic character still loves them.

My Female Lead sticks her tongue out at the ML all the time in my latest one - So FUNNY
(and yet we still have the wrist grab and he does like pinching her cheeks and teasing her with a feather cuz she’s a cat)


Ah yes, thank you. I remember you mentioning it, the name is certainly unique, although even though I’m not a gamer, I knew the meaning of gank. It reminds me of one of those combination words, it reminds me of grab & yank. I


That seems very fitting. I had never heard the term before.


@vivi_1485 I think I just figured out why I don’t mind the horrible manipulative people in crime dramas like I do in romance. It’s the motivation. The MILs & rival love interest’s in romance are petty and vindictive just because the FL is near their man/son. The people in crime dramas have a more defined and logical reason to be evil, they’re also usually more direct about their hatred too. I hate the pretend to be sweet, but actually trying to destroy someone scenario.

Why can’t I find a gif of the MIL in Marriage, Not Dating repeatedly saying Joo Jang Mi, there could even be a video of every time she said it, I think it would kill me though.


I hope this one is a drama thing…

There’s a stalker or a serial killer on the loose and the ML drives or walks the FL home, he tells her to go in and she tells him to leave first, a bit of back and forth, and he leaves before watching her go inside. I don’t get this at all, the guy is physically stronger (unless it’s Do Bong Soon) she doesn’t need to make sure he leaves safely. The killer is usually hunting women so it makes sense for the guy to make sure she locks the door before he leaves. It’s not about feminism or being treated equally, it’s about life & death (ok, drama life & death, but still.) Thankfully the FL in the drama I’m watching didn’t argue about it, but they almost always do. Am I supposed to find it cute? I don’t.


I get the sense the ‘back and forth’ is supposed to be cute. Kind of like, 'you hang up first. No, you hang up first. No, you. etc. and so on ad nauseum that teenagers do on the phone. LOL

As for the case you described, I am also inclined to believe that it’s just a drama thing - a plot device to either put us on edge in anticipation or put the FL in actual danger or whatever goal the writer is going for. I’d like to believe that any guy in those circumstances would not only make sure she got in the door safely, but he would physically accompany her all the way to the door, not just stand on the sidewalk or sit in his car.


It has to be a drama thing! they always go to either extreme: leave you before you reach your door… or say “come stay with me at my house” :flushed:

I think Touch Your Heart was a little more reasonable. He stays over at her house so she isn’t uncomfortable(and he has a room-mate) but at the same time the stalker is on the loose so she can’t stay there alone.


Ugh, I hate this one too. Especially when you know something is wrong, you wait for that person to arrive safely at their house right?

Yup. It’s disappointing when they take the trope-y way out.


Right? Either permed hair or ponytails/pigtails. The perm is such a common characteristic of these ‘ugly ducklings’, it made me wonder if curly hair is looked down upon somehow in Korea and/or China. Is it a trait traditionally associated with a particular socioeconomic class?

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

Whatever it is, I think they getting so ridiculous right now with this horrible looking hairstyle that makes the actress look so ‘‘unattractive,’’ but the gorgeous looking guy(s) fall in love with her anyway. Not having it. There’s no need for that. I’m not watching any more of this. I’m done.

SCRIPTING YOUR DESTINY is a 2021 short drama (10 episodes). She lives in a luxury apartment, and her mother owns the Cafe Shop on the same building. In a million years, you will see anyone walking around in a condo bldg looking so shabbily.

She could have her straight hair and clean looking, and maybe a very shy demeanor, and it would be acceptable, but this is too much. I started first episode stopped at 20 minutes bc I am not supporting these kinds roles for females in K-dramas. These actresses must be really desperate for a role bc I rather starve; than play a role that’s so beneath me. Why they never make the guys ugly with perm hair? or the poor struggling one? No…that’s unheard of bc only women are the ones that can play this denigrating roles. I’m so glad you see this too.


Not just Korea or China, in North America women with curly hair, who work in an office setting, often tie back curly hair or straighten it. For some reason curly equates to messy. I was once told I was lucky I didn’t work in an office and could keep my hair down, she said she’d love to have curly hair like mine but it wouldn’t be professional. At the time that confused me, (I think I was about 19) That’s me with my 3b curls, imagine the bias against people with tighter curls.


because no one imagines themselves with a guy with ugly, permed hair or one who is poor and struggling. But Shopaholic Louis’s ML was a totally adorable homeless man… he’s helpless and jobless for most of the show. FL is the resourceful sweetheart who manages to care for him while being not-so-rich herself. But he ends up being a rich heir with amnesia

I’m not asking to see more disheveled, ugly men. Nor do I like women portrayed like that. Just make everyone decent, is that too much to ask?
18 Again… both were poor teen parents and they never were rich. ML had a utility job because he never got a degree. They let them look decent! I thought FL was really pretty! No one had any sort of huge makeover, no one was a hidden chaebol, no one suddenly hit a jackpot. They were as normal as normal can get.
image image


He wasn’t homeless bc he was filthy rich. He gets amnesia? I don’t remember why he ends up homeless but from the beginning you see how filthy rich he is. They showed him all perfect and filthy rich then, tragedy happens? Anyway, I don’t like that girl acting and that’s the main reason I didn’t watched that drama with my fave boy SIG. I also have no idea about the other two you show in the other pics. Can you give me the titles so I can check them out?


I think this is where the argument about target audience comes into play. Historically the argument is that the audience for these types of shows is predominantly women, and they prefer to see an attractive ML and possibly even relate to the idea of the ‘average girl’ winning over the guy who might be considered ‘out of her league’. I think there is merit in that argument, but I also feel like some or most of these dramas take this idea of the ‘average girl’ far below what most of ‘us’ are actually like.

I wonder if this is a regional thing, then, because I’ve never caught wind of the idea that curly hair is in any way a symbol of something unacceptable… I have fairly curly hair, and I have never been made to feel bad about it or that I should somehow compensate for it, even in my professional life. People with big, beautiful curls wear them proudly, as they should.


Well, I agree with the fact that they are targeting a vulnerable mainly female audience that lives in their fantasy world, and are willing to pay the price they charge to watch what I considered is unfair and crappy thing to watch.

Something very interesting I need to add; in my Island PR. only ppl. that had money could perm their hair bc even back in the 50’s this procedure was very, very, expensive. Our hair (my side of the family) is very thin and straight. So straight… that we have a saying that lice won’t get into our hair/scalp bc they will ‘‘slide off’’

Basically, in my country a permed hair meant you had money $$$ (that was back in the old days). Unfortunately for me, I did a permed when I was around 19? mid twenties? and I almost went completely bald! It took me months for my hair to grow back bc I got patches of bald hair as big as quarters (25 cents) size. I don’t know if it came back in style and I wanted to be on style; I just know I regret doing that for the rest of my life.

My aunt did a perm on her husband bc she was a hairstylist (according to her/ she was terrible hairdresser lmao) and every time we saw him; the laughs lasted until we left their house bc we couldn’t hold it in. Thank goodness they also had that hair strengthener that if you don’t stay bald, you’ll have your straight hair back. I mean it was mean of us but we were young and naive at the time, but I feel so bad now that I think about it.

So I just realized that my hatred for permed hair might be from my trauma? lol No, it just doesn’t look like real natural curls, that I wish and always dream I was born with. Curly hair to me is so beautiful, but not the way it looks in k-dramas. They have an ulterior motive with this sloppy looking perms that I just can’t ‘‘swallow it’’ ‘‘No me lo puedo tragar porque no me pasa.’’


Most of my childhood was spent during a time when permed hair was all the rage - that and sky high ‘teased’ bangs. LOL I can’t blame you for having a negative reaction to perms after your ‘childhood’ trauma. Would that qualify you for being a FL in a Kdrama? As I said, my hair is fairly curly but really unevenly so, and I am still jealous of people who have those perfectly luxurious corkscrew curls. My SIL has an amazing head of these most perfect curls - all natural. It’s so gorgeous.