Is it real or a drama thing


Oh, I had those. lol What were we thinking lol

When my youngest was little one of her favorite things to do was to pull my curls and watch them sproing back into place, her next favorite was to finger comb my hair and see how annoyed I’d get. If you’ve got curly hair I’m sure you know what happens when you comb dry curly hair. lol


My hair is much thinner nowadays, but back when I was that age, my hair would look just like that if I ‘let my curls go’. LOL I bet every curly-headed mom with a baby/toddler knows exactly the reaction you’re talking about. Couldn’t stand for my son to mess with my hair. :joy:


I agree! I’m a South Indian with very very straight hair, but there are lots of us who have VERYYYY curly hair and there are no “unacceptable” connotations! I actually think they’re very pretty.

He was filthy rich but gets into an accident and ends up with amnesia. He is homeless and has to rely completely on the FL for most of the drama. His character growth is adorable, though, and he’s really handsome. I liked Nam Ji Hyun in this one. I thought both of them played their characters very well… Rich or poor, SIG was very endearing
I love the way he holds her hand and kisses her in this scene

Since we’re talking about perms, here’s a funny scene:



It’s the same drama: 18 Again

She gets pregnant in high school, so ML leaves his basketball opportunities to take care of her. They decide to build a family together no matter what without relying on their parents. FL gives birth to twins and the couple works various jobs to make ends meet. Even in the face of so much sadness, they loved each other and it was so beautiful to watch. I cried a lot. I loved the father/son relationships(both generations), mother-daughter relationships(both generations), father-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship and the mother-in-law/son-in-law relationship… they were soooo heartwarmingly sweet and wholesome.

The whole drama revolves around how both FL and ML regret making the decisions they made and wish to change their lives. They are on the brink of divorce when ML turns into his 18-year-old self and vows to pursue his own basketball career. FL also pursues her own career as an announcer. But somehow, they aren’t able to let go of family… and that’s how the drama seeks to explore second chances, relationships, parenting and marriage.


If you haven’t watched it 18 Again it is very good. I love the FL, she’s a strong woman in all the right ways.


I loved Lost Romance but that pigtail on top of her head that she did all the time was so UNATTRACTIVE - I thought Marcus Chang - SERIOUSLY you are going for that darn thing on the top of her head! Ugh it drove me nuts.


I didn’t mind it actually… I thought it was cute!:sweat_smile:



I need to watch this Korean version for sure, but I know the American version I watched was definitely not with Zac Efron (who can forget his cute face?) But it seems it was with a guy that looked like Tom Hanks a lot bc I looked into his list of movies, and TH was definitely not in that type of movie. I believe I saw it early/mid 90’s (I’m going by the place I used to live when I first saw the American version of 17 again).

I loved Lost Romance but that pigtail on top of her head that she did all the time was so UNATTRACTIVE - I thought Marcus Chang - SERIOUSLY you are going for that darn thing on the top of her head! Ugh it drove me nut

I didn’t mind it actually… I thought it was cute!

I’m with ali all the way. That was a really ugly ‘‘bun on top of her head.’’ A woman can be without an ounce of make-up but if that hair has the right style, she’ll get whistles and compliments all around. But I have seen women with nice make-up, and the hair a horrible mess, and they won’t get the time of the day (attention) from any men. I always make sure my hair is as perfect as it can be and walk out that door with no make-up on, with no problem, But messy hair? No way in hell (Exceptions: unless it’s an emergency and I have a hat glued to my head, of course).


Drama Llama

It was this one that bugged me - sometimes it was braided (well twisted) and stuck straight up on her head.

She is a pretty girl! And of course he’s Mr Handsome
(aw Marcus Chang has the most beautiful hands - sorry I just noticed again)


If you observe carefully the top picture is giving the impression of someone who doesn’t comb the hair through, but makes the bun/ugly weird braid and keeps on walking. Typical of the trope/cliche? Gorgeous looking guy falls for unkempt/unattractive looking girl.

If I’m not mistaken there is a Director that is Korean but also makes a lot of Chinese dramas with that same ridiculous pattern already. I don’t doubt it might be him. We have LOST ROMANCE in the Korean version too. `In the Korean version, the girl is pretty throughout the drama.


I really shouldn’t say anything my hair is up in a head band or under a hat most of the time lately! It’s not meant to shame the actress in anyway - I think the hairdresser on set is to blame - it isn’t even a braid - unfortunately during some of their most romantic scenes it was sticking up weirdly on her head. I don’t know that I mind ‘messy’ hair but weird hair maybe.


Another burning question, this time about skinship:

Watching these dramas, I see some characters (male and female) make a big deal about even slight touches of the hand. Im curious, what are the cultural norms surround skinship in SK? What about the norms surrounding personal space? PDA?

I have my assumptions but would love to hear from someone with first-hand experience.

Bonus: Does anyone have knowledge of “first base”, second base, etc. in this cultural context? Would love to learn more about that as well.



This has nothing to do with the hairdresser and you know that very well; it is the wrong message the Asian writers/Directors are putting into our young girl’s mind/head.

You don’t need to excuse yourself for not being all perfect during this time bc number one: you are not in a drama, in front of millions (mostly young girls)/ viewers. We are facing a crisis where we have a mask and a lockdown that we rarely see people: it doesn’t hurt anyone for you to wear a hat/ headband wear no make-up etc…etc.

Number two: I am not shaming the actress for the way her hair looks, but I am shaming the actress for playing these roles that can create such a fantasy world that will never come true for these millions? of young girls watching this double edge sword message in the dramas. In the long run, these poor girls full of many complex (with their looks) will/can end up severely depressed, and in many cases evensuicidal!

Yes, in my opinion, it can go that far in many cases bc it is worldwide that these young girls are watching these same stories over and over again. The worse part is, that we have now Chinese/ Taiwanese/dramas with this same pattern of the (Cinderella) story Rich Man/Poor girl love story. How many have you seen in real life? In dramas, I’ve seen plenty: in all my life? Not once I have seen this rich guy/poor girl love story happening (at least until now at my 60’s).

Why can’t they make more Doom at your service love story? You noticed how we haven’t been able to find another one like it so far? lol. I’m definitely not giving viewership to this type of story, no matter how much I like the actor/actress in it (although it won’t stop them from writing them I just don’t want to be part of that).


Oh - I love LOST ROMANCE - I love the two worlds story - So I’m not in that camp! I like the poor girl rich guy trope… I do worry about young girls trying to DATE after watching these dramas! #1 is you are NEVER going to find a GUY who will act the way these Romantic Gorgeous Guys act and fawn all over you! Not going to HAPPEN! I thought Hallmark was bad - but seriously people will have TOO HIGH expectations for MEN if they watch these dramas! I hope most teens and young adults understand that. I am a girl who loved Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights and Romance Novels so I think we all get that romantic view somewhere. I do understand the Cinderella Syndrome and no one needs that either. And these dramas bring high expectations to a poor GUY.

Lost Romance and W are two of my Favorites for Romance and the storylines do not bother me. And I know you don’t like the Chaebols but I do especially like in High Society and Secret Garden - they just seem to be good at heart even though they can be your typical CEO GUY

I had to rush to help a friend last night so I went to bed at 3 am so I’m not making sense please ignore!

I AGREE I miss this DRAMA So much it hurts!!!


I am not against a ponytail/pigtail. It is a completely valid hairstyle choice. I just can’t stand it when the FL gets that one hairstyle and it NEVER changes. It’s exactly the same, day after day after day, until they go through the ugly-duckling-to-swan process, whether it’s an immediate makeover or a gradual transformation. I completely blame the ‘creative’ team behind the drama - a combo of the writer, director, and hairstylist who all decide that this is a good way to portray the ‘status’ of the FL before she undergoes the change. This type of storyline is not going anywhere. It’s always been a staple and a popular one at that. I just really wish writers/directors/etc. could be more creative in how they portray the FL’s during their ‘not so swanlike’ phase.

The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

Me neither - I just thought that one weird twisty pigtail she WORE A lot was strange. He didn’t seem to care!! She’s a beautiful woman also.


When I first started watching K-dramas with rich guy/poor girl story I was a bit sad bc I knew it would be very hard for that to happen in real life, but when I started seeing so many dramas like that, I was like… this needs to stop, now. I decided to be that one person that will stop watching stories like that bc in my Heart; it wasn’t right at all. As long as I’m no part of that, I’m happy with that.

But like I mentioned before what @irmar wrote a long while ago; As long as ppl keep watching them, they’ll continue making these dramas bc like I always say, and irmar also knows very well, when MONEY TALKS/ BS WALKS.


I have a book I just bought again - It is called - A Knight in Shining Armor - I read it a long time ago! I am a hopeless romantic so I love the time travel and the “Prince” even though I know that this doesn’t happen in real life - sometimes drama just needs to take you away from the things that are weighing heavy on your heart in real life -

I totally respect your opinion @angelight313_168 and I am glad you are firm in your beliefs. And for you - I hope that we find another DOOM - although I don’t know if we ever will.


And you know the swanlike phase implies the ugly duckling-looking girl, over and over again…: That girl is ugly; that’s the ending message. Yet, the guy is the hunk, rich, clean, so perfect :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:. I just can’t understand how they accept this…:tired_face: they don’t get tired of that injustice?


I find it crazy how so many drama FLs EXPECT to be treated dramaland way and they get annoyed when they aren’t.

For example, an FL falls and a guy holds her, then pushes her upright(gently). She gets annoyed! Over what? That he didn’t hold her long enough while gazing into her eyes as background music played? I wouldn’t be very surprised even if a guy dropped me after catching me in that position… it isn’t really a reflex of people to hold you and stare at you!

Or she does something that deserves rebuking and when she gets rebuked by the handsome ML(again, POLITELY rebuked), she acts like as if he’s being the rudest person on the planet! In the drama I’m watching, instead of yelling at her for drawing him in class, her teacher(ML) calmly tells her the drawing is inaccurate and that she can draw in class only if it’s completely accurate :joy::joy: I’d probably would have fallen in love with him if he was my teacher and said that to me :rofl::rofl: But she just went on and on about him being rude and strange.

Or she spills coffee on herself and on ML, and ML just bends to clean his own shoe and she stands there shocked that he didn’t offer to clean her shirt! Who does that??!

Or she meets a complete stranger and thinks he’s pulling a chair for her to sit, doesn’t even look back and ends up sitting on his lap. Again, she’s annoyed. Wow. I’d stand there with my mouth hanging open if someone ever pulled a chair for me to sit in this day and age! :joy: Maybe it’s Entitled FL Syndrome