Is it real or a drama thing


Okay, I take it back. It must be the way the writer wanted it because I just watched a scene in which the FL is heading to a date and her BFF accompanies her to her date by pulling her there in a WAGON! What am I even watching? :joy:


:joy::joy: What on earth?! Some writers just take things to all sorts of levels! In the drama I’m watching, the ML just randomly picks the FL up while she’s crossing the road and they have an entire slow-mo scene staring, smiling and loving each other as he walks across the road while people and cars go by :woman_facepalming::joy:


Ok, this has to be a drama thing, I don’t know how many times have seen someone literally rip a necklace off of someone else, and they don’t even notice it’s missing until hours later, how do you not feel that? Drama people even do it at home, I guess it’s too much work to undo the clasp?


I’ve wondered this myself. I’ve never had a necklace ripped off my neck, but it seems like it would sting or scratch just a little bit at least. And I’m always surprised by how little effort it appears to take to actually rip off some of those necklaces. Some of them seem like they’d require more force, but I’ve also never done any ripping off of necklaces either, so I can’t speak from experience in either case.


If it’s a chain necklace odds are it’s going to fail at the jump ring that is joining the chain and the clasp. So the strength of the jump ring and how well it was closed will make a difference in how much force is required, if it’s a well closed, quality jump ring, it should require enough force that it would be obvious. Not that it’s really hard to fix, but I doubt all those people who rip them off have the tools to fix it, and it’s easier to take it off properly than to fix it. I think this is just one of those things we have to suspend disbelief, especially when they wear the necklace again and it’s perfectly fine.



Or we could just assume that everyone wears clip-on necklaces… those can be taken off by yanking them (remember the way they keep yanking their dog collars/military necklaces in DOTS?)


And for me that would be part of suspension of disbelief, I can’t imagine you’d have a magnetic clasp on a necklace that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. They’re going to use a lobster claw clasp and solder the jump rings closed.

They’re long enough to pull over your head aren’t they? I could never figure out why they took them off that way. When I was a kid dog tags were on a steel ball necklaces & clasp, and those don’t yank off, you have to open it.

This is where my realism comes into play. lol. I can do it, suspension of disbelief, I can do it…


The black cars or SUV - do the bosses - the chaebols really always drive up in a perfectly formed POSSE of black vehicles???


Some do… especially the very high-ups. idk about everyone, though.


I have never understood why in Korean dramas, the main characters have suddenly a silent conversation. :thinking: It is as if they were doing telekinesis. It happened lately in “Lovers of the Red Sky” and it always bothered me.



This new thing in k drama, and is becoming unbearable for me to watch. It gives me high blood pressure. They think this makes sense? I find it such a ridiculous scene I want to vomit.


I saw this in Touch Your Heart’s last scene :joy: But it didn’t feel very out of place there, because I think the “mindspeak” is just a prettier way of phrasing the eyespeak. Now that makes no sense at all so lemme try to explain it.

Her thought: “Will they recognize my sincerity and true feelings?”

His thought: “Your sincerity will definitely touch everyone, just like your sincerity touched me.”

From the way they’re looking at each other, if I was in their place, I’d be able to read
“Can I do this?/Will they accept me?”
“You can./ Don’t worry. They will”
But the voice-over is just phrasing it prettily. It means the same in the end.

Do you have the same experience or do they have conversations that are too elaborate to be deduced just from expressions?


I think sometimes especially a couple - can easily look at each other and finish each others words or have a silent conversation very easily. Even Best friends - I can do that sometimes. People I have worked with I could just look at them and they knew and I knew exactly what each other was thinking. So it doesn’t bother me for people who have a connection.



I think couples can sometimes (not always!) know what someone means with glances or sometimes have the exact same thought in their head… but these whole conversations that these characters be having from time to time come out of nowhere sometimes. There’s no way they could relay all that information by just glancing at each other, especially not when they don’t know each other that well yet.

@mas4 will probably have her own answer, since she brought it up, but this is what I thought when I saw those scenes -.-


I understand why people might not like the unspoken ‘conversations’ between characters, but the underlying reason for it is just to show that the connection is so strong between the two that they don’t even needs words to communicate, and I personally find that very romantic in dramas. And even though I may be able to convey certain things to my husband just with a look, I know it’s not realistic to have full-on conversations. Nevertheless, I will still take it in my fantasyland dramas.



I’m speaking about a whole conversation with questions and answers. If I can find an example, I will post a video link.


Did this happen in Red Sky you said? Eps 6? I’ll look for it when I watch it.


Yes, I recently saw something like this too, but can’t remember in which drama it happened.


I personally don’t find that kind of situation/scene romantic at all. It’s very annoying to see that now in dramas, more than I care to see them, and it seems so ridiculous to me, to actually see a scene where they are practically doing a whole ‘‘telepathic’’ conversation, and we the viewers: are suppose to accept this as a normal conversation?

I hope you find the link bc as soon as I see this I always dump the drama; so I don’t remember the title of the drama i saw this which are quite often…

If they had a scene like that in RED SKY (can’t remember lol) it’s more believable bc they both have special connections and abilities. But I can’t accept from other dramas I’ve seen lately bc this are ‘‘normal’’ ppl. with no special abilities.


I respectfully disagree I think I had stated the same above in a early comment. I know that a long drawn out telepathic type conversation isn’t real but TRUE Friends or co-workers - or partners can do this. I have done it many times. I worked in a school system and my vice-principal and I who are still good friends can read each others thoughts - kinda weird - we can even do it on the phone. I left that job many years ago and we still talk and laugh. I think in these situations they are trying to show the STRONG connection between characters. The kind of connection that words do not express that they are able to be almost one person together in thoughts and actions. I don’t know but I am a hopeless romantic and I can even do this with my BFF. Trying to be Intune with people is something that I think the writers are trying to convey - I don’t think you need special abilities just an open heart.

However I understand when this bugs other people! I’m so glad that all of us have differing opinions like I said it makes the world go around. I will seemingly see it as a connection between two people and two people’s hearts.

I still have to watch the scene in Red Sky to see what their conversation was about.