Is it real or a drama thing


I personally don’t find that kind of situation/scene romantic at all.

I respectfully disagree

.Can you explain to me: WHAT you find so romantic about a telepathic scene like that?

TRUE Friends or co-workers - or partners can do this. I have done it many times. I worked in a school system and my vice-principal and I who are still good friends can read each others thoughts -

I never questioned/debated that you can’t communicate that way. I also do it all the time with ALL my kids and my ex. They know what I want them to do at that moment, just by looking at them, and with no works spoken; you can say we can communicate telepathically. I very clearly stated is not Romantic at all, and you even agree with the fact that ‘‘good friends can read each other thoughts.’’ Thoughts: that’s all they are: thoughts. Not as a romantic interlude/scene.

@kdrama2020ali - kinda weird

These two words you wrote here: says it all, is kinda weird they use this scenes as a Romantic undertone in a scene. I also respectfully disagree with you because I don’t see anything romantic between a *telepathic’’ conversation: that is not expressing for example: I love you or I like you They are actually having a normal conversation (without words) and in top of that: they can read their minds enough that they can have several questions answered, too. That’s a bit too much for me.

The unsurmountable still scenes in Asian dramas makes me sick enough, and now I have to see the so often added ridiculous scene of telepathic communication, that is supposed to be seen/ replaced as a romantic scene? When is not romantic at all (imo).


I saw this in Touch Your Heart’s last scene :joy: But it didn’t feel very out of place there, because I think the “mindspeak” is just a prettier way of phrasing the eyespeak. Now that makes no sense at all so lemme try to explain it.Her thought: “Will they recognize my sincerity and true feelings? His thought: “Your sincerity will definitely touch everyone, just like your sincerity touched me.”From the way they’re looking at each other, if I was in their place, I’d be able to read
“Can I do this?/Will they accept me?”
“You can./ Don’t worry. They will”

In all honesty: Did you feel this was a: ‘‘so romantic scene…’’

Personally, it feels so ridiculous to me to replace this now as to be a romantic scene. I have seen it in some Chinese dramas too and I wonder if they started the trend…


The Master Painter (who is a judge in the painting contest) and the Grand Prince. The prince silently asks why he did that (favouring one contestant) and the painter silently replies that it’s the one they’d been searching for.


I actually thought it was pretty romantic. In this case, the eyesepeak was very easy to guess. ML had been with FL through thick and thin. He had seen the hardships she went through and her determination to return to the stage. He had supported her through it all. At first he had been so skeptical, even trying to make her quit the job. But he had been won over by her sincerity.
Thus, in their situation, when she’s finally back on stage, finally doing what she always wanted, it’s only natural that he should be able to read her thoughts. Of course he knows how hard her journey has been and how nervous she must be on stage. Of course he knows her feelings. The scene was very natural and I found nothing out of place.


We are agreeing to disagree - I don’t think we can change each others minds - Romance to me is by definition “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” Romance is a lot about the unsaid - the feelings - the heart - the flirt in dramas for me. Looks, lean ins, a gesture, touch, non-verbal information is a HUGE part of romance for me. That “unspoken” love language - I don’t know how else to explain it - for me this is romance. My definition of beautiful isn’t someone else’s definition of beautiful and I’m sure my definition of romance isn’t everyone’s definition of romance.

I am new to kdrama and have only been watching a little over a year! I find the stories so enthrallingly romantic enriching and heartfelt for the most part - yes some make me want to throw my laptop. I’m sorry that lately DRAMA seems to be less than what you had hoped for in their scenes and writing - I hope that you do find something you love again.



Yes that is kind of romantic and the exception to the rule bc of the emotions/struggles involved in the relationship,

but …whatever, no matter how annoying the scenes will be for me to watch, they won’t stop regularly doing these scenes in Asian dramas from now on, so it’s a lost case to debate how non romantic they are to me/myself and I.


This one seemed like it could have really taken place, if I recall correctly it was short and could be conveyed with the eyes.

I don’t mind short interactions if they make sense, but full conversations take me out of the drama.


I’m watching A Gentleman and a Young Lady right now… A woman leaves her newborn with the dad and walks away to a new life. I don’t think they’re married. Dad tries to get the baby’s birth registered, but the man at the office says only the mother can register the birth of a child born out of wedlock. Is this a real law? The time is 1995… does that law still exist? If not, when that law existed, how did they register children if the mom died or walked away like this?


My guess would be that since they weren’t married, she has legal custody of the child, he has no legal rights unless she gives up her rights to him, or gives him joint custody.


So then… how does the child’s birth get registered in the end? Woman is out of contact, in a different country, asking him to act like she’s dead.


I don’t know. I’m pretty sure where I live either parent can register the birth of the baby. We were given the form before we left the hospital, they encourage you to fill it in before leaving but they can’t stop you from taking the baby home without doing it. With both our kids we took the form home and mailed it in later, any longer than a month and they start sending you letters, telling you to name your child, so I’ve been told by someone who got one. lol


It seems to be true… :open_mouth:


Oh my! I’m glad the law was amended. So many people were and still are suffering because of it!
I also can’t believe that Actress Kim Hye-Ri actually offered to take care of the child for free??!! What a beautiful human being.

I remember watching a drama with unregistered children… was it He Is Psychometric? No one could identify the criminals because they were all unregistered and didn’t exist in the eyes of the law.


Hallucinating people, alive or dead isn’t a big deal in dramas. The drama I’m rewatching I can assume it’s from PSTD, but often in dramas, people with hallucinations don’t seem at all concerned by them, other than telling the hallucination to go away, ummm, no, go see a doctor.


LOL Aren’t hallucinations a terribly romantic way to tell the audience just how much a character loves and misses their significant other? :joy:


Usually the ones I see are someone being haunted by memories of a psychopath, so, not so romantic. lol


Similar scenario I saw in the Cmovie Lost and Love, where the father looked for his missing son. Many children are taken/stolen or sold and they can’t be or aren’t registered, in this case there is a son who grew up with different family and wasn’t registered, without registration he couldn’t get married (officially) !!! I’m not sure if they changed the law today. Imagine if both parents have no registration then their child cannot be registered as well… even more if it’s born at home…


Funny story:
I had recently watched a drama(Was it My Love, Enlighten Me? I can’t remember!) where the FL gets hiccups and the ML just suddenly pinches her nose with two of his fingers and stays like that for a few seconds while she struggles to loosen his hold. When he finally lets go, her hiccups are gone! I thought it was a drama thing, but I guess we all end up in some situations where we’re ready to give ANYTHING a go :joy: I had a really annoying bout of hiccups today, and since there was no handsome ML to hold my nose, I held my breath for as long as I could before my giggling took over :sweat_smile: but lo and behold-- the hiccups were gone!!! :joy::joy: My brother scoffed at me and said that was something everybody knew to do(that little know-it-all thinks he’s older than me :roll_eyes:), but it really was a new life skill I leaned! Thank you, Dramaland, for these random, helpful tips!! :joy::joy:


I’ve come to the conclusion that I would make a very bad Korean daughter-in-law. These ancestral rites irk me to no end, just watching the daughter-in-laws do ALL the work and the men and daughters sit around laughing an gossiping. I’d loose it, maybe not then and there but my husband would get an earful and I’d never show up again. I’d be so unfilial. I love my in-laws and have no problem helping out at events, but everyone pitches in.

I wonder if daughter-in-laws really do everything at ancestral rites or if it’s exaggerated for dramatic effect.


I’ve watched the mothers on My Little Old Boy complain about this, so I think it’s real (especially in the past, don’t know if it’s that common now).

I also can’t imagine doing it all by myself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I also like helping out at events, but just doing it by yourself is just… :neutral_face:. Even if you get help from other in-laws who are stuck with the same duties, it seems like it would make you feel like an outsider - while the son-in-law gets treated like a prince :hushed:.