Is it real or a drama thing


There could be some families like that, and those examples are used in the dramas for a dramatic effect (and to make our blood boil & root for the protagonist). But I think everyone helps out in most families. I remember all my aunts gathering and making food together during the holidays/ancestry rites when I was little. I think some who are better cooks make more food than others, but everyone pitches in.


Who washes the dishes is also important!


Ha! Good point!


@irmar, you’ve been a CM right? Can I PM you a question?


Sure! Go ahead.

  1. Full face of makeup going to bed. (Thai lakorns)
  • I do not recommend this irl. :rofl:
  1. When an exgf contacts fl to say, “come meet me at ____.”
  • Why would you even go where an ex tells you to? (def. a drama thing)


Such a good point. Those darn obedient FLs.

And you mentioned going to bed with full makeup, which obviously means they also wake up with full makeup on, and apparently bedhead doesn’t exist in dramaland.


They use to go to bed with a full set of false lashes. :rofl:

They’ve toned it down a bit nowadays but it use to be so funny to see.


lol can you imagine that in real life? you can wake up as a panda or worst!!
Kind of…


No bedhead in dramaland because how will you look attractive to the ml if you look like a wreck? :rofl: No morning kisses!


Yes, this annoys me so much in dramas. Why would you even go? You are an ex for a reason :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… Just tell me on the phone if it’s that important.


Cdramas have this in almost every plot. Then the fl is sitting there while the ex is yapping on and on about her past relations with the ml. I’m internally screaming like, “please leave or slap her!!” :tired_face::rofl:


I was so pleased with how the FL in ‘1% of Something’ reacted in this situation. It was the first time I had seen a FL not cower or get persuaded by the ex-gf. I have seen a few more FL react this way since, and I wish more would do the same.


I really like that show, and I enjoy how she never quit on what she wants to do just to marry the rich guy.


In some (Western) comedies, to make it realistic, they make the female lead wake before the man, tiptoe to the bathroom, refresh hairdo and makeup, brush teeth, then come back to bed and pretend to wake up with him a little later.


Me too. Love it when the fl has a backbone. I cannot tolerate ex’s in dramas.

That’s so funny! Too much work to do that irl. What you see is what you get. hahaha


Wouldn’t it be something if an ex made an appearance in a drama and was maybe just a normal person? I’m not even asking them to be friends or anything, just civil. Are there any such examples in any drama? :woman_shrugging:t4: I know, I know, that’s terribly boring. :wink:



There are a couple, For women I can only remember one at the moment. Because This Is My First Life.


Thankfully, most of the dramas I’ve been watching these days have cool FLs who just shut the ex down and it is so satisfying to watch!

I’ve watched exes who threatened the FL in one episode and then accepted everything and moved on a few episodes later. In the end, they cheer for the main couple and are the best of friends. Do you want recommendations for dramas like that?

I loved this one scene in Marry Me!, where the ex comes and tells the FL her entire history with the ML and how they broke up and stuff. Then she says “You won’t be happy with him.” (I HATE it when people say that!)
I had no expectations for the FL because she was a very, very introverted character who hardly even spoke to people. The only ones she showed her emotions to were the ML and her neighbor’s son(a young child). During the ex’s entire tirade, she was sitting with her head down and listening patiently. I was very pleasantly surprised when she just snapped. “So, in the end, you’re still hurting and just bitter, right? You’re jealous right? Okay, I understand you. But he likes me and I like him and we’re married.”

I dropped my pencil and stared at her in awe for the next few minutes :joy:


That’s amazing!

If you have recommendations, I’ll always take them. It is always so satisfying when a FL shuts down a crazy ex.