Is it real or a drama thing


I wrote a long post about this whole topic in feyfayer’s “Dead fish kisses,” so I won’t go into too much detail here. But I believe this is kind of true, especially when it’s their first kiss (or first few kisses). If girls kiss back too aggressively, they may seem a bit too forward and “experienced,” which is not always seen as a good thing. This is especially true if the girl is supposed to be young and innocent.


I like that one too, there’s a big difference with this one. He knows where he is, he knows it’s because she doesn’t want him to see something in/about her apartment, and he is physically stronger. When the ML pulls out a blindfold and says trust me after they’ve only known someone for a few days/weeks, that’s a big NO for me, like I said, I’ve watched too many horror/thrillers. lol

To be honest, I don’t think I’d find it cute or sweet even if my husband of more than 25 yrs took me somewhere blindfolded and I trust him completely. If it were someone I’d known less than a year or two I think I’d be panicking inside.


That was my reaction and I trusted that person but I didn’t like the feeling.


Lol you made me laugh :rofl::rofl::rofl: so hard! I’m not that picky as long it’s family or good friends I know. I think when you have kids you live with all kinds of germs and that actually strengstens immunity.

There is another one that folks share “1 bowl” :bowl_with_spoon: I think it’s called bibimbap, it’s a cold dish with rice and leftover side dishes with some oil and/or egg and sesame seeds… all mixed and then everyone takes bites with a spoon from the same bowl (usually each one has his own spoon :spoon: lol :laughing:)


Seriously who doesn’t want to eat noodles with a KHOTTIE with chopsticks - Blindfolded - It’s ALL GOOD


hahaha yes, I don’t have any problem with my family or some super close friends. But the thing it’s that they show like the guy that you just met and he gives you food, so come on, I don’t know you hahaha.
Did you brush your teeth?


This is just so different than I’m used to! In the US if you’re in certain professions–eg a doctor or nurse–you sometimes have an obligation to help if you’re a bystander, in theory you could lose your license if you don’t! I think it would be really hard to stand by and do nothing if it seemed like someone was hurt. Maybe I’ll just stick to taxis if we ever get to go to Taiwan!


Yes this seems like something you do for a toddler, not an adult you’re attracted to!


In Switzerland before you apply to a driving school you must obtain a certification of first aid.
You learn basic situations at a car accident or general life saving technics and at the end you take part at a staged accident and have to look for signs and do life saving actions. With that certification you can take driving lessons.

Helping someone who might have a head/back injury is very tricky since one could actually do more damage when handling them.

I think Germany has the same condition or requirement.


Exactly, I did it a couple times for my nephew (He is 4 years old)


Ok I was even watching a BL last night and when the guy gets sick (it always happens in dramas) - immediately to the hospital and then washing you down with cold water and staying up all night with cold compresses on you - and rubbing your temples like -

WHO DOES THIS!!! I need someone to take care of me when I’m sick - Someone from a kdrama!
Where is my first aid kit -


My mom did that and my ex-fiance hahaha


Yes, Mom’s do usually do that! I don’t know if many men do!!! When I had chicken pox I remember my mom putting calamine lotion all over me!!! Yuck! I was pink! hahahaha & like 5

I did have a boyfriend that would make me full breakfast with homemade hot cocoa when I was like 15 - his mom was German - I loved her - and the breakfast was so yummy


I have an older sister, and her husband does that. She’s a really healthy person and I think that I saw her sick just like 4 times in my whole life, but he doesn’t even let her walk hahahaha


I don’t think American men typically do this! That is so cool - and I’m never sick either


Yes, I think it’s really cute. They were in a relationship for 5 years before getting married, and now they have been married for 22 years.


Seriously - My finger is gushing right now - cut on a bottle opener - no khotties!!! WHY!!!


I know, it’s to the hospital for the smallest thing. Also in dramas when you have a fever it almost always makes the person so sick they can’t move or are delirious. My youngest is one of those people who would spike a fever (104F, 40C) but she’d burn through it so fast, she’d be healthy twice as fast as her sister. Even though she’s had many high fevers, she was only so sick she was barely conscious the first time. Why do people in shows insist on bringing down a fever? If they aren’t in distress, have other complications, and it’s not many days, the fever is there for a reason.


Very True - Wise One!


…moving the romantic plot along! You cannot underestimate the health risk of walking home in the rain. Or the scourge of tetanus from minor cuts or, worse, SCARS. I think it was the original Mischievous Kiss where one of the characters got a cut on an ankle or something and there was some concern that she would be fundamentally unmarriageable after that. :rofl: