Is this A Bug or Does Viki just want to bug ME?

Once Again was free from the beginning, like the other weekend dramas before.


I said that, just read the time difference of uploading between standard and Plus…

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I made a list (25 channels w/Viki link) of Chinese fan channels that were on Viki’s Projects/Channel Manager that suddenly disappeared a week or so ago. Do you think I should list them here?


@aznative Hi! I noticed that, too. I thought they were all suddenly licensed. Wishful thinking! lol.
I think I’ve included most of them in my FC collection, although there were a few that were not “searchable” or “addable.” If you could list them here, that’d be great. I’d try to “add” them to the list. Thanks.

Okay, thanks so much. Here goes!

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These are just a few of the Chinese fan channels [UNLICENSED in my region] that no longer appear in Viki Projects/Channel Manager.

I shared these just for reference information. As of this date (7Sept 2020) users are unable to follow or submit a request for channel manager.
Details of dramas subject to update/change.

Dancing in the Storm (2020 iQIYI) Episodes Action/Supense/Mystery/Romance
Actor: William Chan; Actress: Gulnezer Bextiyar

Dear Mayang Street (2020 Youku) 45 Episodes 1980’s China/Romance
Actors: Tim Xu, Niu Jun Feng; Actress: Seven Tang (Under the Power, Go Ahead)

Douluo Continent (2020 Tencent) 40 Episodes - Historical
Actor: Xiao Zhan, Gao Tai Yu; Actress: Xiao Wu, Liu Mei Tong

Falling Into Your Smile (2020 Youku) 31 Episodes ESports/Modern/Romance
Actor: Xu Kai; Actress Cheng Xiao

Faraway Wanderers (2021 Youku) 32 Episodes Historical/Wuxia
Actors: Zhang Zhe Han, Simon Gond, Ma Wen Yuan; Actress: Zhou Ye

General’s Lady (2020 Youku) 24 Episodes Historical/Political/Romance
Actor: Caesar Wu; Actress: Tang Min

Hikaru no Go (2020 iQIYI) 36 Episodes Youth/Sports/Comedy/Fantasy
Actors: Hu Xian Xu, Juck Zhang; Actress: Angela Jiang

Jiu Liu Overlord (2020 Tencent) 48 Episodes Historical
Actor: Leon Lai; Actress: Bai Lu

Legacy (2020 Youku) 40 Episodes - 1920’s Shanghai Actors: Xi Wei An, Han Geng, Zheng Kai;
Actresses: Qin Lan, Wu Jin Yan, Zhang Nan Reunion of three cast members from Yanxi Palace

Light on the Series: Sisyphus (2020 iQIYI) 12 Episodes - Mystery/Crime/Sci-Fi
Actors: Wang Qian Yuan, Lu Han; Actress: Bridgette Qiao

Ling Long (2020 Tencent) 45 Episodes - Historical/Adventure/Fantasy
Actors: Justin Yuan, Lin Yi; Actress: Angel Zhou

Love is Sweet (2020 iQIYI) 36 Episodes - Romance/Friendship/Business
Actor: Leo Luo; Actress: Bai Lu

Magical Legend (2020 Youku) 40 Episodes - Romance/Wuxia/Fantasy
Actor: Chen Ruo Xuan; Actress: Rachel Mao

Marry Me (2020 iQIYI) 36 Episodes - Historical/Romance/Comedy
Actor: Xing Zhao Lin; Actress: Shane Xiao

Mirror: Twin Cities (2021 Tencent) 50 Episodes - Historical/Romance/Fantasy
Actor: Li Yi Feng; Actress: Bai Ying

My Talent Neighbour (2020 Youku) 36 Episodes Romance/Comedy
Actor: Elvis Han; Actress: Peng Xiao Ran

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (2020 Tencent) 55 Episodes - Historical/Romance/Fantasy
Actor: William Chan; Actress: Yang Mi

Ode to the Daugher of Great Tang (2020 China) 69 Episodes - Tang Dynasty/Romance
Actor: Xu Kai; Actress: Li Yi Tong aka “Court Lady”

Poetry of the Song Dynasty (2020 China) 50 Episodes - Historical/Romance
Actor: Vic Zhou (Daughter of the Flame); Actress: Tamia Liu (Nirvana in Fire, Ode to Joy)

Rattan (2020 Youku) Episodes TBA - Modern/Mystery/Romance/Fantasy
Actor: Vin Zhang; Actress: Sally Jing aka “Si Teng”

Song of Youth (2020 Youku) 50 Episodes TBC - Historical/Family/Romance/Comedy
Actor: Wang Yi Zhe; Actress: Bai Lu

Storm Eye (2020 Tencent) 46 Episodes - Modern/Crime/Suspense/Action
Actor: Vin Zhang; Actress: Yang Mi

The Corridor Pavilion (2021 Youku) 12 Episodes - Modern/Mystery/Crime
Actor: Steven Zhang; Actress: Deng Jia Jia

The Golden Hairpin (2021 Tencent) 35 Episodes - Historical/Mystery/Romance
Actor: Kris Wu; Actress: Yang Zi

The New Version of the Condor Heroes (2020 Jiansu TV) Historical/Wuxia/Romance
Actor: Thomas Tong*; Actresses: Mao Xiao Hui, Gong Bei Bi (*‘Uncle’ Wu Zhu - “Joy of Life”)

To Love (2020 China) 45 Episodes -
Actor: Kenny Lin, Du Chun; Actress: Gai Cass aka First Meeting, Last Farewell

Youth Should Be Early (2020 China) 45 Episodes - Modern/Youth/Romance
Actor: Hu Yi Tian; Actress: Elaine Zhong

Zhao Ge (2020 iQIYI) 50 Episodes Historical/Action/Romance
Actor: Zhang Zhe Han; Actress: Wu Jin Yan

Former Fan Channels with broken links:
“Princess Changge” (2020 Tencent) aka “The Long Ballad” Historical/Romance/Wuxia
Actor: Leo Wu; Actress: Dilraba, Rosy Zhao

You Are My City and My Fortress (2020 Tencent) 34 Episodes - Romance/Military/Medical
Actor: Bai Jin Ting; Actress: Sandra Ma


sisyphus and hairpin were on this sides too


Thank you. I will add “Sisyphus” and “The Golden Hairpin”.


@azrael_tm86v FYI the c-fan channels not to be found in the explore section.

popular all time
and start from the last page

Maybe you find them this way

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@lutra didn’t work for me, there was 1 old fan channel that is not listed above the rest is all older shows or on air “popular all time” how can this fit a fan channel. Do you see it on your app or pc? Can you link the page and post it?
I can see only 4 Korean Fan channels under “sort by new” in the explore section.

It’s easier for Chinese dramas, for Korean you might want to filter for the genre to narrow it down. Since there are so many old shows, variety and creator channels or however they are named. Try, that’s all I can say.

I did the explore, mainland china, sort all time, I get only 19 pages, not sure how you get 29 pages
as for Korea I get only 28 pages, what browser do you use, perhaps vpn. I’ll try to logout and login, perhaps this is an update bug, but later, I gotta go. Thanks
the link opened like this

Mozilla Firefox 80.0.1


Did you try to re-load it?

One more thing: sometimes a drama is available to me, a basic, unpaid user, and the next day it suddenly needs a Viki Pass. The other way round, a lot of Viki Pass dramas become available for everyone after sometime…:woman_shrugging:

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@aznative :heart_eyes:

These are almost all in the FC collection I’ve shared. Except one: “Court Lady” which I thought was “Coming Soon” but… Hope Viki will come through with its licensing bid.
Thanks. I’ve added it.

There is one other I know of that can neither be “searched” nor “added” now: Tien Tsin Mystic 2 (河神2).

Still cached in google search results. On Viki, it’s now a “puppy” page… NF has Season 1, so perhaps… :frowning:

Thanks again for the list. I wonder if these “disappeared” from the project finder because of the scheduled maintenance. ō_ȏ

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Another legal site (in my region – US) has season 2 of “Tien Tsin Mystic”. i q iy i

I’ guessing Viki took the pages down and may be working on solving an issue. You may be right about the scheduled maintenance.


I no longer see if a drama is translated. In the episodes screen I only see the English translation, while before the update it highlighted the Italian translation. How can I tell if a drama has been translated into Italian? How do I know if a drama has been translated into Italian each episode?
Before it was understood well, now it is not understood.
If I look for a title of a drama with the Italian title, it doesn’t give me results in the search.
I liked Viki because it was simple to use now it’s really inefficient for users, it takes a lot of time to choose a drama to make sure everything has been translated.
What is the point of improving the section for translators when the public cannot access the translations easily? ; (


My issues started when I got the new version of Viki. I noticed with the most recent shows I’ve watched that I can start the drama no problem but when it gets to a certain episode, it won’t play. This started on my iPad coincidentally after an update but my Samsung tablet was still playing all the episodes. I didn’t realize it was a version issue until I updated that tablet too and now it’s having the same error message and won’t play. My phone hasn’t been updated and I can still watch all episodes there without issue. I’ve sent a report to support on the 1st of September and yet to get a reply from them.


Is the Viki version on all these devices the updated new one?