It's raining badges!

I woke up today to find several new badges added to my profile :smiley: After several months with only my QC one, I feel very grateful for them. Now… all these at once! I see they are colour coded, and that the one to aim must be… green? I can’t find any more information about them: how may there are, how often they are released/ created…


I love all the new badges! It’s a very good motivation to go on working on subtitles/segments and also to try out new things. :smiley:


lol, I opened up a page and all these badge notifications popped up and I was just like ( ・◇・)?

I hadn’t even noticed they were color-coded until you mentioned it!
Not sure how often, but it looks like green is for 10,000 contributions…though I also have a pink badge for 50,000. And I’ve seen a different shade of pink but also gold for 100,000, so…

I so like the new badges too. Been waiting for new ones for a while since I like to collect them just for fun :slight_smile:

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I do not see this! Can someone take a screen shot so I can see?

I’m trying to work the colours out… I think that 1000=Blue and 5.000=Violet.
There are smaller ones, but I’m not sure if they always follow the colour through, like 100=yellow and 300=white…
Congrats for the pink one, by the way! At that level, they should come with movement and in 3D!:slight_smile: Lol lol

Here is a screenshot. The quality my have suffered because I tried to enlarge it.

Ok, fail, lol! :smiley:
You can see the badges in normal size on my side :wink:
Sorry for writing in german at first. Simultaneously subtitling and writing in the discussion was not the best idea.

Thanks for the screenshot… I do not have any of those fantastik badges or any colors. . :::: Sobs!::::: Must work harder!
Hopefully viki will put out a key so I know what each one means.

Edit: I just opened the segment timer and got about 6 pop-ups regarding badges. Eck! so happy… . dance-y dance time!

I recieved all those notifications, but the badges are not yet showing in my profile ç_ç
Hopefully they will.

It takes some time for them to appear, check again within an hour or later :slight_smile:

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Me too, today I woke up and I had a lot of badges. They are great :smiley:

It happened to me last night lol ANd I thought it was a bug only lol you guys remember the staff badge bug? well Now I’m excited since I know is not only some error. :smiley:

Me too, they are so cute. I love them

On a side note… You know I’d love to see a Channel Manager, Moderator and Editor badge.
Those are can be tough jobs and they rarely get enough credit.


Hey Junique! You have some cool ones. Love your J-drama and K-drama ones! I’m still starting, but from mine, my favourite is the Chinese with the pretty girl

I haven’t gotten any badges or notifications : ( I hope I get one. My QC Badge is lonely.

I agree. I’ve done all three at once and it’s crazy!

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Yes I think that would be a good idea. Not everyone segs and subs but works hard with editing, managing, moderating of channels. Also saw many languages have a badge so I hope more languages will get one.

Oooh, that’s a cute badge :smiley: I want it, for one of my next projects I will try to find a Chinese Title. Your telenovela badge looks nice too. So many new things to discover! :wink:

i was surprised 2
but i am happy with my new badges

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