J-Drama's love stories start REALLY fast - Why is that? Do you have a favorite J-Drama? 💋


C’est déjà bien, le français n’est pas une langue facile a apprendre :sweat_smile:


It’s always nice to connect with another Yampi and Kame fan! :smile:

Yes I totally agree, it’s nice to chat with another fan ^^

I’ve heard of Red Eyes, Joker Games and Ashita no Joe but I’ve never seen it because I don’t know where to watch them: disappointed_ relieved:
for Code Blue, I only saw Season 1: Persevere: I didn’t find the sequel either.

My favorite drama with Kame is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge and my favorite drama with Yamapi is Buzzer Beat


Ma prof a dit mes parents que je ne manque pas de talent, mais que je manque le désir à faire mes devoirs et ne pratique pas mon vocabulaire.


C’est vrai qu’il faut pratiquer tout les jours pour ne pas oublier, 1/2 heures suffit pas besoin de bûcher dessus pendent 2h :joy::joy:


J’écoute de la musique pop française, ça aide pour ne le pas oublier.
Bonne nuit et a bien tôt !


I watched 5 minutes of the first episode of Love is Phantom and quit. It’s not to my taste.


We share the same favorite dramas for them! The very first drama I ever watched back in 2014 was Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge! I’d read the manga and fell in love with the drama even though it was very different. Next I watched Nobuta wo Produce where I met Yamapi and then that lead me to Buzzer Beat which is my favorite drama of all time!

If you look up MiaMaw Fansubs online you can find Red Eyes. :grinning:


Oh comme moi ! j’ai découvert Kamenashi-san dans le drama Gokusen2 comme j’ai directement adorée l’acteur et commencer a chercher après tout ses dramas et je suis tomber sur Nobuta wo Produce avec Yamashita-san que j’ai chercher ses dramas aussi ^^

Un drama de Kame to Yamapi que j’aimerai regarder mais que je n’est jamais trouver c’est : Boku, Unmei no Hito desu :smile:
Merci pour le site pour regarder Red Eyes :slight_smile:


Oh like me! I discovered Kamenashi-san in the drama Gokusen2 as I directly adored the actor and started looking after all his dramas and I came across Nobuta wo Produce with Yamashita-san that I looked for his dramas too ^^

A Kame to Yamapi drama that I would love to watch but never find is: Boku, Unmei no Hito desu: smile:
Thanks for the site for watching Red Eyes




I loved Good Morning Call! My other favorites are: Mischievous Kiss 2, Coffee and Vanilla, In House Marriage Honey, You’re My Pet, My Little Lover, Sumike Sumire, Frankenstein’s Lover, Today’s Kira Kun, Caution:Hazardous Wife.

I like that J-dramas are short and easy to watch. They are distinctly creative, different and highly imaginative. They don’t often seem to understand a very happy ending though. Too many endings leave one thinking. I like warm fuzzies and a blissful ending.


I’m so SAD that Love Is Phantom is ending! I love the sweet couple!


Did you watch May December Couple?


I have NOT Thank you!


hahahaha another one for the list?


I like me a older WOMAN younger MAN - but this is reversed that’s ok


Love is Phantom is OVER and I’m SAD! I loved this show!


This was super cute - good skinship but press kisses - he was the boyfriend EVERYONE would want - but kinda unrealistic - Like she wrote him into a manga!


I actually ended up really liking this in the END.


I’m currently watching Meet Me After School without subtitles so I’m trying to figure out the conversations. The main actors are really good imo.
I’ve loved “Good Morning Call” and left my heart on “The Hours of My Life” with Miura Haruma.