JOBS in Kdrama that you think are so COOL! Or You want to HAVE? 😍


I agree I was thinking about a re-watch today! I love those two!


I’d love to work at a bookstore in the countryside.


With sweet quiet adorable good looking Seo Kang Joon! Me too! I’m there!


this kind of work is definitely OP !!!


Another job that anyone could love to do is a Lawyer or a Attorney or a Detective. Many Dramas like Lawless Lawyer and Class of Lies etc, have great Lawyers or Attorneys that are exceptionally great !!
Attorney or Lawyer are really oool


Sometimes I think I want to be a lawyer/prosecutor after watching stuff like Lawless Lawyer, Touch Your Heart and Suspicious Partner… but then I realize I probably will never have that totally cool PRESENCE around me :joy: I’ll never be able to have that AURA


Personally, I feel like the profession of lawyer is one that is romanticized in dramas and is very far from the reality of what lawyering is like. Lawyers in dramas definitely have a certain aura.


This is my LAWYER! WOOKIE of the YEAR :purple_heart:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: The aprt where he becomes a prosecutor again… he was already handsome as a lawyer and I could NOT BELIEVE HE ACTUALLY LOOKED 10x AMAZING in prosecutor clothes! :heart_eyes:


His HAIR would change! Up as a prosecutor (devastatingly handsome) and Down as a lawyer put still so handsome as always! WOOKIE for the WIN


One of the fascinating things I learned in dramaland: What a difference the hair up or down can make. Some of the actors legitimately look like two different people depending on the hairstyle.


I do not usually like full bangs on the guys but in My Love from the STARS - Kim Soo Hyun can wear his hair like that ALL day everyday! So handsome!

And I love Junho with full bangs - Wookie can do whatever he wants hahahahaha!

Ok maybe I care less about the bangs than I thought! hmmmmmmm


I usually prefer them WITH bangs. LOL And if there is a bit of curl/wave? All the better. Not that I dislike it up, but there has been an actor or two where I thought they could be top 10/20 with hair down but not even top 100 with it up.


Wookie’s video of himself (SLACKER) and his hair is so wavy and curly and long! Oh my gosh so adorbs but I never would have thought his hair was that wavy


And it made for really adorable bedhead in the morning.


Yes it seems very easy to do so, but we don’t such a good personality and most of who watch KDRAMAS are INTROVERTS.
So there is nothing much to say then. Introverts most of time remain in Fantasies and abate from the real world. I know this much because I’m an introvert too.


This is true, they add some flavours to it so that viewers must not feel bored with a single event everyday. Just to add some extra toppings as garnishing


Welp - I’m the Extrovert who watches K-dramas!!! hahahahaha! Give me one of these scenarios to live out and I’m there! Not necessarily the court room - more the romance! :rofl::purple_heart:

Wookie is scared!!! Oh - my handsome lawyer!


I’m definitely not an introvert :joy: People charge me. I can’t live without seeing people’s faces and I had a REALLY difficult time trying to adjust to quarantine. That’s one of the reasons I got so thoroughly addicted to both dramas and Discussions— I missed noise, chattering, and people’s faces! Last year, I used to tune in to some singers’ live streams just to listen to them chat, argue and laugh because I was so sick of the silence at home. :sweat_smile:

Even extroverts don’t always have that AURA. :joy: I think I’m more a clumsy, cheerful person than someone with charisma


Same - People charge me although sometimes I can’t unwind afterwards. I like noise - TV is on even when I’m watching dramas on my laptop! I can be quiet…hmmmmm…maybe…maybe not.