JOBS in Kdrama that you think are so COOL! Or You want to HAVE? 😍


The birds - Angry Birds the Movie I think!


What ?? Didn’t understand


Private or Corporate Type Private - Chef He makes lunchboxes

Yunho - or Uknow - I loved this little web drama - he has the coolest restaurant - the food looks yummy and I love the outside of his place - and the skinship is awesome!


His restaurant was so cool. I had kind of a love-hate relationship with that drama. It had excellent skinship, and I think it even made me laugh, but the amount of angst they stuffed into those short episodes was top level.


I know - I like angst - but I did love it! I started listening to his music after - I wish he would act more! But it was one of the 1st dramas I saw like street shots of like his restaurant and how pretty some of the areas were instead of just rooftop and city scapes.


ALL RIGHT. I WANT TO BE A SET DESIGNER!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I loved all the cute little models he’d make… and even the big sets! It seems like such a fun, creative job to do!


Yes, I love it too. But it was hilarious how he was always taking measures of everything he saw haha


And it was so adorable to see him stop after FL tells him not to :heart_eyes: At the end, when he nicely asks permission before starting to measure anything, I really wanted to jump across the screen and hug him!


Yes, so adorable. I like this actor a lot, and I think that he’s so cute!!!
At the beginning he was kind of crazy hahaha


Lol I remember him almost being a pervert !!! and sitting on the FL’s chocopie :rofl: :joy: :laughing:


I remember that! I can’t recognize him at the beginning


It’s funny because he’s supposed to be all scraggly and unkempt, as if he doesn’t care at all, but then he has the softest, smoothest, most perfect skin. :joy:


I nearly died when he walked in clean-shaven :joy::joy: Yang Se Jong said that his talent is growing a beard in record time!



Of course - Chefs - I love Chefs!



Novelist - I loved Chicago Typewriter So Much!


So what are your thoughts on this Medical Drama?? I did not like Doctors - but this one looks good!
What are other doctor dramas (I have seen Incurable Case of Love)
That you guys LOVE???


A sound engineer like the fl in A Piece of Your Mind.

It would be cool to work on music with my favorite hotties! :heart_eyes:

Another interesting job is a bodyguard like Chang Wookie in, The K2.

Being a bodyguard/spy has been my dream job. :sunglasses:


I loved Doctors so much, I bought the osts! The songs, and the instrumentals :smiley:!
(*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

Other Doctor dramas I :sparkling_heart: and recommend are: :smiley:
Doctor Stranger (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

The Good Doctor (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

The Great Doctor (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:

Dr. Jin (*❛‿❛)→ :point_down:t5:


Okay, Dr. Romantic is my number ONE medical drama in all entertainment. I really loved everything about the show. I loved Master Kim and the tough love he showed for the doctors he mentored The hospital staff are like family and it’s really fun to watch them. Kim Min Jae is a cutie, but the ML really stole my heart. Even though Yang Se Jong was a negative-ish character, I ended up liking him a lot. The medical scenes were realistic… there were a few inconsistencies but it was mostly realistic I loved the idea of Doldam Hospital. Amazing work environment. It’s got the old kdrama charm. Don’t expect loadssss of romance like in Incuravle Case of Love though… it doesn’t take centre stage. He’s Dr. Romantic where “romantic” is in terms of the high ideals he has.


I found Ji Soo in Doctors that was the only thing I liked about it - it is in my DROPPRED file which I don’t have more than 4 so far - just didn’t like it! I loved the opening though…