[K-DRAMA] English Editors needed for "Pink Lipstick" [NOW RESTRICTED]


Hello, everyone!

So I was recently contacted and agreed to become the CE for the drama Pink Lipstick, which has an astounding 149 episodes that needs to be edited; I’m looking for a few English editors who would be willing to help edit the drama. Different from what I usually do, I plan on making a spreadsheet and assigning parts/episodes to people since the drama is so long, and I think that will make everything a lot more organized. Nothing is rushed, so everyone is free to take their time.

I don’t have any “requirements” if you want to become an editor on my team; I just ask that you have advanced or fluent English, experience with subbing on Viki, and [some/little] understanding of Korean. I’m willing to work with someone who has little editing experience and help “coach” them become the potential that they are. :blush:

If you could even stop by for one part, I would be eternally thankful. Please PM me on the main site if you would like to get involved in this project.

Thank you for your time!

My profile (to contact me):


I will like to help editing the drama but I only know some ‘‘words’’ in Korean not full sentences. The drama has hardsubs. Why you feel we need to know a little Korean? Some words used in the drama require changing? if that’s the case I won’t qualify bc I won’t know how …:(:cry:


Don’t worry about it; it’s just that I don’t want you to be oblivious to Korean or their culture. You’ll be okay; don’t worry about it too much. If you’d still like to edit, please PM me on the main site for further details. :slight_smile:


I see on the cover page that only episodes 1-20 are edited out of the 149. Do you still need an English editor? Because there are a number of people wishing to work as editors. Look at the English Editors thread.

There are a couple of new ones, nomadgroa_55 and casey_52. Of course it must be ascertained whether they can access the drama or not.


This one lost its iicence last time Viki checked it.


It is restricted for me, but it’s still there. So maybe for someone not living in our region it will be open?


I asked for a few channels I got, including this one.
They’ve lost the worldwide licence.


I’m guessing is restricted for Europe also (where imar is from) and USA too since I just went to the link and it says ‘‘restricted access’’ also. I worked a lot in that drama doing the Spanish subtitles. The English subs in that drama were a bit off at times so I just stopped working at some point.

The same thing was happening with WATCHERS, the English was so off so many times that I had to struggle to make sense with the Spanish subs. The suggestion tool was a total mess since it was going by the English sentence. I wished I had copy the suggested sub in Spanish so you could see what I’m talking about.


Are you talking about OCN’s “Watcher” that just finished airing? I’ve only seen 7 episodes so far.


Yes, that one. For I don’t know what reason on episode 15, the english subs were a mess (I did part 6 maybe the rest were ok I haven’t checked yet).

I know the Spanish subs in that part would be really bad since a lot of the ‘‘suggestion’’ subs were very wrong. Most of the subbers just write the suggestion subs so I I hope they edit that work.


Thank you.


I worked as an editor on Icedthy’s project team but after Episode 20 the project shut down for some reason. Since all the parts were assigned by Icedthy I couldn’t initiate editing it on my own. So I guess someone can contact Viki about reviving it.


I don’t want to sound rude or offend anyone but to revive that drama, that would be so pointless, overbearing long tedious work, and with no real essence, meaning to revive something that’s long dead. It won’t make any sense to me at all.

We have better dramas that need to be here at viki and Pink Lipstick should have been out of Rviki site, a long time ago if anything
@choesook your great editing work, needs to be in good dramas like Hotel De Luna and many others we have and will have here in the near future. No wonder the first episodes in that drama had great english subs.

I don’t remember too well at what point (episodes), they went bad but I do know the last episodes were terrible and trying to do the spanish subs took some good skills. I mentioned WATCHER also bc like PINK LIPSTICK, started well and towards the middle and the end was so bad. I can’t see if it was edited or not, so my apologies if I offended anyone who worked in those 2 dramas.


This kind of drama would be a wonderful training ground for new editors, the people who write here on Discussions, some of them are skilled editors in real life, yet they struggle to find a project to start on because they are all behind vikipass and/or restricted, so not accessible to non-QCs.


Hi, @choesook! Long time no see. I’m sorry that I left the team (and Viki in general) abruptly; I had some hardships at that time and had to focus on myself before anything, so I had to leave. I apologize for not contacting you or the team, and that is my fault. I hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:



You may have a good point there (they need a place to practice?) but the drama gives a lot to be desire, and when any volunteer works in a project, newbie or experienced, it pays to have a good drama to work with, not a boring and ugh (let me not start with some scenes there that made my blood boil)

I thought the drama was abandoned bc of how (to put it nicely) unappealing it was.

If anyone is going to practice as editors (so hard and so much work to do), they need to be motivated to do it, and look forward to be working on it.

I love the actress/actors but the story was so ugly to me I find no words to describe it. Sorry…


No problem Icedthy, I figured something drastic had happened so I kept the spreadsheet just in case. I never truly give up, right? It’s so good to see you too! I really missed you.


Thanks for the compliment, Angelight, it always feel good to have your work appreciated. Since I mostly do CDRAMAs, I try to do a Korean one just to keep up my skills, once a year. Pink Lipstick was great, the year it aired, since big daily revenge epics were trying out new ideas. It’s sad it’s so dated now. I, too, think it would be a good learning drama for editing. And yes, a new editor may get bored to tears or angry enough to throw slippers at the screen, but it’s a good learning experience none the less. By the way, I so enjoy your posts, please continue to keep us in the know. Irmar, you continue to be my go-to mentor. You are such a great asset to us poor little editors!


Please forgive my many replies, I’m older than dirt. It was Icedthy that deserves all the credit for the great subs. She had a great team of editors working on Pink Lipstick. We each did 1 or 2 parts in an episode. This made it more fun to work on the drama.


You did awesome! I don’t deserve all the credit because at the end of the day, you all were the ones who were editing; all I did was give feedback on the edits.

Wish “Pink Lipstick” still had a license; I came back to see that it is restricted in the U.S. :frowning: