[K-Drama] Recruiting segmenters and some OL moderators for "I Love You, Don't Cry"!

Hello, everyone!
I’m recruiting volunteers for all positions for the drama I Love You, Don’t Cry.
This drama was started in 2009-2010, but it’s kind of unfinished.
So, I’m recruiting volunteers to review and finish once we have a lot of people asking.
If you are interested in be part of this team, send me a pm or reply me.
Any help is important, this drama is VERY big, so I hope I can count on you.


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Hello Steff

I’ve seen that you are recruiting volunteers for all positions for the drama I love you, do not cry. I am interested in being part of this team as a translator or otherwise position. My first language is Portuguese and my second language is English. I await your mail with great interest.
Thank you

Hello machadosteff, I would like to volunteer for the drama “I love you, do not cry”, I am interested in being part of the subtitles team, but I am willing to help in the area that needs most.

Hello, i would be glad to help. I’m english to spanish subtitler. Tell me if you need help with anything else!

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Hello Steff,
I would love to help as a segmenter and be a part of the team!!


Hi! I’m available to translate it to portuguese.

If you Always need help, I can help you for this drama. I can translate of English to French or have an other position. I can do what you want.
Thanks you!

Hi, I can subtitle from English to Spanish if needed :slight_smile:

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Hii! :smiley: I can help with English-German-Turkish subs.


If you still need help or you need it in the future I am glad to help with English-Spanish, Spanish-English, segmenting or any other tasks you might need help with.

Just in case you need the info, my time zone is CET (UTC+1).

Thank you!


Hello, if you need portuguese translators I can help you

This seems like a finished channel? There is nothing to seg or sub into English?


Hi Steff, I’d love to help for English-German translations.

I would like to work as a segmenter. I have recently graduated from NSSA and I am looking for projects to segment.

Hi, I would like to apply for the subtitles. It’ll be from english to spanish. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you very much!
Please, send me a pm here.

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Hi! Thank you very much!
Please, send me a pm here, please.

Please, send me a pm here.

Please, send me a pm.


Do you need also english to french subber ?