[K-DRAMA SPECIAL] Korean- English translator needed to complete "Strawberry Ice Cream" [SOLVED]

This is one of those wonderful KBS Drama Specials. Each one is a separate “TV film”, of 1 hour duration.
This one, called Strawberry Ice Cream, is subtitled in English at 74% so it needs someone to complete the missing subtitles. Shouldn’t be a long job, so please, some kind person come forward, so that other languages can also translate it.

We also need subtitling of around 10 segments from episode 8. They were not segmented, but they are road signs and other texts shown on screen. Easy peasy.

If you think you have time and willingness to help, please message the English moderator, @mirna023_316

Title: 딸기 아이스크림 / Ddalgi Aiseukeurim
English title: Strawberry Ice Cream
Genre: Romance
Format: Drama Special
Episodes: 1
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2011-Sep-18
Air time: Sunday 23:15
Viewership ratings: 2.9% (TNmS)[1]
Jun Kyung’s boyfriend Ki Jung is perfect… except he is always late. On the day she breaks up with him because of not remembering it’s a special anniversary, the bus he’s on has a terrible accident and he is classified as “missing”. Strangely enough, she is still receiving text messages from him. As she reminisces about their relationship, she wonders whether he is missing or actually alive and tries to hold on to hope. At the end she finds 1) that he’s dead and 2) that the reason for their misunderstanding did not exist, and the boyfriend was perfect this time as well.

Uhm Hyun Kyung as Joon Kyung
Kim Young Hoon as Kwon Ki Jung
Choi Dae Hoon as Sang Baek
Production Credits
Director: Ji Byung Hyun
Screenwriter: Ha Moo Soo

Hi, I watched it, but the sub is not continuous… Like in the beginning most are subbed, but few lines are skipped. I dunno what part need subbing… if it’s a bit organized I would like to try and do this.

I finished the rest of the needed translation and sent to mirna already :slight_smile:

Thank you for your goodwill.
But… what do you mean you finished? It still shows 75% as it did before, and the missing subtitles are still missing… On your profile, moreover, it shows 0 subtitles, so it means you haven’t done any.
Where exactly did you translate?
I think you might be new to this, so the procedure is this:

  1. You write to mirna.
  2. When she says OK, she adds you to the team. If you’re not part of the team, Subtitle Editor is locked, you cannot access it.
  3. When you become part of the team, you go to the video’s page, and on the lower right hand corner there is an icon of a pencil. You click on this and it is the subtitle editor. It’s there that you have to find the missing subtitles (it’s easy from there!) and write them in.
  4. When you are done, then the video will show “English 100%”

Now, I have a nagging suspicion that while watching the video, you just went and wrote the subtitles on a text file or something like that and then copy pasted them all in a message to mirna. That was such a hard job, if you did that! In Subtitle Editor is so much easier… But even then, the work is not wasted, because when you will be able to enter Subtitle Editor you can copy paste them from your document.
Just be sure to add any formatting. I mean, when it’s a flashback (on this video there is an awful lot of flashbacks, you have to put it inside brackets so that it becomes italics.
The following, but without spaces. I put spaces in between because otherwise they wouldn’t show in this message:
< i > The sentence < /i > (you have to remove the spaces I put)
When it’s music, you have to put the little notes ♫ before and after AND the italics.
See the full subtitling guidelines here:

yeah, i just watched it and paused and typed in text until it’s completed then sent message to mirna… haha!:sweat_smile: I totally have no experience in subtitling dramas or movies :cry: I just did live simultaneous translations before and thought it’s the same with subtitling. :joy:

Alright then, I’m sorry you had to do it in such a laborious and time-consuming way, when your intention was to help!
But, as I said, it won’t be wasted. The only thing needed is to insert it into the Subtitle Editor.
I’m sure @mirna will contact you about this!

HI! Sorry I’m not on Viki today because I’m a bit under weather, but I saw your message. if you want to add the subs to get credit for them, I’ll add you to the team. You worked hard on these so you should get credit for them. Let me know what you would like to do. Thanks for helping us out. :slight_smile:

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yes please add me to the team, I wanna learn subtitling and practice :smiley:

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I’ll PM you directly.

I saw you did complete the episode (only two subtitles missing, but it’s not a big deal). You even helped with What is the Ghost Doing. Thank you so much.