Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


Thanks for those pictures . I’m so happy that there are more who agree with me ! Look at him, how can you think about Min ho when you see Seung ho …
Argg, i hope he’ll come faster . I feel like there are a lot of dramas waiting for him .
Shine now oppa !


I have to go with Jang Keun Suk, because he was the first Korean actor I fell for! :smiley:


Well i can think about both no problem ^^


I seriously have a thing for korean men because I could pretty much write down 10 actors without being able to choose :smiley: But I will, I swear:) Right after I wrote down my other favourites :smiley:
1. Yoon Shi Yoon, because he always makes me smile, he’s so cheerful:) (Flower boy next door, Me too! Flower).
2. Park Yoo Hwan in KPOP Extreme Survival, because he has beautiful expressions when he’s angry :wink:
3. Choi Jin-Hyuk in Emergency Couple, Heirs and Panda, these characters are so different from each other but he makes them so realistic. He’s amazing.
4. Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yong Hwa are both hot as hell bot not the best actors. Althoug definitely worth to wach their dramas (You’re Beautiful, Pretty Boy, Heartstrings, Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss). And Geun Suk has a movie, he’s pretty good in it, it’s called Baby and I.

But I have to chose Lee Seung GI, I even like him more than LMH :slight_smile: I think His bests are King 2 Hearts and Gumiho, although I liked him in Shining Inheritance too. You’re all surrounded is now running, and I’m starting to love his character in it :slight_smile: And he is gorgeous in suit :slight_smile:


Jang Geun Suk


I liked your pick in King2Hearts and Gumiho (when he was the gumiho not the one with his gf).

And btw, all men level up when they put on a suit. :wink:


I think King 2 Hearts is one of the best dramas in K-Land :slight_smile: Not just because of the whole political thing, but because of the romance, wich is not a typical k-drama relationship :slight_smile:


ROTFL and your welcome! im soo happy to see more seung ho fans out here because he definitley is deserving of it. i mean his actingg… again, its fantastic. i really hope he comes out with more dramas and more lead roles and that he becomes a “hallyu star” or however they spell it, and that he comes out with a bang!


really? i havent watched it but i heard allot of people saying it sucked (mostly the ending). is it really that good? [quote=“csenge_benyei_395, post:65, topic:1843”]
Park Yoo Hwan in KPOP Extreme Survival, because he has beautiful expressions when he’s angry
YES! the yoochun and yoohwan men are fabulous!

i actually think they are good acting, but especially YONG. his acting is sooo well done to me, like he really gets the emotions down and plays his parts soo well. he moves me at least, in his acting. kim hyung too xD xP


Most definitley a fact and a half. O.O


Lee Kwang Soo, the master of dance himself, is my number one. And that height? Oh baby.


I LOVE HIM!! LOL is he sooo hilarious. he kinda reminds me of lee joon. he’s cute to me too. i never seen any of his acting skills tho, only on running man x.DDD he makes me cry with laughter


You have no idea how difficult it was for me to find a picture that made him look this idol-ish bahaha. So good in Running Man! He was in Nice Guy too - danced a bit in the part he had :stuck_out_tongue:


i want to see nice guy. it is on my “watch later” list.

ROTFL hahahah cuz this man is so goofy! thats his charm tho xD i love the funny guys too xD

of course xD thats so him. omg i love him!


Yoon Hyun Min of course! I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: HIM



I loved it. It’s not a typical drama, maybe that’s why a lot of peolpe don’t like it. It shows you the political word, where everything is money and power, and nothing is about people. I actually can imagine that the leaders of most of the countries’ are like the leaders in that drama (of course I’m not thinking about the evil Club M CEO, just all of the leaders and ministers he bribed so easily…). And also shows the other side too, when you want to do something right, just can’t do it because you’re alone, or have no money.
About the romance in the drama: I really love those two together, it’s like a real relationship, not a korean version where before marriage only there’s pecks on the lips and hugs… :smiley: yeah they don’t try to make us believe that Korea is so pure like in other dramas :smiley:

Yeah they’re fine, but I think I was into them so much because of the plot and their good looks, not the acting :slight_smile: Yong Hwa was real good in You’re Beautiful, I loved him so much but I think his facial expressions are a little weak. He just gets really well structured characters. Geun Suk with thet purse and frown:D Gosh, so fake it hurts :smiley: But he’s nice in Pretty Boy. Kim Hyung is also a little weak in the expressions department for me, and he gets these “silent killer” characters always… I really want to see him in a playful character sometimes :slight_smile:



I love him too ! I saw him in Nice Guy , then i got more into Running man , and oh man, he is my second-favorite on RM , since the first is Haha . Still he is quite charming . Lucky for us we got to see him in his true colours -humor - he knows how do it well .
Also look at him ! How cute , right !?


i think Haha is my second xDD i love them

ahhh he is “LOL cute”