Korean actor you like the best - JUST ONE please ;-)


Lee Byung-Hun would also be my choice his talent is just phenomenal. He captures me in everything he does. I loved him so much in the movie Masquerade.


You need to watch a scent of a woman. that romance is wow!


I will, thanks:))) after my exems :smiley:


I love Lee min Ho but Yoon Shi yoo is also so good:)<3


Lol I didn’t dare to put a pic of him thanks for this

I love both so much !! Already miss YSY T_T


My favorite: LEE SANG YOON


Jo Jung Suk !!! He’s not the most handsome but he’s really great ! I love him in King 2 Hearts (I cried because of him >_< ), in What’s Up, he sang really well and he was so funny, I didn’t like Architecture 101 but his character was so funny. He did a lot of successful movies !


Who didn’t Girl who didn’t … He broke our hearts I think every girl lied in her bad crying over him like crazy… at least that’s what I did…

I want to watch “The Face Reader” and " The fatal Encounter " !


I’m happy that I’m not the only one ! The scene where I cried the most, it’s when he was going to see his dad and he stand in the rain ! I love the music at this moment !

I saw “The Face Reader”, it’s a good movie. And I really want to see “The Fatal Encounter” for him and Hyu Bin and Han Ji Min !


I want to see it because of Han ji min !! I love her


I love her too. I saw her the first time in Cain and Abel. (I loved this drama! ) She was so cute. And in Padam Padam, she was more mature and really beautiful !


I loooooove this guy so much (smile, eyes expression, gestures…) and secretly wished he truly was like his character on “Flowerboy next door”. If he did OMG I’d be desperate to meet him :smiley:


You’re the first to post a pic of Lee Min Ho I think, and I’m quite surprised you were the first since almost everyone else says something about him in this discussion. I see you couldn’t resist posting a pic with his face where he was missing lol :smiley:


Well I thought you guys don’t want to see his face lol


I like Lee Minho’s acting very much, but the first Korean actor I fell for was Lee hyun woo, so for me he is one of the bests xD


aww he looks adorable in those gifs! seen him in anything else? besides to the beautiful you.


In Secretly, Greatly (movie) and God of Study (drama) but otherwise I saw him in young character of the lead like Equator Man.


Yeah Same xD In Secretly;Greatly he was so awesome ‘-’ :open_mouth:

I have found this:

It’s really awesome ‘-’ I am not sure, but I think it’s a short movie :open_mouth:


OMG IM GONNA WATCH THIS!!! it looks so cute! hope no one dies or anything and thank you for this! i will watch this soon xD thank you @Kurama too because i havent seen him in anything else besides that xD He’s SO ADORABLE!


YEAH he is really adorable and SOOOOO Cute ‘-’ I can hardly wait! Yes I also hope it won’t be a sad ending >_>