Korean-English Translator in search of project!

Are any K-Drama or Movie teams in need of more Korean to English translators?

It seems most of the airing dramas have enough staff so I’m wondering if there are any projects I missed that would like another subtitler. I can probably help out as a part-time translator as I have other responsibilities/hobbies&etc.

Varieties are okay too but preferably Drama or Movies please! Thanks.

Hey, would you have any interest in the Variety show, After School Club?

Would you like to join this drama channel: Be Arrogant - starring Yura (Girl’s Day), Shin So Yul.
We need Kor-Eng subbers. It’s a mini drama, so it’s only about 20 mins long per episode.
There are 2 episodes currently.
If you are interested, please PM me.

I’m searching for subbers for A Song For You 3, are you interested ? If so, PM me :slight_smile:

You might check with the moderators for Rosy Lovers. It’s a new drama that has just been licensed and has 4 episodes up so far.

Thank you for your responses :smile:

If ANYONE have the time and wants to increse their Sub Count here is a short 2 min vid to be subbed [Ko - Eg] : http://subber.viki.com/subtitlers/1059254

This isn’t really Korean-English, but Showbiz Korea is looking for people to transcribe (English-English)!
So if you’re looking for something easy to do, PM me or the CM!
We have tons of videos that need subs!