"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


NOPE unfortunately I wish - I have not had one in a while! :frowning_face:
But maybe I should stare a little longer! or he can come cook for me!


After the storm passed my headache went away! Thank Goodness! I still have to watch Eps 6! I have a few days before the new ones drop!!!

Did you enjoy torturing yourself with that :kissing_heart:



Happy Birthday September 22 to our heroine in Red Sky :heart:


Episode 7 is ready to be watched. Watching it now! YIKES! That was fast!

Loving the FOR YOUR EYES ONLY’’ team #1@choitrio subbing magical touch.

Although my hated piggy ride was there Grrrrrrrrrrr I can say; it was a great episode after all… Let the fight begin! Tomorrow’s episode: I hope is as good as today’s episode!


Is there an mistake in the translation?
In ep 8 it is said that they met 19 years ago.
Then they’d be 32 years old, older than Ba-wu and his wife in “Bossam”.
Could that be right?



Yesterday, I was breaking my head with that too, but I let it go bc for a while now they keep mentioning 19 years had passed already, and I believe there’s HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE mistake in the story.

If 19 years passed already, her father doesn’t have one white hair or looks that 19 years has passed already, and much less she looks around 29? (if she was 10) 31 (if she was 12) So many years?


Can you help clear this out?


My paternal great gramma had blue-black hair and she never had any gray hair even to her passing when she was 79. She didn’t dye it either. Some people age before their time and others don’t really age that much till they hit their 60’s. My dad at 45 looked 28. His cousin at 38 looked 55. I was surprised that he was 7 years younger than my dad when I met him. I was thinking ‘What the heck happened to him?’

But I figured the kids were only 8 to 10. making them 27 & 29.


I think they were about 8 when they met right? When she was blind.
So they would be about 27 right???
I’m not good with math so um I could be wrong.

Jinx - @porkypine90_261



I don’t even know why I said that when I myself have always looked 10 years younger than my age. As a matter of fact, all the women in my family for generations; look way younger than their age.

Even my own kids are always so proud that I look younger than my age, and to add sugar to the spice, my voice is kind of childish, so my kid’s friend always tell him; ‘‘I wish my mom was like your mom. She makes me laugh so much.’’ I’m a bit of a clown when they come over.

I always tell them that their mom most likely are very funny, but they don’t see it bc is ‘‘their mom.’’ I love to say my age bc you see their surprised look and I know what comes next: The best thing a woman can hear: You Look So young! That makes my day. lol


I tell people I’m ninety They looked so surprised so I tell them. " I look good for my age don’t I? ":sunglasses: :rofl: :upside_down_face:


I bet they do…:scream::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: lmao

Funny thing, the way you write sounds like a very mature person. So I can’t really tell your real age.


I thought they’d be older, but maybe you are right.
Anyway, 19 years is a long time and as a woman in medieval times she was almost “over the hill”.


I’ll answer over in Segue cafe for general discussions. I don’t want to derail this thread. :upside_down_face:. :sunglasses:


@angelight313_168, to be honest, I haven’t had the chance to watch this week’s episodes yet but I thought the kids were only 7 or 8 years old when they first met. After searching and losing out in the bidding war for almost six months, I finally found and got my offer to purchase accepted for a condo yesterday so I’ve been buried with paperwork. When I get the chance to watch, I will pay closer attention to their ages and the timeline.


I think we all are in a consensus that they are about 8. So I’m ok with them being around 27.

Congrats on your CONDO! HURRAY!


Thank you! I am not looking forward to packing and moving but I am so glad the search is over now.:blush: I’ve come to realize that for a 57-year-old divorcee a house with a swimming pool and large yard is not a blessing but a burden.


The best time to get rid of stuff is when you have to move - maybe I need to move so I can clean out stuff again! hahahahahaha!



I’m so happy for you bc you can write it down so you won’t forget; that you will be so happy in that condo, and that new place, and your new life, will finally bring you the happiness you deserved all along. You are still young, and love can knock on your door when you least expected. Do BELIEVE that you deserve to be happy, and don’t close the doors to a possible new love. When you feel overwhelmed with paperwork etc…if you believe in Angels ask them to give you a hand. It always work for me and with FAITH everything is POSSIBLE. Wished I could give you a hand.

Hint. Throw anything and everything that brings you sadness. Get a shredder so is easier to get rid of papers you won’t need, but make sure they have no use for you anymore. New life, new beginnings! Blessings to your new home(condo) sweet home (condo) lol.


Thank you for the sweet words! I will have to give away and throw away quite a bit. I guess that’s the beauty of downsizing. You find out what is really important and worth keeping.:wink:


The child actors are 12 and 13 years old, btw.