"L ๐Ÿ’œ VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss



Loverโ€™s of the Red Sky

Come and Watch and Discuss โ€œL๐Ÿ’œVERโ€™S of the Red Skyโ€

PREMIERE is August 30th.

Cosmo PH

Red Eyed Ahn Hyo Seop

Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?๐Ÿ’œ DATE WITH DOOM!
Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?๐Ÿ’œ DATE WITH DOOM!
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Canโ€™t wait for this! The story plot sounds different and the couple look really good together, and best of all I love them young kids acting.


This seems too good! Canโ€™t wait to watch it!


You had been asking for so long - I HOPE - I found a GOOD one! We shall SEE! :smile:


Ahn Hyo Seop is one of my guys! And he looks great with the long, historical hair and those red eyes. I really hope Iโ€™m able to watch this one and that it is good. I love the descriptions for both leads, and it sounds like an interesting premise. Iโ€™m not super crazy about the existence of a love triangle, especially since I also like Gong Myung, the SML.


AND THE Palace politics but we can do it!!!


And, yet again, we have idiots who rate a drama before it even began. 860 of those to be exact. That really frustrates me.


Canโ€™t they keep the reviews on hold until the darn thing starts!!! :angry:

Thanks to you for being on the sub TEAM


Ahn Hyo Seop is one of my guys as well.:wink: While I was reading the novel, I pictured the ML and FL in the story and they are perfect for the roles. This drama will also have stellar supporting cast as well.

Also, from what I can see so far, the names of all the historical figures have been altered so hopefully there wonโ€™t be any huge issues with historical inaccuracy either.




So it premieres on the 30th. I will be back on Discussions hopefully by the 3rd. Will I only miss one episode to catch up on or are they dropping more than one a week - do you know??


There will be episodes coming every Monday and Tuesday so you will have two to watch when you come back.


Okie Dokie

Everyone remember that not everyone will be caught up so keep your spoilers in the BLUR :sunny:





Thereโ€™s 860 of them in every crowdโ€ฆ



It should just not be ALLOWED - No Press the Review Button



LMAO I should remember to quote this whenever needed :joy:
โ€œThere will always be 860 fools in a crowdโ€


Well of course there is palace politics! Any good saeguk has palace intrigue! Itโ€™s either the right or left minister who is the bad guy and who has a cotillion of yes-men backing him up.

The lovers, if they are royalty, usually donโ€™t get to marry who they want and if they are satellite officials, well, then itโ€™s open season on which other official is interfering with their lives. Oh! And if there is an unmarried crown prince involved, (Sometimes even married and looking to add another concubine to his collection.) Well, who knows what will happen next! Especially if he desires a hapless young lady who may not be interested in him. :scream: :sunglasses: :rofl:

I have not read the book so I have no idea where this story goes. I look forward to watching this show.

NO SPOILERS! :sunglasses:


You guys keep everyone in the BLUR!!!


Are WE Getting EXCITED!:heart::heart::heart:I am just stopping by to say Hi cuz I missed my people!:sunglasses:

No Spoilies