"L ๐Ÿ’œ VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Episode 9 was awesome, but episode 10 was the bomb! I hate when a drama is so damn good, and we have to wait to watch the next, and next, better and awesome episodes.

The episodes have great cliffhangers hope it stays that way till the end.


Iโ€™m so glad you are liking it! I got pulled away - but hope to catch up soon!


EPISoDE 10!!! Timestamp 27:00 Watch it! OMG!!!

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Most definitely a SPOILER! Donโ€™t look if you havenโ€™t seen this episode yet! The evidence is in the order of occurrence! :rofl: I Just LOVED this scene! HIlarious!. and his smileโ€ฆ Ahn Hyo Seop was probably trying not to crack up during filming. Oh, heโ€™s really tall 6โ€™2"!


Sneaking Haram back to his room

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Oh goodness. Yes, that segment was absolutely hilarious!! The proverbial โ€˜walk of shameโ€™. I am really enjoying this drama because it has some comedy, love, sorrow, supernatural suspense, etc. Thanks for the visuals @porkypine90_261!


Yes, episode 10 was awesome but I didnโ€™t wanted to spoil it so I didnโ€™t mentioned anything about it. The combination of funny moments after a horrible moment it helps to make him human again. They are trying to erase from our mind how evil and ugly he looks when heโ€™s possessed The funny part takes away the trauma we go through bc the supernatural scenes are done so well that they freak me out.


It made my sides hurt from laughing so hard and it took a couple of hours to capture all those screenshots but WELL WORTH IT! :rofl: :sunglasses:


Episodes 9 & 10 were great. :grinning:

I was only disappointed by the Grand Prince Yangmyeong.

How can he go against Heavenโ€™s will, thatโ€™s not logical. Once again, the writers made a wrong choice. Heโ€™s going to become an annoying SML.


Well, He is accustomed to getting everything he wants and Ha Ram is standing in his way.


I felt that from the beginning and I am so behind! I stopped watching at the painting competition I got pulled away!


the best. They have already going to get the hairpin. Him standing there alone.


So funny! Heโ€™s standing there in his skivvies loudly telling them Itโ€™s all a misunderstanding and to Come Back! They just ignore him and run off.


DESTINED to be together for ever and ever.

Those stolen moments that makes the heart flutter


Episode 11: That SML is really growing thin on me. I get disgusted with men or women who loves so selfishly, and donโ€™t love enough to know when to let them go. This is going to be such a headache bc they started the back and forth syndrome of K-drama (which I detest and find so boring).

Hope episode 12 is worth watching.


The SML already knows that he lost to Ha Ram. Heโ€™s only trying to complete the sealing ritual, which is more important (imo).
He acts already like a future king.



Sorry that I am behind on RED SKY so I am not reading many comments!
Everyone seems to still be loving it!!!
I will catch up soon! :purple_heart:



You forgot that the future โ€˜โ€˜Kingโ€™โ€™/ now Prince; thinks Ha Ram will die after the ritual, but knows that the girl can regain her sanity with the same medicine she got from him, for her sick father. The medicine is working and making her father regain his right mind. Personally, I think her father will finish the painting and die in the process. According to the story one of them has to die (Ha Ram or the girl)


I agree with you about the father; he will replace her.

I still donโ€™t think the prince is so calculating, and ha ram hasnโ€™t had his revenge yet




We need to watch party it so we can sing HOTTIE praises together! :laughing:


Sure! letโ€™s do it! :rofl: