"L πŸ’œ VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Ditto! Yep!


You behind also like me and @natyh


Watch partying this one may be the only way I get through it.


Can you watch it or we need to wait until November???


It would have to wait until November for me. So everyone else is free to do it sooner if they want.


Why November?


That’s when I will finally be purchasing my pass!


I can wait - I think we would have fun watching it together! But I know some might not be able to wait!


I don’t really care when we watch it. I am so busy anyway. These watch parties make me sit and take a social break.



Let’s plan NOVEMBER to Watch Party Red Sky - I’m IN!


okie dokie

Sheesh! The BOT is trying to correct my English!
β€œIs this a complete sentence?” it asks. It did that three times when I tried to save.

The answer. "No man. It’s slang! "


Since when did we need to use complete sentences? LOL

I’m just glad to see I’m not the only person in the world who still says okie dokie. My social circle likes to make fun of me for it.


I say OKIE DOKIE! :wink:

And Whoopsie Daisies!

Well now I say - Aish and Aigoo


β€œAish” - β€œAish aish” means β€˜Enough’ in Shoshone.


I just wanna YELL HOTTIE in this Scene!


Also part of my vocabulary! And now we’ve hi-jacked the thread to discuss our way with words. Dagnabit! :rofl:


Count on me!


My mother would say β€œAfter While Crocodile”


Or see you Later Gator


Blame it on the bot censor!

Hiding my off-topic answer just so it stays small. No spoilers., You can look.


okie dokie
whoopsie daisy
Excuse my French (cussing)
gosh ,there are so many others!

and Gosh Darn! Why is Ha Ram sweating when everyone else behind the scenes are Freezing their patooties off!

Oh! Yea!
back porch


I’m Southern Girl - Yep = I say these! :laughing:


Watch Party November for RED SKY!