"L ๐Ÿ’œ VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Heโ€™s only 26 and I think heโ€™s a Canadian citizen. Not sure though. His family emigrated when he was little.



I swear the Special Effects! Are so good!


I think it was a little more sedate until the ending of the episode but I still enjoyed it. Red Jasper Eyes is one HOT looking evil spirit. Whoa!!!


I canโ€™t wait to watch party this! Going to be SO FUN! :love_letter: Hottie Watch


Trust me, the comment gloves will be off with me at that watch party! LOL.


We can start that watch party now since weโ€™d only do 2 per session.


We have to wait just a little while until @my_happy_place has her pass in NOV!


Thank goodness you are my people!!!


And why are you up so late, missy?? Itโ€™s almost midnight here and you are an hour ahead of me.


uhโ€ฆ And would you be in control of the REWIND button? :thinking:

Weโ€™ll be at it for HOURS then. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I have not been on discussions lately - I was trying to catch up a little - and Iโ€™m doing laundry!!!

Started watching The Perfect Match and HELLO HOTTIE!


Iโ€™m actually laughing out loud at your comments!



I am in CHARGE!

Rewind we will Go
A Rewind we will Go
High Ho the Dairy Oh
Hottie REwind we will Go :laughing:


Oh, okay. Iโ€™ll give you a pass for this evening. :joy:


sigh (Letโ€™s wire her the $10 bucks!)

You missed DOS tonight!


He seems to be overly clothed on the lower half in this photo. Like bike shorts or something else are neededโ€ฆ


ahahahahaโ€ฆ Oh My GOSH! That Watch Party will be hellaciously funny!


My girl @my_happy_place is keeping the Hottie button on pause because the Flood GATES are a coming

Wok of Love
Good Manager
Red Sky
and more and more

We will be watching so much drama I will never come up for air!


Did they have bike shorts in historical times! Just sayin!!! So you know - gloves are off - hahahahahaha!


And I wonโ€™t get much segging done! Iโ€™ll have to cut back on the number of shows I work on!