"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss





No, I think Spandex was invented a couple of years after this drama historically took place. LOL.


You guys are killing me - It is 1 am! I need to go to bed!!! hahhahahahahahah!


That scene was HILARIOUS! EP 10 at 27:00!


No lie! I’ve got to get up at 6:30 am and Pammy don’t do well without her sleep. Later taters!


Oh all right! Sleepy head! I’ll go binge watch on MY Amazing Boyfriend. Nite!


I was going to say that you all could go ahead and do a watch party without me if you’re in a hurry, but then I saw that @stardust2466_546 said she was not going to have any comment filters, and I just can’t miss that, so I will have to beg you to wait. It’s not too much longer.


Ah! I will just have to re-watch EP 10, at 27:00 then. :sunglasses: :rofl:


Nah, where’s the fun in that??? We are all in this together! Believe me, there are plenty of other diversions out there to watch in the meantime. P.S. I’m operating on fumes today since I didn’t get to bed until 12:30 am and was up again at 6 am. Good thing I’m a little lower on the food chain in this office. I may need to lay my head on my desk for a quick nap (JK). :wink::joy:



My filter is never on and if @stardust2466_546 and me have no filters! You know it’s going to be a RIOT! hahahahahaha! Can’t Wait



I AM confusing him with someone else. I read many articles where men that are citizens of Canada/USA, don’t have to serve the mandatory SK law to serve 2 years training in the army. BUT they get grilled, criticized, over that, and lose many rights from their own country.

They do have to serve their two year’s service before they turn 30 years old. He still has 4 years before he decides what he wants to do about that. I don’t understand why I feel they look alike so much to other actors and when I look into it they are not even related at all. Maybe they used the same plastic surgeon?


This is when I am SOOO glad I retired!


I haven’t been to sleep YET! It’s 7:38 am here now…

um… But I left out that I did fall asleep from 4 to 6 pm watching My Amazing Boyfriend. :rofl: I hate sleeping in the daytime. Then I don’t sleep at night. I USED to be sleep-deprived like y’all 'n all and have to catch up on weekends but NOT ANYMORE! :sunglasses: :nerd_face: :rofl:


Trust me sister, I am getting closer every day! Actually I am retired, just not getting Medicare. Still working full-time and on group insurance. Two paychecks per month…LOVE IT!!! But when I finally do call it quits, move over 'cause I’ll be up until the wee hours too! :wink:



Yes, it was so boring until the very end, and honestly I feel so much more can be done with that drama bc there is plenty story there to exploit. Hopefully today’s episode will make up for it.

It’s funny bc he looks so gorgeous with the red eyes, but when they take the contacts off; he looked so plain (episode 13) hahahahahaha. You haven’t noticed?

I also feel he has lost too much weight and looks extremely skinny (the actor/actress all mostly do)


I was thinking the same. I agree that they could have explored more options with the storyline. That episode was pretty bland up until the ritual began. YES! He is much hotter with red eyes! But he is still hot without, just toned down a bit. LOL!


I wait until both Monday and Tuesday are out so I can watch both together. I like Ahn Hyo Seop just fine with his regular black eyes. :sunglasses: Those red eyes are different but kinda weird. Just a darker shade than albino eyes.



image I wait until both Monday and Tuesday are out so I can watch both together.

I will do that with next episodes (believe ending episodes).






This drama became so predictable that I’m NOT looking forward to the ending episodes.

I’m pissed… so you must know why already.


I can’t wait for the “gloves off” WATCH party! So much fun with FRIENDS!