"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Predictable? Maybe and maybe not. I am enjoying the ride anyway.



Well, I’m not enjoying the ride. I knew this ritual would not go through. I said a while back her father was going to die and he did. They are starting to kill people from left to right, and the king that was dying I knew would suddenly come back to life. THERE is absolutely nothing in that drama story plot that I haven’t seen already with other actors. The ‘‘mawang’’ special effects, is the only thing that makes the story a bit different, and the ‘‘red eyes.’’ I’m also predicting the ending won’t be anything to rave about either.


:sparkling_heart:Red Sky is wrapping up! Although I got distracted & it didnt pull me in like DOOM - I look forward to Watch Party time where we can all share fun banter and uplifting chats about our boy with the red eyes!

So looking forward to it!:purple_heart:


I am enjoying the ride as well. This drama is still very highly rated; 9.6 as of today so it seems as though most are enjoying as well. I’m going to stay with this one until the (bitter?) end. @angelight313_168, I am so sorry you feel that way about this series although I do understand that each person’s perspective of and expectations for a drama are different. Our differences are what make us the unique and interesting people that we are. I should point out though that if you are referencing the young royal painter’s father when you mention that he died, he is still alive. I was watching episode 14 this morning and there he was among some others who were being arrested. Speaking for myself, I will patiently be waiting to see how this series shakes out.



I’m also staying until the bitter? end like you mentioned here bc no matter what, is only 2 more episodes. I’m just afraid of the outcome of the ending bc the ‘‘Fairies?’’ keep mentioning that one of them (red eyes or girl) has to die, and I just hope the story does change to stop that from happening. You never know with these Asian writers and their ‘‘tragic love stories.’’

You are talking about the girl painter dad, right? I was talking about the girl’s father. [spoiler]The girl’s father is alive?

Did you see that in the preview from episode 14? ‘‘That the girl’s dad is alive?’’ How can he survive that sword so deep in his back? So the right hand guard of red eyes dies in place of the girl’s Dad? I’m thinking how red eyes will manage Blind and without his right hand man? That was a bummer bc he needs him!

I’m so relieved the King ‘‘came back to life.’’ He’s dying anyway, so dying in place of red eyes or girl would be SO nice on his part. It does gives me hope that they are not directing this as a tragic love story like I was feeling all along.

I didn’t watched the previews bc it takes the emotion for me of the upcoming episodes. They definitely revived the king so he can be the sacrificed one (since he’s already dying anyway). Don’t you think so?

That bad Hyung needs to die too, and make up for the ML/FL also, so they both can live happily ever after. * Besides, he will not stop until he gets mawang inside him, and he’s a bad person with no feelings to be reigning over a kingdom.

I love when I misjudge a drama (part of my strategy), and I hope I totally did on this one bc I am so looking forward to this wonderful love story happy ending (with a kiss pleaseeee lmao)


Sorry, perhaps I misspoke. I have not completed ep 14 yet so I didn’t see the previews for the next ep. At the time I was watching this morning, the female painter’s father was still among the living. I don’t get too axle-wrapped about any show I am watching but rather, take it for what it is worth and try to enjoy the ride. I may be an anomalous person, but I usually don’t speculate too much on what the outcome of any show may be before it is completed. But that’s just me and my easy-going, type B personality. I have enjoyed reading your predictions and, like you, will wait to see the final outcome.



Red Sky is Winding Down - I cannot Wait to Finish It - I got distracted but I know a lot of us are going to enjoy the Watch Party Coming Soon :heart:

He is so Handsome!!! I hope that everyone has enjoyed the RIDE!



Me thinks there will be lots of rewinds at this watch party. LOL! @kdrama2020ali, and you know which scenes I write of. :thinking::thinking::wink::wink:


And the POWER will be ALL MINE!

In the Long Ballad last night - we were so REWINDING! And one part was just my FAV guy lifting his girl onto a horse with him (I thought I would die)


That one is going on my list simply because of your teaser comments. Hahaha!! Tonight I would be out of the loop anyway since I have to drive to another town to sign the paperwork to sell my house. Fingers crossed that this all works out.



Good luck getting all that taken care of!


I can’t wait for you to meet my BAD BOY!

And good luck tonight!


Lover’s of the Red Sky. Just what I expected; the twist that makes no sense.


ahahaha I wonder why you even bother to watch. I am waiting for ep12 tomorrow before I watch it.



YOU saw that part too? They blaming him (mawang inside him) for killing his own Dad! . That turned me off completely bc they made 3 different versions of his dad’s death. No matter what, he killed his own Dad?; This makes no sense!!! I don’t believe that for one second, and I think is a trap bc the king looking all healthy after he was days in a coma. I’m gonna wait until the people comment about the ending to see if I’ll ever watch the rest of the episodes, but for now is on hold for me. Four (4) minutes into episode 15 I stopped. Ending doesn’t seem too promising either…


This morning at about 1.39 am EST I received a notification on my cell phone from Viki that Episode 16 is 100% subbed in English. - Checking the web it’s on “Coming Soon” even 6 hrs later. Wth(eck) Viki, why are you playing with viewers feelings!! :disappointed_relieved::open_mouth::rofl:

Don’t post something that one can’t view yet, it’s awesome that’s it’s subbed, don’t announce if one can’t watch it, what’s the point??? “The logic” :joy:


I’m flabbergasted about ep 16, what did Viki receive, an unedited sample??? I hope they will fix this…


So many weird things going around here at this site. I wonder what surprise (BOMB) they have in store for us viewers.

I saw EPISODE 17 in [LOTRS] what more ridiculousness will be added there? I just can’t…:crazy_face:


No. that’s a lie. The bad shaman and the bad bunch she works with are the ones who killed Ha Ram’s dad.


That’s what the king and the Crown Prince told Ha Ram that he killed his own father during one of his ma wang manifestation, right after the father brought him home from the failed ceremony. He was only a child; How can they possibly add that in this story? Too much cr*p.

I don’t think the bad shaman was involved in Ha Ram’s father death. She (the bad shaman) practically, and just recently, discovered that ma wang was in Ha Ram’s body,