"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


ok. I have not watched 15 and 16 yet. I’ll watch it later tonight. I’m in a watch party right now. lol


It’s not about LTRS but I got another Viki notification on my phone, wth is Viki doing??
The main page says „coming soon 28th“ and both eps are on TV guide today 27th coming soon, 100 % English, but you can’t watch it, lol :joy:


I was just talking about JIRISAN that SO wonderful drama!! lol

What you are watching? I added the trailer. I hope they do have it here soon. It’s so different and really action packed. A K-drama Jewel.


Devian Art

Red Sky - Is Done!

Cannot wait for our WATCH PARTY in NOVEMBER!!!
Hope you guys enjoyed your DISCUSSIONS!

Lots of Thanks to the Cast, Crew, Writers, Producers, Directors, Sound, Grip, Photography -
So much goes into a production like this and the special Effects were Amazing!



Going to check the comments and see if I’ll watch the ending.

PS Comments are great but will wait bc they have an issue about an unedited version that was disappointing to viewers. Over the weekend I’ll do 15/16. What a relief is a good ending.


Re: LOTRS ~ I kind of got the feeling that they MAY (notice caps) be doing a 2nd season. I say this based on the ending of the final ep of season one. (Possible spoiler in summary below, view at your own risk. LOL).




So how did you feel about the ending??? Did you love the show??? Thoughts without spoilers!


First thought after hitting play ‘what f***** Dan dynasty?!?’ ‘How did I miss this?!?’ *Googling *Hearing talks of Ghosts or something while googling *Realizing it’s a fantasy show with made up stuff and that I got fooled. x)

My start in a nutshell, I have a rule not to watch trailers and reviews before I watched ep1 of a show I intended to watch. I like being suprised and have my own notions thrown out. :smiley:

They seem to have made the back story believable, considering the frame.

Sofar I like it. I haven’t that many comments yet here, since I’m trying to avoid spoilers. But first episode seems nice. However, sometimes shows lack that thing needed to keep one watching so let’s see. :slight_smile:


I did like this show a lot and would re-watch, especially for some of the scenes (can you say shirtless pullups?) :wink::wink:
I was satisfied with the ending as, in my mind, it was fairly positive (except for the scene I posted in my ‘Summary’ in the comment above). I enjoyed the acting and the interaction between all of the characters. What more can I say?




They did leave it open ended. But I never read the book so I don’t know what else is there,


I hate open ended dramas! I might not watch it over the weekend, and I read the father was a Goblin? It took another turn? Comments are confusing and not clear enough in the page.


I believe there is 17 episodes. I saw the end epi 16.


They did have that watch party WHICH I MISSED like a dummy! mainly because I am in a time warp and rarely know what time it is. :sunglasses: But that ep was not there last time I looked.


Got a Webtoon

Ahn Hyo Seop


This drama disappointed me. Maybe I was expecting too much.
The love story left me indifferent and the plot was actually too simple. (Lock Ma Wang in a painting)
It could have been better with more characters. I don’t know…:confused:

Now I’m waiting for another fantasy drama: :crossed_fingers:



I haven’t watched the ending episodes (LOTRS) bc I read it’s an open ended drama, and I DETEST those kind of ending in dramas; especially Korean dramas that never continue the story as they should do within the year. I promised myself that from now on, I will not give viewing to dramas that have so much potential and they mess them up along the way. I stop the moment I see something that makes no sense in the drama.

I never vote down dramas on NTFX, and now I do all the time bc something has to ‘‘click’’ in their watery brains… that there’s no need to fall out of the creativeness they had from the beginning to end up giving a mediocre ending (imo). Not having it anymore: I’m tired of it and so done.


I wouldn’t call it “an open-ended drama”. There is closure for our heroes. Let’s say without spoilers that the story of one character is not over. If there is a second season, it would be a spin-off more than a real sequel.


It isn’t really an open ending, only when it comes to the succession to the throne.


@mas4 @spaufler_89

omg you BOTH saved me from the dilemma! The comments in the drama confused me so much, I was afraid to be disappointed with the ending. But if the heroes have closure, and the open ended thing is related to the throne, then, I’m watching it right now.