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WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW That Ending Kiss was amazingggggggggg. Although I felt like the drama chronologically lost something there; I was happy, happy with the ending.


Why are you saying itโ€™s open-ended? The main leadsโ€™ story ended with a happily ever after. You mean the epilogue that signifies that history must go on, palace politics and struggle for the thrown are never-ending?
They couldnโ€™t give the whole story of the two princes, that part is not fantasy, it is history.
You know this was inspired by king Sejong and his sons, right? The novel has all the real names. They only changed the names in the drama because otherwise the show would have been criticized and maybe taken down, for saying that king Taeyong, founder of the Joseon dynasty, was blood-thirsty because he had a demon inside him! Wise decision, in my opinion.
Kingโ€™s Sejongโ€™s sons who are used in the drama:

  1. Yi Hyang, King Munjong (15 November 1414 โ€“ 1 June 1452) (์™•์„ธ์ž ํ–ฅ), first son, sickly crown prince.
  2. Yi Yu, Grand Prince Suyang and later on King Sejo (2 November 1417 โ€“ 23 September 1468) (์ด์œ  ์ˆ˜์–‘๋Œ€๊ตฐ), second son. Our evil one.
  3. Yi Yong, Grand Prince Anpyeong (18 October 1418 โ€“ 18 November 1453) (์ด์šฉ ์•ˆํ‰๋Œ€๊ตฐ), third son. Our adorable second lead.

If you want to know what becomes of those two brothers (including the crown prince whom we never see in the drama), read here. Itโ€™s not a nice story and Iโ€™m glad it wasnโ€™t shown.


Make sure to blur in Spoiler if this has info - I wonโ€™t read it I have not finished yet!

We are Watching Partying Red Sky this Month!



Iโ€™ve seen this movie about King Sejo, played by Lee Jung-jae, and it was AMAZING:

I guess Iโ€™m on the Lee Jung-jae train, somehow


Really? Interesting. Thanks. I had no idea. I have not read the book. I was curious about this show which one of the 2 brothers succeeded the throne.



So @porkypine90_261
is running our WATCH PARTY of RED SKY
Friday 7 pm EASTERN and Saturdays 7pm EASTERN starting November 12th


I think 2 Eps a night is good! What say YOU???


Count me in!


Count me in too, if time prevails


Seriously, you can join at 5:30 am, youโ€™re great!


are we going to start on eps 11?


NO That is the Date - hahahahahaha!


hahaha Iโ€™m being so dumb today, I donโ€™t know why!!! lol


No you are not, I too thought the same!



So we need to pick our NICKNAMES for our NEXT Watch Party! RED SKY Starts Friday 7pm East

Ahn Hyo Seop - Ha Ram - Hottie Eyes??
Kim Yoo Jung - Hong Cheon Gi - Painter Girl???
Gong Myung - Fancy Prince
Kwak Si Yang - Badboy Prince

Who else will we need to name??? :smile:



Iโ€™m not sure, Iโ€™m new to this show so I guess that Iโ€™m going to figure it out while we are watching.
But, you know that I love your nicknames lol


I think we should call the prince 2ML - Fancy Pants!!! bahahahahahahaha!


mehโ€ฆ not hottie eyes. Variations of Hottie was used on too many characters last show. lol We could just do โ€˜Eyesโ€™. lol

How about Dauby for painter girl Easier to type.
The other nicknames will come when they display a characteristic that earns a name. ahahahaha


EYECANDY for him or Ramzie

That grand prince though he is a fancy pants


Fancy Pants !!! hahahah