"L πŸ’œ VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Are you watching it for the second time?
Is it really that good?


Now, you know when we are trying to type fast that the name fancy pants will probably be reduced to just pants. lol

Yes, and yes. I really liked it. Some people were bored because parts were slow for them but I was not bored at all. I liked it.


You’re so right! :rofl:


Especially me. I am a terrible typist if you expect me to write coherently AND be fast too. Not happening! :laughing::laughing:


We can call him FANCY


I watched up until about 4th Eps & got distracted but I loved it the CGI is amazing


Fancy - hahaha


Off topic

Can you recommend me few very very very short Chinese series or dramas? please.
Which are on Viki.


Love Script - is so SWEET
Dating In The Kitchen
My Fated Boy
Mysterious Love

How short exactly???

Ler me look at others when I wake up :star_struck:


Shortest of all!(the ones you have already watched)

Edit : mysterious love is short,did you like it?


lol I like eyecandy


hahaha the nicknames are always hilarious!


I love mysterious love, you should watch it!!


Mysterious LOVE is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good but be prepared - it is a little soap operaish - but the male lead is SO protective! And he is an amazing flirt.

Definitely Not Today - good very good we did on a watch party but darker than normal

Gourmet In Tang Dynasty - fun - very cute
I’m Pet Dali Temple - good but ending sucked make up your own :smile:

My FATED Boy is so good I can’t even tell you
Love Script - I’m watching now - CUTE CUTE CUTE overload
Dating In the Kitchen - FUNNY FUNNY - Older Male Lead - I’m watching now


I’ll watch definitely not today now!


Really good!!! Hope you enjoy it!


Completed watching 4/8 episodes!
Thanks for the recco @kdrama2020ali
I’m liking it.



You Are Welcome!!!


I think that she’s watching definitely not today hehe


ok, Who dat?