"L πŸ’œ VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


That is Mysterious Love

Excellent show


yea, but who is that man? :sunglasses:


His name is Tsao Yu Ning.


Thank you. :sunglasses:


I’m sure he is in hottie posse!!! I put him there when I watched the show!!!


Come One Come All
We are watching and some re-watching RED SKY
7 pm Eastern starting tonight 11-12-21

See you there at our WATCH PARTY


I just saw this gif and think: OMG that’s me, and the FL is one of my friends when I’m laughing like crazy lol


I’ll be crashing the party from 6 to 7 (central time) but then leaving for my obligatory one hour hostage situation phone call. I’ve seen LORS before but I do enjoy gabbing with the bunch. LOL!


One of my partners in CRIME!!!


The highlight of watch parties!


I don’t know if I’d go that far…



Tonight’s Watch Party link!


Come Join Our Watch Party of Red Sky on Friday and Saturdays! Just ask if you need directions!!

Where have you been??


Watch Party for Saturday Nov 20 @ 7 PM ET




Sorry I missed this. Frankly, after leading a wreath-making class for over 30 women Saturday afternoon, this completely slipped my mind. Hope the crew had fun!


That Eps 10 when he is in his night clothes - was the cutest thing I have seen in kdrama!!! He’s BLIND for gosh sakes and his little smile when he was running through the courtyard - priceless!


That was one of the highlights of this drama. I loved that they had a mix of love/drama/sadness/hilarity/more in this presentation. That sequence was so funny and I’m sure all involved had a hoot filming this.


He looked so disheveled - and I realized you could see through his clothes - you could not see through hers I felt like poor guy is COLD!!! And he has Chicken Legs! LOL :bird: