"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Yes, ma’am. They finally met as young adults in this ep. Gonna get interesting…

BTW, his eyes are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! She described them to him as beautiful red jasper. Awwww…


That trope might bother some but like in :100: Days My Prince I find it endearing


You will just LOVE one scene in EP2 and probably add him to your hottie posse :sunglasses:

The story, acting, the scenery are all very good. I am enjoying this show very much. The only thing I hate is having to WAIT till next week for the next 2 episodes!


I am so hyped… I can’t even… But my policy is to binge, so until ep. 16 drops, I’ll be avoiding all and any spoilers or discussions.
To everyone else… ENJOY!! :heart: :clapper:


I will also wait until all episodes are up to watch…:grinning:


Agreed about the scene in ep 2. It really made me sit up and pay attention! LOL!


OoH! Baekhyun sings the OST! :sunglasses:

Is It Me

It’s a nice treat. I didn’t expect to hear any new songs from Baekhyun for the next 2 years.


Oh boy that means
A) bath or shower scene
B) chest scene (taking off shirt)
C) a kiss scene but I doubt it
D) or is he a strong possessive guy :thinking:

Abs for the win??? Anyone?:rofl::two_hearts:


That’s a SWEATY Bingo to you!!


Some of the comments on the mydramalist were hilarious. Someone actually had to pause for 10 minutes.:rofl:


Yeah, that particular section of ep 2 would definitely be worthy of a replay. I’m setting up some of my agenda for the long three-day weekend coming up. LOL!


BINGO :rofl::rofl::rofl::heart_eyes:Definitely


I thought I’ve already read Tae-jo, haven’t I?


Can you tell me the time stamp? Also, even if a historical name sounds familiar, if used in a different time period, it would not cause much controversy since it can easily be explained as “same name but different person”.


I would have to look at everything again in episode 1.
I was tired and was still wondering whether I should google this king right away or later.


It says that it is a work of fiction and that all characters are fictional.


I will take a look at Episode 1 to see if I can spot the name. In case you are interested, the names of two kings mentioned early in Episode 1, King Seongjo and King Yeongjong, are the altered names of King Sejong and King Taejong respectively.


One more thing. Not only did they alter the names of historical figures but they also altered the name of the dynasty from Joseon Dynasty (also known as Yi Dynasty) to Dan Dynasty.


They definitely can not use in this drama the real King’s name. The drama would be censored and disappear from RViki so fast (well from everywhere) I am looking forward to seeing this drama bc the ML/FL are such a perfect match.

The chemistry seems very intense just by watching that YT OST video. Over the weekend. I’ll re-watch episode 1, and will be watching episode 2. I don’t think I want to wait until all 16 episodes are ready. Is a great drama for what I can see… so far.


We hv not steered u wrong like with DO DO DO DO DOooooom!:rofl: