"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Is that this drama you can’t talk/write about it without giving a lot of spoilers; so it will be hard to follow this thread like we did with DOOM…:cry::cry::cry::cry:


Just blur it or use summary & give the Eps


You haven’t watch it yet? I read there are some drooling scenes on episode 2. The ML does have knockout abs. I was mesmerized when I saw Abyss. He killed that drama really good. Very sexy, funny, romantic the whole goodie package. I hope you saw it too!


I hv not watched Abyss. I’m watching :100: Days My Prince and drooling over DO

I will catch up on this by Sunday!:star_struck:We hv a watch party for Dali Temple on Sunday


My dear, I do not believe that I was ‘steered wrong’ with DOOM. I thought it was a totally awesome series and I would watch again. (I was just a little surprised at how low-key the last two eps were). In fact, I am playing around with the idea of ordering the OST because the music is fabulous. It (the music from DOOM) really stirs my emotions.

Update: OST from DOOM ordered today! Can’t wait until it arrives from S. Korea!


I am loving :100: Days My Prince OST. I bet this one & DOOM will be good additions to hang with Goblin


Yes! I loved 100 Days My Prince! I think I have watched most every historical K-drama that NF has offered. My Sassy Girl is pretty good too! Oh, and I think the female historian one is good too! Sorry but the name escapes me right now. Here it is: Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.


Rookie Historian with Cha Eun Woo?

Any other suggestions like :100:
I hv fallen in love with lots of the characters in the village.

Will watch both Red Sky Eps by Sunday!



I’m just curious; The Koreans in that era, did they really back then, called the evil entity Satan?

In the book/novel you read did they use the word Satan?

If they didn’t: What name they call the black evil spirit?

I thought in Korea they called this dark entity something else, but I forgot the name.

Like in Japan; they also have another name for the demon, and is not Satan.

Shockingly, it comes to the houses to scold the kids when they are ‘‘misbehaving.’’
It’s confusing to me. Is more like a monstrous looking creature that makes kids study and respect their parents.


Before he left he said he had prepared stuff for when he’s away so we don’t miss him too much.

When it happened, I actually did pause it, I was shook, it came out of nowhere.


Yes! He was great as ML!


YES, those 2 last episode from [DAYS] it was the biggest disappointment in my life; after this drama was going to be named the perfect 10 drama in my book. I was really heartbroken to say the least.

The whole OST Songs from DOOM are on my MP3; which i play all the time in my car.

It could have been so perfect bc it was mostly perfect until the most important part; the ending.


@angelight313_168, I think you might have watched the episode before the editing team had a chance to change “Satan” to “Ma Wang” which is translated to “devil king”, “demon king”, or “demogorgon”. I agree that “Satan” doesn’t belong in that era.


So I watched the first 2 episodes of this long awaited drama and I’m delighted to see how it is made, historical with fantasy combined a sweet fairy tale. The dialog/script is so far good and leads are cute and superbe. The older lead actress Kim Yoo Jung is always nice to watch and she does deliver well any character.

Now comes the waiting time for the next episodes… I like the watercolor paintings at the beginning of the episode a lot ! Can’t post a screenshot… it shows just a black screen…


I don’t know why this hasn’t been standard practice for years. If people are going to get upset at a drama depicting historical figures inaccurately, just change the names, why tie it to a real person? It’s already a work of fiction, just make up all the characters names.


I actually have mixed feelings about altering names of historical figures. Yes, it does lessen the likelihood of any controversy based on historical inaccuracy. However, since I am somewhat familiar with Korean history, it helps me place the story within a certain time period when real names are used. Also, if a particular character is interesting enough, I like doing research about that historical figure to learn more about him/her. For example, there indeed was a woman painter named Hong Chun Gi at Dohwaseo during King Sejong’s reign, but in the drama, King Sejong’s name has been altered to King Seongjo.


I understand this, and if the person is shown in an historically accurate way it makes sense to keep the name, I really enjoyed looking up King Sejong while watching a drama. But for supernatural or fantasy dramas the writers have already altered reality. When it’s a completely fictional and simply set in the past I don’t see why it’s necessary to use a real person’s name. Use a made up name, avoid the controversy.


I totally get what you are saying.:blush:


I’m BACK - I will catch up this weekend! IF I can pull myself away from :100: Days and DO


Well the thing is that we have seen what Koreans do when you use real names, was it the Joseon Exorcist that was shamed and put down… because they used real names and real historical period… if they would have used fictional names, titles and periods… it could have looked very different… do I have this wrong??