"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


The opening credits (watercolor splashing across the screen) of Lovers of the Red Sky are quite similar to the opening credits of Bossam: Steal the Fate. I have higher hopes for this production. Bossam was a letdown for me.


That was kind of my take on the situation as well. Now I’m nervous because Junho’s new drama is a historical where they are using real historical figures. I hope all goes well for that one.


I also watched the first 2 episodes. First of all, the visual effects are amazing. I got scared several times by the demon.
There is one thing that bothered me, the kiss between the kids. I thought it was weird at their age and time.
I think Ahn Hyo Seop does a great job in this drama. He changes his voice so well depending on who he’s talking to. I love him in this role.

And Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo Jung) is right, he has beautiful eyes.


I can’t wait to catch up!


Metro Style



Thank you for your always prompt response. I knew it couldn’t be Satan bc it sounded too modern for that era. :rofl:lmao

I remember that name once you mentioned it; MA Wang name they used it a lot in the drama HWAYUGI to depict/address the ‘‘Devil guy’’ (the owner of that company with the LUCIFER name which bothered me so much) but that drama was so awesome I couldn’t stop watching.

PS> I would love if someone familiar with the demon/devil name in Japanese can help me out here since the documentary that I loved so much with that story was removed from


I was wondering about appropriateness for the era too, but I was glad that the kiss was just implied and not shown, since the kids are 12 & 13.


I am out of hearts




I was about to ask: what did I miss? I didn’t see the kids kissing , but I see what you mean now. I remember now …:grinning:


It was even weirder for me not to show it. Why imply it then? It was useless. We could see that the boy was in love. The girl just needed a friend.


I don’t know that it was necessary, I’m just glad they didn’t make a 12 & 13 year old kiss.


I think I was oblivious? I do not remember them kissing. I will rewatch anyway on Monday before watching the new episodes.




Ok, everyone! Here is a screen capture.

Everyone seems to just love his red/jasper eyes. But… Remember, those eyes are Ma Wang’s blinded eyes… demonio eyes…


His eyes do seem COOL - Ok setting aside :100: days for a MOMENT cuz DO Lovefest 2021 is still going on. And I’m starting Eps 1

Wow - A lot of information just in the first few minutes!!!


So the Special Effects are CRAZY and it is a little scary opening up! I have not met the couple yet! We shall see what happens! His eyes - Love them! :eyes:

OK I am done with Eps 1 - LOVED IT! The child actors were perfect you think the two grew into the adult actors they cast that so well. The special effects were so great - especially that bubble that brought him out of the water and his eyes!

I thought the kiss was SWEET and they didn’t actually show it - they were just showing that they were forming such a sweet friendship and feelings for one another! I love PUPPY LOVE

Includes spoilers

Fortunately we have some experience - poor beginners!
So now we have a demon, Ma Wang, Sam Shin, known also from Goblin or/and Hwayugi, a Mountain Lord, better a young Mountain Mistress, reminds me of Tale of the Nine Tailed and so on.
The Mountain Mistress mumbles some buddhist (?) prayers.
There is a royal shaman like in Moon Embracing The Sun a.o., and late father of Ha-ram was - what?

I guess FNs will be countless.

Btw., I’m always little confused about the coexistence of Confucianism, shamanism (and Buddhism as well?).


I am so BEHIND! So I need to watch Eps 2-3-4! Well, it is so hard to leave :100: Days My Prince so I can keep up! Hope you guys are still enjoying Red :heart: Sky!


Ahn Hyo Seop is a banked fire just waiting for a little bit of oxygen to flame up.
You’re missing out @kdrama2020ali


:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: He is HOT


According the the reviews on the Lovers page, eps 3 and 4 must be pretty awesome! Many are saying each ep gets better and better. Can’t wait!