"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


Gooder one! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl::sunglasses:

Mmm Mmmm Mmmm :sunglasses:

Oh Dang! * quickly turns off the monitor cuz hubby might see that unauthorized desktop background picture* :joy:


Is that a WORD! bahahahahahaha! It is NOW!


@angelight313_168 I do love the flirting though


Oh Yea… “That’s a gooder one!” That’s Sho-Ban Rez speak. Learned it from my hubby.





There is something about him!

I wonder if those contacts hurt every time I see his eyes! I wore semi-hard - semi soft ones for years and they are no fun sometimes.


He’s really cute




It’s why he is top 10 for me. :heart_eyes: (even if he is borderline baby bird, hehe)

I wore semi-hard contacts for years and didn’t have much of a problem until years and years into it, and then switched to soft which were hardly noticeable. Even still, there are certain expressions he’s made that make me feel like they are uncomfortable for him, but I’ve only seen previews for this show so far, no actual episodes.


We are still twins - SAME - I loved my toric lenses but they started drying my eyes out after about 7 years or so and I had to go soft. Soft don’t give me the vision that I had with the others. Are we like the same person and we don’t know it :laughing:

These types of contacts like the ones Michael Jackson wore are thicker and much more uncomfortable


Yep, we’re the same person.


My experience is exactly the same. The eye doctor described it as the toric lenses building ‘calluses’ on my eyes, so I had to switch. The soft ones definitely don’t give the same level of clarity. At this point I have given up contacts for the most part and just wear my glasses, partly because I’ve reached the age where up-close reading is a challenge with my lenses.


SAME - Gosh we have to meet sometime!!! IT IS HILARIOUS - I loved how they could buff out my semi hard contacts instead of having to do monthly. I hate throwing away a contact! That was like a no no with my hard lenses



Ok - This little boy is the cutest thing on the PLANET! We are all wondering - Then What!!! Now that we have been watching an On-AIR show!



I am just blown away by the cinematography in this! The production team WOW! They have done an excellent job -

The detail on the OWLS - in Eps 3 & Ma Wang how can a bad guy still be so good looking - The Tiger

I’m getting a


Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood Vibe

in the Woods in Eps 3

This is so Good I can’t EVEN -

When these two finally kiss - I think I might DIE - The sweet Romantic Tension is KILLING ME!

Those EYES! :eyes:


Ya, I had to watch the pull-up ep last night before moving on to eps 3 & 4. May I just say, the special effects in ep 3 were over the top! WOWSERS! So far, this is one awesome drama! Keeps me wanting more and more. Good job, kdrama!


Your Welcome and here you go

The special EFFECTS and the STORY I tell you this is going to rival some shows I don’t wanna mention! Yet!




I loved when he got jealous (and spilled the tea on the PRINCE) this is my favorite kind of good romantic tension


What I hate so much is when the love suitors (ML/SL) are all so cute and sweet. IT’s not fair at all!!!

The SL so far is killing me bc I feel so bad knowing he won’t get her for sure. But I love that ML is no prince, so there’s no obstacle in that relationship. I want a nd I better get a spectacular ending.



I’m so Excited for Monday!


Luckily you are not alone…I feel with you…ahh the waiting time, so unfair, count the hours :rofl:





Wow never thought I would see a drama with so much depth and meaning through it all.

I am in the clouds bc I can imagine the romantic part of this drama. Beautiful and passionate.

That ML guy is a perfect 10. That role was created to make him shine like a star. That sexy smile is such a pleasant thing to see from time to time. Those lips look too good to be true. Prince is getting on my nerves because he’s playing the meanie role very well.