"L 💜 VER'S of The Red Sky" Come And Watch/Discuss


I did GOOD huh!!! Twice - DOOM and now RED SKY -



Awwww… Ep 5 tonight. She’s starting to put it together and figure out who the astrologer is (Commissioner Ha, the adult/Ha Ram, her childhood friend). He is also remembering her. Looks like ep 6 will delve a little deeper on this topic. I must say, she is very outspoken for a female of this time period. Some of the men admire that about her though. She’s VERY unique in that respect. Looking forward to ep 6 tomorrow!!!


I have not watched it yet - I can’t wait!!! I’ll catch up tomorrow! EXCITED! :heart:


For me she’s a little too outspoken, even if it’s all just fiction and necessary for the plot. Sometimes even I find that a bit uncomfortable.


Me too, especially when someone is talking to a member of the royal family. I can’t help but think they don’t value their lives much. Granted Yul seems quite sweet and not inclined to have someone killed for speaking up.


That’s why I mentioned it because, to me and for that time period, it didn’t seem realistic. But as my dear 'ol Dad used to say, “They can do anything in the movies” (or in this case, K-drama). :grin:


I like a girl with “Chutzpah!”
I tend to tell it like it is but in a kind way! I do like a girl who stands up for herself especially in a drama because some are too “mousy” for me! I’m like “speak up.” But we should be respectful when it is warranted. :wink:


I will watch these 2 eps today! And get back to you guys


But even if it is fiction, it is still the 15th century.


I know but I get so sick of these girls being mousy - I guess they have to appeal to us in the 21st century also - I am sure that there were some outspoken people back then but they probably didn’t last long.


Ep 6: This series just keep getting better and better! The two leads are perfect! And finally, THEY KISSED!!! He tells himself that he needs to forget her and stay away, but will he be able to follow though??? And he tells her to forget about ‘that boy you knew’. That’s not going to happen either. So now the problems begin and it will be interesting to see how they work through all of them. I am absolutely hooked on this one even if I have to wait a week for another couple of eps to come out. :heart_eyes:




That was


not a dead fish kiss.

OMG I could not resist posting this stupid pic. :rofl:



They do call her “obnoxious one.”


I love how she thanks him for helping her get into the painting contest and she “leads” him to his seat gushing about his abilities!

He is so CUTE!

thank you so much - for no spoilers


At the beginning of ep 6 when she was asked to explain why she painted the rocks black I was about to be mad at the writers, she’s been very vocal up to that point it seemed out of character, but then when she started explaining… it was deeply personal, it made sense for her to be reluctant to speak about it. Also how does Sam Shim plan for Ha Ram to be her destined partner when Ma Wang shows up each time they have skinship?


There are still 10 eps ahead, enough time to find out. :wink:

Also interesting: How far is the prince’s interest in the FL?


Third prince AND speculation:

[spoiler]Well. I don’t think # 3 prince is aware that he likes Hong Chun Gi yet. He is still coming to terms that she is the copy-cat painter. However, when he sees Hong Chun Gi’s interest in Ha Ram, he will be possessive. or at least territorial… (I think)

Our Ha Ram is distancing himself from Hong Chun Gir because he has a revenge plot of long duration planned and believes it will end in his death. He sees no future for himself after a successful revenge. He knows who the bad guys are and is biding his time to kill them all off. It’s interesting that while he is blind, he is very aware of their proximity.

Meanwhile the painting Officials have plans for the divine painter who they’ve been waiting for - to lock Ma Wang back up in the painting… The question there is - Will the process kill Ha Ram? Will he get his sight back or be permanently blind - MaWang took him over in the water and Mawang’s eyes were given to Hong Chun Gi. When everything is put back to rights, will Hong Chun Gi lose her eyesight since they are borrowing each other’s vision?

As far as Ma Wang goes. #2 prince will cause a whole bunch of misery before he’s put down. But they will get Ma wang back into the portrait and should bury it this time in an unmarked and unremarkable, poor servants grave (So graverobbers won’t be tempted to get into it.) Bury the portrait out in the boonies. So future dumb princes (# 2) can’t let him out.[/spoiler]


The Paintings in this ARE AMAZING! Just Saying :smile:


So I thought that the PRINCE was mooning over her! When he finds out she is the forgery person does he not recognize her?? The Grand Prince - I still think he is so good looking I loved him in Oh My Ghostess why is he a bad guy!!!


Third prince is not a bad guy. SECOND prince is the bad guy. Third Prince may end up being the third wheel between Hong Chun Gi and Ha Ram.


Kwak Si Yang
He’s the bad guy